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Out on the raging seas of sea route 134, Sean wakes up with a start and finds himself floating on part of the collapsed Submarine Explorer 1. Remembering what Archie last said to him at the Seafloor Cavern, he trembles with disbelief that his own leader has betrayed and abandoned him. However, he still refuses to accept what has happened, and rationalizes that there must be a sound reason to it. Casting his queries and doubts aside, he decides to stay loyal to Archie, and vows to see to the success of Team Aqua's scheme to expand the ocean. He then takes out a handheld dualscreen device to check on the locations of his two other companions, Shelly and Matts, and swiftly takes off on Pelipper to join them.

On sea route 124, Hank and Tabitha continue heading towards the battle ground between Groudon and the gymleaders, and soon spot Courtney flying over on her Swellow. Having their FireHeads trio reunited, the three share a knowing grin, and begin planning on how to torture their foes as they speed up on their way.

Meanwhile, Roxanne and Brawly are still struggling to stop Groudon's advance on route 121. The land titan lets out a roar as it powers up its drought ability, and sparks start to surround it and slowly gather into a giant energy ball. Brawly wonders what it is doing, and Roxanne hollers that Groudon is obviously getting stronger as the temperature has just risen sharply. Without warning, Groudon sends the energy ball crashing into the Dewford gymleader's Machoke, and instantly sends the fighting Pokémon tumbling back and curling up its limbs on the floor.

Brawly exclaims that it has been paralyzed, and Roxanne realizes that Groudon has fired off an thunder by rapidly drying up the air to create a huge amount of static electricity. Brawly quickly sends out Hariyama to knock Machoke out of its status problem by smelling salt, while Roxanne grits her teeth in frustration at the rampaging land titan.

She knows that they cannot let the creature advance any further, and hops onto her Graveller while pulling out a greatball from her book. Vowing to stop Groudon, she leaps up right in front of it, and sends out Nosepass to unleash a block. The attack appears to constrain Groudon's movement immediately, and Roxanne wastes no time in thwarting it further by commanding a combined rockblast from Graveller and Nosepass.

With Groudon held back by the continuous rock assaults, Roxanne remarks that it is not her style to fight in such an unorganized manner, but says it is more important that she accomplishes her goal in locking it down. Just then, a voice comes on to agree with what Roxanne said, and a Sealeo jumps out to attack Groudon with iceball. Brawly and Roxanne quickly look up to see an air-car, and realize that the Sealeo is Wallace's Richard, and the Sootopolis gymleader has come to their assistance.

Hopping down onto the ground, Wallace states that at critical times like that, battle strategies, styles and grace all come second, and says the three of them will have to give their best in stopping Groudon as well while Ruby and Sapphire are betting their lives at the deepest seas of Hoenn.

Suddenly, the gymleaders hear devilish giggles from behind, and turn around to see three shadows standing atop a cliff. With their long capes swaying in the wind, the three shadows remark that it took them quite a while to succeed in waking the land titan, and promise the gymleaders a hard time since they have meddled themselves into their team's grand scheme…

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244: VS. Kyogre & Groudon VIII!

Volume 20