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Red desperately yells after Blaine as the man dives right into the the psywave generated tornado created by Mewtwo. The Cinnabar gymleader remarks that the pokemon spends most of its power sustaining the swirling winds and the only way to near it is to charge through the centre. His Rapidash plunges straight for the genetic engineered pokemon and the energy currents explode with a big bang as the two come into contact. The fire barrier ball around Red disappears and Blaine drops to the ground with a thud. The boy rushes up to the man and says it is not a wise move to confront and try capturing the mighty creature face-on. Blaine takes out a purple coloured pokeball with the letter M on it and Red instantly recognizes it as the Masterball. The Cinnabar gymleader says it is the only device that could capture Mewtwo and that once they get near enough, the pokemon would be trapped in no time.

Red holds the ball in his hands with a concerned look and Blaine weakly laughs the boy has always cared for others and pokemons no matter what the situation is. He tells Red that he recalls meeting him at the secret laboratory beneath the Celadon Game Corner and Red listens with surprise. The man explains that he was one of the scientists working there and that the experiments conducted on Gyarados, Eevee and so many other pokemons were all under his supervision. His curiousity in science made him choose to join Team Rocket, but ever since he saw Red and learnt about his many tales, including his determination in protecting Mew from TR's Jynx and his attempt to befriend the atrocious Gyarados, it made him regret and reconsider his choice. Blaine says that eventually he decided to leave TR and make up for all his evil deeds by putting a stop to Mewtwo's destruction. The man's voice starts to trail off and Red looks on, worried, when a blast of enery narrowly misses him and knocks his cap off. The boy turns around to find Mewtwo crawling up from the rubbles, and decides to deal with the creature himself.

Red releases Poli and orders it to attack, but Mewtwo creates a spoon with its psychic energy and swings the big blue frog away. Red wonders what the tool is and Blaine weakly explains that the genetic engineered pokemon has a pattern of dealing with multi opponents by a psywave tornado and single opponents with a psychic spoon. Mewtwo starts smashing the ground with its weapon and Red struggles hard to dodge the strikes. Blaine says they have to find a way to capture the pokemon before it escapes and causes more damage to the world, and Red decides to release his full active party after a quick thought. The Cinnabar gymleader yells that it's a bad move as Mewtwo dissolves its spoon and starts creating a tornado again. Poli, Saur, Lax and Gyara instantly get thrown about in circles while Red clutches onto Aero with Pika. Blaine watches anxiously as the boy repeats what himself did earlier and dives into the swirling air currents. The only difference is the tornado has not been fully generated this time and Red seems to be able to get closer to the pokemon. Just before they come into contact, Mewtwo throws him away with its psychic powers but the boy hurls Pika towards it before getting blown off. The electric little rat rams into the stunned genetic engineered pokemon with the Masterball in its mouth and in a flash of light, the tornado halts and everything stops in silence.

Red and Aero crash onto the ground as the Masterball lands with a thump at the same time with Mewtwo struggling helplessly inside. Blaine stares in disbelief and the boy explains with a grin that he deliberately had Mewtwo create the tornado by releasing all his pokemons and made use of the little time before the attack is complete to confront the creature. Pika hands over the Masterball to the man and Red says although the pokemon is artificially created, it also deserves to be cared for and he beliefs it would come to be friends with humans one day. The rippling flesh on Blaine's right arm starts to subside and the Cinnabar gymleader promises that he would see to that happening. Red turns around to compliment his pokemons for the good work as Blaine watches them with amusement. The man thinks to himself that if the term 'Pokemon Trainer' means someone who shares a mutual trust with his pokemons and cares for them, it would fit no one better than the boy.

Red drapes Blaine's left arm over his shoulder and supports the man on their way back to the city. He says that they should have a formal battle one day after Blaine's wounds are healed and the Cinnibar gymleader agrees with a smile. Pika, Poli, Saur, Lax, Gyara and Aero happily tag behind their trainer as the boy looks up into the sky and thinks on the upcoming tournament at the Indigo Plateau...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

035: VS. Mewtwo (Part 2)!

Volume 03

Red helps Blaine Capture Mewtwo