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Gabby and Captain Stern gasp in shock as they find Norman silently standing around the corner listening to their conversation. Gabby walks up to tell him that she was the Hoenn TV reporter who interviewed him earlier, and secretly rejoices that they have a gymleader to depend on in dealing with the mysterious team. She starts talking about the details of how Mr. Stone got attacked for the engine starter, but Norman impatiently brushes her aside and says he is only interested to know the whereabouts of his son.

Norman storms into the shipyard, and strips off his jacket before jumping into the water where Submarine Explorer 1 used to be. He picks up a few Pokeblocks from the rocks on the seabed, then resurfaces and walks towards the computer monitoring the position of the vessel. Despite Captain Stern's protest, Norman forcefully takes the data from the system and learns that Submarine Explorer 1 was last detected near sea route 118. Gabby still has no idea what is going on, and Norman grunts that he needs to locate his stupid son who has run away from home. He puts his jacket back on, then rushes out of the place and hops onto his water motorbike parked near the shore. Gabby realizes that the boy whom she saw in the recordings of the shipyard's hidden camera must be the son of Norman, and dashes out to follow the man, but the Petalburg Gymleader has already sailed far off towards the north.

Ty catches up with Gabby and wonders why she wanted to go after Noman. Gabby explains that Norman must be heading for where his son is, and says they would need to gather information about the mysterious team from the boy. Ty remarks they have already encountered the attackers themselves in the Petalburg Woods, and even identified the them as Team Aqua, and doesn't understand why Gabby still needs to ask the boy. Gabby tells Ty to recall the blue outfit the attackers wore last time, and says the ones who ambushed the shipyard this time had red-caped attires as described by Captain Stern. Ty gasps in shock as he realizes that they are dealing with two different mysterious teams.

Night has fallen in Hoenn. Along the rivershore of water route 119, Ruby and Jack are still fishing for Feebas. They hear a stir in the trees behind them, and Jack quickly tells Ruby to crouch down and hide themselves. A Zangoose climbs out from the bushes, and Jack worries that it is there to attack them, but Ruby says it doesn't seem to have noticed them and suddenly spots a Seviper emerging from another bush. He checks on his Pokedex and learns that Zangoose and Seviper have been sharing a bitter rivalry for many generations. Jack whispers that they must be having a showdown tonight, and the two wild Pokémon start charging towards each other.

Seviper unleashes a poison tail attack, but Zangoose grabs its tail and swiftly delivers a slash on the serpent's body. Jack and Ruby are watching intently behind the rocks when they notice that the fishing rod they left next to the rivershore is shaking back and forth. Ruby fears that it would draw the attention from Zangoose and Seviper and quickly crawls over to grip the rod. Unfortunately, the two wild Pokémon instantly discover him and glare at him angrily. Jack remarks that they must be upset about their sacred battle interrupted by others, and quickly tells Ruby to run. Ruby reaches for his PokeNavi to search for places to go but finds that the machine is not with him. Jack decides that they should try fighting and asks Ruby to release his Pokémon. Ruby starts to protest, but Jack forcefully grabs the balls of Nana, Coco and Zuzu, and throws them out together with the pokeball of his own Staryu.

However, Zangoose and Seviper dig their fangs and claws into the pokeballs before the four Pokémon could come out, and Jack and Ruby holler in shock now that they don't have anything left to defend themselves. Ruby is still holding onto the fishing rod and suddenly feels another tug. Feebas emerges from the water with the PokeNavi in its mouth, and Jack exclaims that it must be the same Feebas that they encountered earlier.

Zangoose and Seviper charge forward again with pursuit and crunch, and the two boys yell together in a frenzy. Feebas all of a sudden jumps into the arms of Ruby, and grins with joy as it releases a light screen to block the attacks of the two wild Pokémon...

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207: VS. Zangoose & Seviper (Part 1)!

Volume 17

Norman heads off to find Ruby
Ruby & Jack see a Zangoose & Seviper and interrupt their battle
Ruby "gets" a Feebas