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At the carpark outside the Fallarbor contest house, Ruby falls to his knees in disbelief as the people who gathered all voted for Wallace. The four cheerleaders gossip among themselves that Ruby's Pokémon sure had some remarkable appeals, but neither of them stands a single chance against the highly elegant Luvdisc, Elizabeth of Wallace. They joke that a depressed person often becomes violent, and turn around to see that Ruby is really approaching Wallace with a weird look on his face. The four girls immediately holler in shock and yell for Wallace to look out, but to their surprise, Ruby clasps his hands around Wallace's and begs the man to take him as a student.

Ruby exclaims in tears that he is deeply impressed by the graceful ways Wallace commands Luvdisc, and highly praises the elegant appeal moves of the the little Pokémon. He remarks that all of his Pokémon instantly got nervous after Elizabeth unleashed its angel kiss, and that he has never come across anyone as spectacular as Wallace. However, the Sootopolis Gymleader simply puts on a little grin and returns to his car. He states that he doesn't accept students, and tells Ruby to train harder on his own if he wishes to conquer all contests.

Wallace begins to drive away, but Ruby quickly gives chase on his running shoes, and tries his best to impress the man. The four cheerleaders get annoyed and tell him to give it a rest, but Ruby continues to run along. He spots a few soot sacks at the back of the car and wonders what they're for, and the cheerleaders impatiently explain that they use them to collect volcanic ash for making items at the Glass Workshop on route 113. Ruby decides to help out, and quickly snatches the sacks to collect ten bagfuls of ash. He then carries them all the way to the Glass Workshop on his own, and the four cheerleaders sweatdrop at the boy's enthusiasm. The girls ask Wallace what they should do, and the man says they should still head towards Prof. Cozmo's lab first, and he will make changes to their plan accordingly afterwards.

Meanwhile, at Prof. Cozmo's lab, Gabby seems lost in thought after hearing what the three weird assistants said. Ty snaps her out of her trance, and says they should perhaps return to the TV station to report their findings. Just then, Wallace's air-car arrives, and the two are shocked to see Ruby tagging from behind. The boy grins that he has made himself a student of Wallace's, but the four cheerleaders grunt that the man has not exactly agreed yet. The three lab assistants welcome Wallace and begin to show him their research data, while Ruby and Ty walk over to a glass hutch to look at the Anorith and Lileep inside. Ruby scorns at the two fossil Pokémon' ugliness, and Ty laughs that as the son of a gymleader, Ruby should learn to see things beyond the superficial appearance. Wallace gets slightly surprised after learing Ruby's identity, and thinks for a moment before whispering something to Elizabeth.

The Luvdisc silently moves behind the hutch to release its security lock, and the Anorith and Lileep instant leap out from the glass container. The three lab assistants holler in a frenzy, and everything goes into a chaos as the two Pokémon push down the desks and computers. While everything gets shrouded in dust created by the fallen objects, Ruby looks around to make sure that no one is watching, and suddenly puts on his usual frightening look as he releases his Pokémon to handle the situation, but little does he know that Wallace has deliberately set him up and secretly watched his every move.

As the dust clears, Ty sees that both Anorith and Lileep are standing quietly in front of Ruby. Ruby laughs that the two Pokémon must have run out of strength, and tells Ty to bring them back into the hutch. Wallace places a hand on Ruby's shoulder, and says that he has changed his mind. He states that it will take a night to complete the flute at the Glass Workshop, and tells Ruby to acquire the remaining super rank contest ribbon early next morning before they set off together. He then turns around to tell the four cheerleaders to stay behind and wait for the rest of the research data results, which completely shocks the girls. They grit their teeth in frustration and complain that Ruby has replaced their positions, while the boy happily bounces around, overjoyed that he's finally been accepted by Wallace as a student.

Gabby gets lost in thought again, and Ty snaps her back to reality with an annoyed tone. Gabby suddenly walks over to the lab assistants and wants to know when the volcano Mt. Chimeny ceased its activity. She remarks that there have been absolutely no news coverage about the indicent on television at all, and wonders why haven't other reporters make a big story out of it if it is such an important deal. The angry assistant hollers that they should be the ones asking the question, because they have tried to send their findings to the TV station, but so far none of those have been broadcasted to the public yet.

Gabby and Ty gasp in disbelief after hearing what the odd little man said, and decide to contact their chief at the TV station. Gabby quickly dials the number and soon gets through. She questions why there haven't been any news reports on the ceased volcanic activity on Mt. Chimney, and the chief, who is actually the leader of Team Aqua, Archie, explains that the board has decided not to disclose the incident for fear of causing panic among the public. He tells them not to bother about the volcano, and says it will be good enough to follow up on the Slateport shipyard and Rusturf incidents.

The next morning, Wallace tries out the new flute made at the Glass Workshop while he waits patiently for Ruby outside the contest house. The boy soon comes out with a grin on his face, and rejoices that his Mimi has easily gained victory in the super rank beauty contest. The two then climb into the air-car, and Wallace switches on the special engines below the car to propel themselves up into the clouds. Ruby gasps at the ability of the high-tech vehicle, and suddenly remembers the odd expressions he saw on Gabby and Ty's faces before they left the day before. The two have remarked that they need to take care of some urgent business, and Ruby wonders what could have steered them away from fervently tagging after him like they have been doing for the past two weeks. He then decides to drop the matter, and asks Wallace where they are heading. The Sootopolis gymleader explains that their next destination is Fortree City, the home of treehouses which is said to be the most beautiful place in Hoenn.

Ruby suddenly hears a stir from below, and looks down to see a giant Tropius swooping past beneath the air-car. He turns to Wallace, and the man nods that something seems to be heading towards where they are going as well...

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225: VS. Anorith & Lileep!

Volume 18

Ruby decides to become a student of Wallace
Ruby beats the Beauty Contest in Super Rank
Ruby & Wallace head towards Fortree City