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At the border line where the two opposing natural disasters meet, Winona and Sapphire gasp in horror as the gigantic tsunami is about to crash down on them. Knowing that Sapphire is too far away from Tororo to regain flight in time, the Fortree gymleader hurriedly calls out Masquerain, and has it dispel the raging tide with a silverwind. Sapphire holds up her hand to cover her eyes as the water splashes at her furiously, and the Relicanth she is carrying suddenly glows with a mystic aura, causing the impending wave to split into half. Not aware of Relicanth's silent force, Winona is surprised that the silverwind managed to stop the tidal wave despite its delayed release, and quickly lifts Sapphire back on Tororo with the help of Altaria.

Sapphire, on the other hand, knows Masquerain's attack alone couldn't have dispersed the tsunami, and recalls that for an instant, she felt an inexplicable energy field exuding from Relicanth. However, she fears that it might just be her own imagination, and opts not to tell Winona about it. She then reaches for more recovery berries from her bagpack to feed the rock-like fish, and decides to keep it until it regains its strength. Checking on her Pokedex for the pokemon's data, she gives it the name Relili, and voices her encouragement to it.

Just then, Winona's Pokegear beeps, and she answers to find Wattson calling. The Mauville gymleader informs her that he and Flannery are currently battling Kyogre on the severely damaged abandoned ship, and wishes there are known ways to deal with the ancient pokemon. Manectric and Magcargo release a combined thunderbolt and flamethrower, but the attack barely causes any damage, and the sea titan delivers another round of tidal wave assault. Seeing the intensity of power Kyogre is capable of unleashing via the Pokegear's visual feature, Winona gets worried, but Wattson assures her that they will do their best to keep the creature under control.

Sapphire suddenly notices the borderline shifting towards south, and the area of drought seems to be expanding over to the stormy side. Winona looks up to see that the rain has stopped as well, and gasps that the abrupt surge in heat is probably a sign of Groudon finally surfacing out of the earth crust. She quickly contacts Brawly via her Pokegear, and learns from the Dewford gymleader that the ancient land titan is indeed about to break out from its underground path.

On a scorched and barren ground to the north of Fortree, Roxanne and Brawly stand close to their Graveller and Machoke, and prepare themselves as deep cracks begin to spread out on the small valley before them. With a loud thud, Groudon emerges to the surface, and immediately starts thrashing around. Its presence above ground causes the powerful energy field emanating from it to grow even stronger, and instantly interrupts the outgoing signals on Brawly's Pokegear.

Back at the border line, Winona yells desperately into her gear phone for a response, but the call gets cut off, and she knows that the other ancient titan has finally shown itself as well. Despite her confidence in Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson and Flannery, she remembers the deadly powers Kyogre and Groudon are said to possess from the legend, and starts to wonder if the gymleaders' forces alone are enough to stop the two creatures' simultaneous assault on both sea and land.

Just then, a voice echoes in the minds of Winona and Sapphire to say that the real battle ground lies somewhere deep beneath, and a ball of light slowly materializes from a distance. As it gets nearer, Winona and Sapphire see that it is a psychic energy field supported by two Chimechos, and an old couple are being suspended inside. However, before these sudden visitors could move any closer, the Chimechos get exhausted from the heavy burden exerted on their tiny bodies, and the old couple begins to fall as the energy field disintegrates. Sapphire hurries over to catch them on Tororo, and the old woman pants that travelling all the way from Mt. Pyre has used up all their powers.

Winona wants to know if the voices they heard earlier were projected by telepathy, and the old woman explains that it was the Chimechos who helped them channel their words. She then addresses Winona by her name, which surprises the Fortree gymleader, and introduces themselves as the guardians of My. Pyre's two mystical jewels, the Red and Blue Orb which have the power to control Groudon and Kyogre. Due of their old age, they no longer have the capacity to carry out their duties, and Tate and Liza have taken over their job as the new protectors.

Winona is taken by surprise when she learns of the two young Mossdeep gymleaders' secret identity, and realizes their absence from their gymleader conference must be due to the jewels. The old woman sighs that Mt. Pyre has indeed been attacked not long ago, and the two orbs were unfortunately stolen. Tate and Liza have somehow gone missing afterwards, and she felt it was important that someone else is informed of the situation, and thus together with the old man used up the last bit of their energy to reach Winona.

Hearing about the disturbing happenings on Mt. Pyre, the Fortree gymleader's mind boggles at the implication of the incident. The old woman reiterates that it is meaningless to fight Groudon and Kyogre, because the two titans are controlled by the ones who snatched the jewels away. The real ones that need to be stopped aren't the ancient creatures, but the ones exerting control over them who are currently at the deepest part of Hoenn, the Seafloor Cavern…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

236: VS. Kyogre & Groudon IV!

Volume 19