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The giant glass cylinder cracks and explodes as TR members and scientists scream in a horror. The white and purple genetically engineered pokemon breaks free of its restraints and continues to blast the laboratory facilities that created him. Blaine desperately tries everything he can to stop his creation, Mewtwo, but all the lab devices fail to hold down the mighty pokemon as it busts through the walls of the lab and escapes.

Blaine bolts up with a start and pants hard as his Rapidash crouches down to comfort him. The Cinnbar gymleader looks around to find himself in a forest and realizes he's had a bad dream. A sharp pain courses through his right arm and the man knows that the creature he's seeking is nearby. He climbs onto his fire horse and continues on his way to the north-western region of Cerulean City as the moon illuminates the road ahead with its dim light.

The next morning, at the PokemonCentre of Cerulean, Red gasps in disbelief as Bill, via the visual phone system, shows him images of the destroyed villages believed to be raid by the rumoured Cerulean Monster. The young man explains that the recently surfaced creature has been causing havoc all over the north-western part of the city and is last seen hiding in the Cerulean Dungeon. Red wonders if the monster is in fact a pokemon and Bill tells him to find and stop it as soon as possible. Later, on his way to the mysterious dungeon with Pika, Poli, Saur, Lax, Gyara and Aero tagging behind, Red recalls the descriptions of the creature, white body, pointed ears, purple eyes, and finds it strikingly familiar to something he has seen before. As he nears his destination, he sees burnt trees and rubbled buildings all around and realizes how strong the Cerulean Monster is. They soon arrive in front of a dark cave opening but Red's pokemons have doubts going in.

Suddenly, a tornado starts up from behind and hurls the boy and his pokemons up in midair. The unexpected gusts of wind send them spinning into circles and Red notices that the tornado originates from another cave near the dungeon entrance. He tells his pokemons to cling onto one another while ordering Aero to lift them out. He then reaches for his pokeballs on his belt to withdraw all the non-flyers but finds that all his pokeballs have been blown away. Struggling with all its might, Aero is about to bring his companions out when the tornado all of a sudden spins ever higher. It loses grip of Gyara and the pokemons below all fall back into the swirling winds. Out of nowhere, a man grabs Red by his jacket and stuffs a handful of empty pokeballs to him. The boy immediately withdraws all his pokemons and turns around to find Blaine and his Rapidash. The Cinnabar gymleader grins that it is his turn to help him oput and orders the fire horse to unleash a firespin through the centre of the tornado.

Red asks if the Cerulean Monster is responsible for this and remarks that the tornado seems to grow bigger every time they try to escape. Blaine explains that the tornado is not simply created by air currents but is in fact generated by a psychic attack known as psywave. The man says that although the swirling winds form an impregnable barrier on the outsides, the interior is left hollow. He points to the centre of the tornado and says there lies the one and only genetic engineered pokemon, Mewtwo. Once discovered, Mewtwo swirls the air currents around itself and vanishes. Blaine says it couldn't escape from them and pulls up his right sleeve to reveal an eroded arm with flesh that ripples and constantly reshapes.

As if being attracted by some invisible force, the arm strikes backwards and Blaine immediately pushes Red down onto his knees, narrowly avoiding Mewtwo's surprise attack from behind. The boy gasps in shock at the man's eroded limb and Blaine says it is the unfinished business he was referring to last time. He explains that Mewtwo is created based on the DNA of Mew, yet the samples they possessed were insufficient and thus he took some human cells from himself instead to incorporate into the pokemon. Unfortunately, during a human DNA transfer process not long ago, an accident occurred and some of Mewtwo's cells backflowed into his right arm. From then on, Mewtwo's cells in him have been growing together with the pokemon and respond with vigorous rippling everytime the pokemon uses its powers. Blaine thus became the human detector of Mewtwo after it escaped from the lab and that is the reason why Team Rocket desperately wanted him back last time. The Cinnabar gymleader adds that the cells of Mewtwo are starting to spread to other parts of his body and slowly claiming his life, and that he has to capture the pokemon to figure out a way to remedy himself.

Blaine orders Rapidash to create a fire barrier ball to lift Red up and tells the boy to stay behind while he deals with Mewtwo alone. Red starts to object but the man says he wouldn't subject anyone else to the danger he created. He turns around to compliment Red as one of the best trainers he's encountered, then dives into the centre of the tornado with his Rapidash as the boy yells in desperation after him...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

034: VS. Mewtwo (Part 1)!

Volume 03

Red & Blaine See Mewtwo...who Blaine helped create