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Long time ago in the ancient days, the world was wrecked by the endless battle between the two legendary pokemons, Kyogre and Groudon. The gigantic clash of the land and sea titans ensued until the emergence of two mystical jewels, the Red Orb and Blue Orb, and the calamity was brought to an end. Light poured from the two orbs and becalmed the enraged adversaries. The pair, made docile, dove deep into the sea where eventually they disappeared…

In a small cave on top of Mt. Pyre, an old couple and their two Chimechos are sitting in front of a pair of stalactite pillars which bear the two mysterious jewels they're guarding. In the center of the ice pillar sits the Blue Orb, while its counterpart, the Red Orb, rests in the rocky pillar right next to it. The old woman trembles with horror as a vision flashes across her mind, and she utters with a worried tone that evil people have intruded the sacred mountain. Catching glimpses of the happenings in the cemetary below with her psychic powers, she tells the old man that Tate and Liza are fighting with the invaders. The old man lets out a sigh, and says the two young protectors are their only hope as they themselves are far too old to guard the orbs anymore. The old couple pray silently that Tate and Liza will fend off whoever is intruding, and know that if this final defence line gets crossed, the world will once again fall into havoc.

Down in the cemetary below, Tate and Liza get into a combative stance, and order a cosmic power from Solrock and Lunatone. Team Magma's Slugmas unleash another combined flamethrower, but though it gets a direct hit on the two floating rocks, it barely leaves a scratch. Tate grins that cosmic power is a complimentary psychic skill that strengthens a pokemon's special defence, and Liza remarks that the attack was further reduced in power due to rock's natural resistance to fire. She then commands a rockslide from Lunatone, and giant boulders start tumbling down from the ceiling. The two red-caped men and their Slugmas get knocked back, and Liza comments on the ability of rockslide to hit two opponents at the same time. She adds that the way Lunatone distracts the enemy while Solrock powers up itself for the next assault is one of the essence of double battles, and Tate grabs the chance to have Solrock maximize its special attack with calm mind.

The two Slugmas attempt to evade by using acid amour, but Solrock quickly fires a psybeam and knocks both of them out, much to the TM members' dismay. Liza wipes off the sweat on her forehead and says it's certainly been a heated battle, and wonders if the red-caped men still consider cute young children easy opponents to take on. Suddenly, her vision becomes shaky, and the enemy appears to be swaying back in forth in the air. She rubs her eyes to clear her mind, and begins to get wobbly in her steps. Tate gets worried and says they must have stayed around the blazing firelights in the room for too long, but then his own vision slowly gets blurred as well, and he gasps in shock when the two fallen Slugmas stand up once again with hungry eyes. Shadows of the two TM members lengthen into monstrous creatures on the wall, and giggle that double battles seem interesting. Apalled by the enemy's unexpected quick recovery, Tate and Liza hurriedly order Solrock and Lunatone to unleash a new round of attack.

Standing next to his Slugma in a hidden corner of the room, one of the TM FireHeads, Hank, watches over the combat and smirks to himself. It turns out that the two opponents Tate and Liza have been fighting all this time are only created by Hank's powerful fire illusions. Distracting the two young gymleaders with the existing heat from the numerous funeral firelights, Hank has gradually increased the temperature in the room by his Slugma's flames without their notice, and slowly entrapped them within an inferno of illusions. Hank snickers that Tate and Liza will spend the rest of their lives fighting their imagination in the cemetary, and proceeds to locate the position of the two orbs with the scanner. Two bright dots appear on the device pointing to the mountain top, and Hank starts climbing the long stack of staircases leading up.

In front of the two stalactite pillars, the old couple gasp in horror when Hank enters their cave with menacing eyes. Without a word, Hank delivers a powerful blow to knock out the two old guardians, and walks over to unfasten the two mystical jewels from their resting place…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

229: VS. Lunatone & Solrock!

Volume 19