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Ruby jumps in surprise when he finally recalls Mr. Briney's words, and realizes the rock-like fish in Sapphire's arms is the ancient deep sea pokemon that has the ability to reach an ocean depth that humans alone can't access. Judging from the expressions on the other's faces and their conversation, it is obvious that none of them is aware of this fact, and Ruby knows that he is the only one who possesses the key to solve the current situation. Still unable to put down his evasiveness, he goes all the way to the roof top of the building, and comtemplates on his attitude towards his surroundings.

Just then, he spots Mimi struggling against the fast currents in the flooded streets below, and quickly sends out his full party to help it. While he jumps on Zuzu himself, Nana and Coco hop onto floaters, and Popo hurries towards the fish pokemon to lift it up. But then, Ruby realizes it is just a Magikarp, and knows that he was simply imagining things. He then hears the voice calling out for a lost Magikarp, and turns around to see a young boy looking around desperately out of the window. He surfs over to return the pokemon to its owner, and is surprised to see that the boy is actually blind. The young boy thanks Ruby for helping him, and says although his eyes can't see, he can still recognize his Magikarp by the strong bond their share.

Hearing that Ruby saved his Magikarp with the help of pokemons, the young boy comments that Ruby must be a good trainer, and says if he possesses the skills that he does, he would certainly go and help the troubled people out there. These words strike at Ruby like cold ice, and he is once again reminded of Sapphire's accusation of his indifference towards Hoenn's fate. He remembers what Wallace said about him lacking trust in his own pokemons, and the memories of seeing Dock and the President of the Pokemon Fan Club suffering flash across his mind. Now that he ponders on it, he realizes the two men must be inflicted with the cough when they inhaled too much toxic gas from Team Magma's Torkoal, and starts to get infuriated at all the work the evil team did simply to reach their goal in the expense of other people's safety and the well being of Hoenn.

Recalling his close battles with both Hank and Courtney, he knows that he possesses the power to fight against them. However, throughout his journey, he has always chosen to evade, and keep to himself everything that he has seen or learnt, which if revealed, could have perhaps made a difference to the situation at hand. Right now, he once again holds the critical information to solve the crisis that no other people knows. As all these thoughts weigh on him like heavy lead, he debates with himself on what he should do, and suddenly gets a radical. Putting behind all his doubts, he sees that the answer is obvious right from the start, what he should do is clear all along.

Calling out to Zuzu, Nana, Coco and Popo, he apologizes to them, and says Mimi isn't coming back. He regrets over losing an important team member simply because of being too self-centered, and hopes that it's not too late to correct his mistake. Inside the emergency medical center, Wallace feels a tug from behind, and turns around to see Ruby's Delcatty holding a letter in its mouth. He opens it to find a message from Ruby requesting him to take him to where Winona is, which also says he has made up his mind to fight Team Magma.

Back on sea route 126, Sapphire surfaces with Relili back onto Wailulu as she once again fails to lengthen the time of holding her breath any further. She grunts in frustration that it will not be enough to take her down to the Seafloor Cavern, and Winona decides to stop her. The Fortree gymleader remarks that she understands Sapphire's desperation to bring down the evil ones, but the underwater cave lies at a much deeper region than she imagines, and that not even ordinary pokemons could attain that depth. Sapphire starts to argue, but Winona pacifies her, and says she also feels useless while Roxanne, Brawly, Wattson and Flannery are risking their lives to fight the ancient titans, but there truly isn't anything that they can do about it.

Just then, a voice comes from above to say that there still exists one method to reach the Seafloor Cavern, and Winona and Sapphire quickly look up to see Ruby standing high on Wallace's air-car in a completely new outfit. Sapphire grits her teeth in anger immediately upon seeing Ruby, and Winona demands to know what he is talking about. Wallace and Ruby dislodge onto Wailulu, and the boy proceeds to tell them about Mr. Briney's story of people in the olden days travelling to the deepest region of Hoenn with the help of pokemon skills. Winona and Sapphire gasp in disbelief, and Ruby points to Sapphire's Relicanth, saying that it is the deep sea pokemon which is capable of doing that.

Winona quickly cuts him off by calling the idea absurb, and barks that they don't have time for urban legends. But Sapphire stops her, and utters with a contemplative look that she believes what Ruby said. She explains that at the time when the gigantic tidal wave was crashing down on them, she clearly felt an inexplicable force exuding from Relili that parted the waters instantly. Ruby grins that someone is finally agreeing with him, and says the special skill is known as dive. He then calls up Mr. Briney via his Pokegear to get more information on it, and is told to estimate the length of the Relicanth. He quickly takes out a tape to measure the pokemon, and learns from the old sailor that it is slightly small for its size, which can only support two youngsters at most.

Winona bolts with a start when she realizes the implication, and Wallace steps up to say that Ruby will indeed be travelling to the Seafloor Cavern with Sapphire. The Fortree gymleader immediately protests, and argues that the mission isn't simply getting to the underwater cave, but to actually combat the controllers behind Kyogre and Groudon. Wallace remarks that Ruby is his student and he has confidence in him, and tells Winona that it's not the time to doubt. However, Sapphire isn't too pleased with the idea, and yells at Ruby that she still hasn't forgiven him. Ruby teases her about the Tarzan-like outfit again, and says a few pieces of leaves won't offer her much protection during their deep sea diving.

Sapphire gets ticked off when Ruby starts praising himself for the new outfit he made specifically for the mission, but is taken by surprise when the boy hands her a pile of new clothes and says he has made her a set as well. With a sincere look on his face, Ruby remarks that the outfit would definitely suit her, and Sapphire instantly softens down. Blushing with embarrassment, she snatches the clothes away from Ruby and turns around to put them on, while Wallace gives Ruby his encouragement and says the fate of Hoenn is in their hands.

Dressed in their new outfits, Ruby and Sapphire clasp their hands together and hop off Wailulu with Relili. As the Relicanth unleashes its dive ability, the two rivals cling tight onto the horn on its head, and begin their descend towards the Seafloor Cavern to stop the evil teams, and retrieve the two mystical jewels…

Countdown to our heroes' rival showdown: 27 days!

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

238: VIS. Kyogre & Groudon VI!

Volume 19