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Aero pops out of the pokeball Red has positioned under his shoe, and instantly lifts its trainer up and away from the deadly pinned arm of Giovanni's Beedrill. Red orders a hyperbeam from his flyer, which faints the Beedrill in one hit as the TR boss holds up his arms to fend off the smoke created by the blast. The boy then lands and discovers that the man has gone. All of a sudden, the whole gym starts to shake and crumble. Red rushes in just in time to protect his fainted Poli from a falling boulder from the ceiling, but gets smashed on the back by it himself. Weakly crawling out from the crumbled Viridian Gym, the boy finds a Nidoking looming over him and instantly realizes the pokemon was responsible for the earthquake. Giovanni laughs and releases his full party of ground pokemons. Red orders Aero to attack but the rock flyer gets swatted down by a tailwhip from the TR boss's Rhyhorn. The man grins that Red no longer has means to escape by air and orders a fissure from his Rhydon, which cracks the ground and leaves the boy hanging onto the edge of the split earth.

Giovanni grins and says that all gymleaders specialize in specific pokemon types. Lt. Surge commands electric pokemons, Koga poison ones, Sabrina psychic ones, while he himself excels in using ground types. With his Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Rhyhorn, Rhydon and Dugtrio, as well as his invinsible skills, he has earned the name Giovanni of the Land. Red looks around for his fallen pokeballs and is about to leap towards them when Dugtrio uses dig and breaks the switches on the balls, rendering the pokemons inside unable to leave the devices. Giovanni remarks that the boy has forgotten the whole of Kanto falls under his command and that no one stands a chance against him.

The TR boss starts explaining how Team Rocket functions and says that after targetted pokemons are collected from all over Kanto, they are first sent to the underground lab in Celadon for biological alterations, then moved over to Saffron for training, followed by shipping to Cinnabar Island via the S.S. Anne in Vermillion due to the blocked pathways by land in the northern cities where non-TR gymleaders reside. Afterwards, the altered pokemons are dispatched into the Viridian Forest to rebuild their wildness and aggressiveness, and since himself is gone from Viridian, all strong trainers have left the city and nobody remains to interfere with their plan to make the forest TR's pokemon breeding ground. Red gets furious as he listens and swears that he will be the one to stop the evil scheme. One of his pokeballs hops up from the cracked ground and Red sees the determined look on Pika's face inside it. The boy declares that he now not only fights for a gym challenge but for the good of pokemons and mankind. He charges towards Giovanni and the man immediately springs to his feet as well.

The TR boss grins and says Pika's strongest attack is thunderbolt and it takes 1 second for it to pop out of the pokeball, 2 for charging up enough electricity, and another 2 to fire off the attack, making it a total of 5 seconds, which his Nidoqueen would have finished them off with a poison sting by then. Red yells that Pika is quicker than the man knows and tosses his pokeball forward. The pokeball pops open in the first second, and to Giovanni's surprise, Pika finishes charging by the second second. The little electric rat unleashes the thunderbolt in the third second and the attack courses through the man and his Nidoqueen before the fifth second strikes. Nidoqueen faints on the spot and the TR boss slowly drops to the ground. Red remarks that charging can be initiated before the pokemon leaves the pokeball and Giovanni says it is impossible for any trainer to stand the high voltage created on the ball's surface. Red grins and says he has the insulating gloves he took from Lt. Surge. The TR boss says his predictions have never been wrong and crashes onto the ground with a thump while the boy states that he has apparently miscalculated this one. Red pats his Pika on the head and says he understands its fury at people messing with its hometown. He takes one final look at the forest, then starts to faint and fall as Pika rushes up to its trainer with a panicked look.

A while later, Red wakes up and finds himself bandaged all over on a bed. The young girl he saved from a wild Dratini earlier greets him and says they were all worried when they found him unconscious at the entrance of the Viridian Forest. Red sits up immediately upon hearing the forest and asks about the ferocious new pokemons in it. The girl explains that the villagers have joined forces to befriend and tame them and that it's only a matter of time before things return to normal. Red lets out a sigh of relief and gets up to leave. The girl makes a sheepish giggle and says she really wants a new gymleader for their city to have someone to teach the villagers pokemon battling again. Red realizes she is asking him to take up the post and gets embarrassed. He then decides that he should give some serious thoughts on the request and promises the girl that he will one day return to be the strongest gymleader after he proves himself worthy as one. Red takes off and heads towards his next destination as the girl waves goodbye with her Rattatta next to her...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

038: VS. Nidoqueen!

Volume 03

Red's battle with Giovanni ends with no winner as Giovanni runs off
Red is saved by Yellow and heads off