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It is a busy day at the Indigo Plateau. A new round of Pokémon League is about to begin and trainers from all over Kanto are lining up to either enter the tournament or get into the stadium to watch the heated battles. The president of the Pokémon Fan Club tries to cut in the queue but gets thrown out instantly by angry trainers. The odd looking little man gets upset at the people's unfriendliness but then spots a Spearow in the bush next to him. He happily pulls the little bird into a hug and says the trainer that owns it deserves to be a premium member of his club immediately. Suddenly, a rough voice barks at him and demands the Pokémon back. A black vested man with black bands strapped across his face yanks the Spearow out of the president's arms and heads towards the registry without a word. The lady behind the counter gets slightly taken aback by the man's intimidating appearance and stutters a little as she signs him up for the league. The mysterious man takes a look at the photos of the other competitors and grins that Red, Green and Blue have all entered the tournament.

Later, inside the stadium, Red's Poli is facing off another trainer's Kabutops on stage. The shellfish Pokémon charges towards Poli with its sickles but the big blue frog dodges with a double team and moves behind its opponent to deliver a punch, knocking it out on the spot. The judge declares Red the winner and the screen shows that the boy has claimed champion in Block C of the league. Cheers start to come from another side of the stadium and Red heads towards the adjacent stage to see Green claiming champion in Block D with his Pidgeot. Green hops down with a grin and tells Red that the winner of the Pokémon League has always been trainers originating from Pallet Town over the years. Red returns the grin and says they will make sure one of them claims champion to continue the tradition.

An announcement then comes on to request all the block winners to head towards the semi-final stage and Red is about to move when he spots Blue. The girl's NidoranF trots towards the NidoranM of a fisherman's and starts flirting with it. Blue plays her charm card again and tries talking the man into trading his Butterfree for her Weedle, but Red spoils her plan and says it is an unfair trade. The girl turns around to greet Red cheerfully but the boy is less than thrilled to see the trouble-maker. He asks if she's there to mess things up again but Blue points towards the screen above her and says she is the champion of Block A, much to Red's surprise. She then begins to walk off and says she originates from Pallet as well, which leaves the boy gawking in disbelief. Out of nowhere, Bill appears to snap Red out of his haze and shows him the battle arrangements for the four block winners. Red sees that he will be fighting Green in his semi-final and grimaces that his rival showdown with the other boy won't be taking place in the final match.

Meanwhile, Blue is on stage to prepare facing off the champion of Block B, the mysterious man with black straps across his face known as Doctor O. Bill says he has never heard of such a name before and Red remarks that the man looks odd. The judge then starts the match and Blue releases her Jigglypuff, while Doctor O releases his Spearow. The audience gossips about Blue's weird choice of Pokémon for the semi-final, but Red knows that the girl likes to lower her opponents' guards by using cute Pokémon. Blue seems a little taken aback by the Spearow but then smirks that no one should underestimate a girl's strength just because she looks weak. She orders a tri-attack from Jigglypuff and the blast strikes Spearow hard, creating a mist with the combined elemental components. Blue giggles and thinks she has one-hit-KOed the Pokémon but Doctor O grins and the little bird suddenly shoots out from the mist and starts a fury-attack. Blue squeals and immediately orders a sing from Jigglypuff. The audience starts to fall asleep but then Green sees that the Spearow has dodged the sound attack with its agility. Red yells for Blue to switch to air battle but the girl nervously backs away, then snaps at him that she doesn't have any flying Pokémon. Doctor O smirks and releases a Pidgeot and Dodrio, and Red immediately realizes the man knows of Blue's weakness.

Doctor O walks behind Blue and starts saying there are no legitimate reasons for stealing other people's things. The girl stiffens with shock and wonders who her opponent really is. The man tries to say something else, but Blue orders a disable from Jigglypuff to render him immobile and snorts that she can manage an air battle without a flying Pokémon as well. She releases her Blastoise, Turtley, and has it withdraw its head and arms into its shell. Turtley then spins upside-down and propels itself off the ground by firing water out of its cannons. Blue lifts off holding onto Turtley's feet and orders a hydropump. The turtle Pokémon positions its cannons and starts blasting water at Spearow and Doctor O. The man struggles to secure the black straps across his face and orders a mirror move from Spearow. To the audience's surprise, the little bird retaliates with a hydropump and knocks Blue and Turley down to the ground. Red sees that the HP of Turtley falls near zero and starts to worry about Blue.

Doctor O's Spearow flaps its wings in front of Blue and the girl starts to tremble with fear. She suddenly breaks into a scream and covers her ears with her hands as the audience look on, confused. Doctor O calmly addresses Blue's fear for birds and begins to narrate her story to the audience. It turns out that six years ago in Pallet Town, when Blue was still five years old, she got kidnapped by a giant bird one day and the villagers failed to find her despite their effort. No one has seen the girl since then until a hidden camera caught her stealing a Squirtle a while ago. Upon seeing the photo Doctor O holds, Bill and Red instantly know who the man is and gasp in surprise as he takes off his black straps and reveals himself to be Prof. Oak. Fury and embarrassment takes over Blue and the girl orders her Blastoise to fire a water gun, but the professor has his Spearow retaliate with mirror move again and knocks Turtley down to zero HP. The judge declares Oak the winner and Blue falls to her knees, feeling all lost and disheartened.

Professor Oak demands an explanation for her burglary at his lab and Red feels sorry for the girl. Tears begin to well up in Blue's eyes and she starts getting flashbacks of her childhood. She recalls that she has been in a far away land she doesn't know of for as long as she can remember, and that she knows nothing of her home except that its name is Pallet Town. After she returns to Pallet not long ago, she learns that two boys the same age as hers have been sent off on missions to complete the Pokédex by the Pokémon world authority, Prof. Oak. Blue starts to break into tears at this point and says she is a Pallet trainer as well, and that she yearns to get the same treatment as the other two boys, receiving a starter Pokémon from the professor, obtaining the Pokédex, and setting off on an adventure to the world out there. Yet she couldn't have those, she never will because nobody in town knows or remembers her. The audience falls in silence as the girl continues to tremble and sob.

Professor Oak kneels down to hold Blue's hands and says he understands her reasons now, but adds that it still doesn't make it right to steal someone else's possessions. He places a Pokédex in the girl's hands and says he is giving her his only third one to recognize her as a Pallet trainer. Blue looks into Oak's eyes with shock followed by gratitude, and once again breaks into tears on the old man's lap. The professor pats her head softly and tells her to leave the past behind. In the audience stand, Bill is crying hysterically at the girl's story and Red is relieved that everything worked out.

Later, in the resting room of the stadium, Oak is fanning the heat away and remarks that he forgot how tough Pokémon battles are. Green says now that Oak has beaten Blue, either he or Red will face him in the final match. The old man laughs and says his time is over and that he should let the young trainers have their turn. He tells his grandson that he has forfeited his position and says the match between the two young boys will determine the champion of the league. Back in the stadium, an announcement about Oak's decision to give up his place comes on and Red lightens up with enthusiasm as he realizes he would be having his rival showdown with Green in the final match of the Pokémon League...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

039: VS. Spearow!

Volume 03

Red, Blue & Green enter the Pokémon League
Blue is beaten by Professor Oak's Spearow
Oak forfeits his battle leaving the winner up to the Red/Green battle