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At the Lavaridge Gym, Flannery orders a flamethrower from her Magcargo, and the fire attack quickly faints the Trapinch of her opposing challenger. From a small computer screen on the rocky wall of the room, Winona congratulates Flannery on her 49th consecutive win, and says she certainly has redeemed herself from being negligant of her gym duties earlier. As the appointed supervisor of all gymleaders in Hoenn, Winona has been closely monitoring the progress of Flannery because she is one of the newest gymleaders in the region.

Flannery asks Winona about the rumour of a young girl fervently collecting gym badges across the land, and Winona tells her that the girl is known as Sapphire, and that she has already gained the Stone, Knuckle, and Dynamo badges from the respective gymleaders. Winona remarks that Lavaridge is probably Sapphire's next destination, and Flannery vows to train herself harder in order to defeat the girl. The Lavaridge gymleader then runs from of her gym towards her usual training ground, all the while yelling out loud that she will not lose to Sapphire. Unfortunately, her words are overheard by Sean and Shelly, two of Team Aqua's ThreeS Trio, who are standing on a small hill next to the gym. The two put on an evil grin, and Flannery jumps with a start as a Carvanha and Ludicolo suddenly come charging towards her.

Meanwhile, Sapphire and her Pokémon have arrived at the foot of the Mt. Chimney. The girl looks up to admire the smoke and dust constantly emerging from the volcano's crater, and says Lavaridge Town must be right on the other side of it. She sees some cable cars leading up to the top of Mt. Chimney, but couldn't seem to find anyone around to operate them. She remarks that she never likes artificial stuff anyway, and decides to climb up the volcano herself.

Midway through her ascend, she hears a faint cry of help and looks up to see a cable car slowly moving above her. The door of the cable car suddenly slides open, and Matts, the last of Team Aqua's ThreeS Trio, grins that he has been waiting for her. Next to him, Flannery has her arms tied up behind her and a tape fastened across her mouth. She tries to yell for Sapphire to run but the tape muffles her words. Matts thanks Flannery, and says she really helped them out by letting them know that the young girl is approaching. Sapphire recognizes Matts as one of the three attackers in the Petalburg Woods, and quickly orders her Donphan, Phadodo, to propel her up towards the cable car with its roll-out. She lands inside the gondola, but Matts smirks evilly and immediately shuts the door behind her. Sapphire realizes that she is trapped and wonders what the pirate man is planning. She quickly orders Chaka forward, but Matts's Azumarill fires a jet of water to blast the Combusken back.

Azumarill continues to fill the cable car with water, and Matts laughs that both Sapphire and Flannery will drown in no time within the gondola. Sapphire snickers that Matts will drown himself as well, but Azumarill starts creating a bubble around its trainer's head, and Matts grins that the air balloons of Azumarill enables breathing underwater. The whole gondola is soon flooded with water, and Sapphire struggles hard for breath while Flannery is already drowning. Matts laughs that the ThreeS Trio seems to be having quite a success in their first mission after promotion, and releases his Sharpedo to finish off the two girls.

At the top of Mt. Chimney, a giant machine with a massive laser gun is positioned next to the crater of the volcano. Team Aqua members alert Sean that the system is ready, and the man announces that they should proceed to the next step of their scheme to cease the activity of the Mr. Chimney volcano...

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212: VS. Azumarill (Part 1)!

Volume 17

Flannery gets captured by Team Aqua
Sapphire gets trapped by Aqua too