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Flannery lets out a desperate scream as Wattson and Manectric plunge into the stormy ocean after losing consciousness. Without anyone to hold Kyogre back any further, the sea titan flaps its giant fins, and swims off into the open seas to the east. Up in the air, Winona quickly orders Altaria to fly down and rescue Wattson, but to her surprise, the humming Pokémon refuses to listen and glares at Matts with rage. The Team Aqua admin grins that his Sharpedo has used taunt, and Altaria will not respond to any commands other than attacking. Winona realizes that she is stuck at her own battle ground, and grunts in frustration at the perfect team work the enemy is employing.

Down on the abandoned ship, Shelly remakrs that SSS stands for Subleaders of Sea Scheme, and their trio are the top commanders under their leader in Team Aqua. Having witnessed Wattson’s demise, Flannery trembles with fury, and orders Vulpix forward. The fire fox lets out a growl and charges in for a tackle, but Shelly’s Ludicolo swats it back with its giant hands, and keeps it at bay. Shelly grins that the admins of their team live up to their titles, and are not easy to meddle with. Without warning, a blast of water shoots out from the sea to knock Flannery and Vulpix back into the overgrown plants on the ship, and the astounded Lavaridge gymleader is shocked that the attack is coming from an external source.

Yet, things are even more unpredictable than she thought. All of a sudden, sharp blades of leaves come flying towards them from the tall bushes, and they are smacked by clouds of stunspores when they try to move towards the shorter grasses. While Flannery and Vulpix cough hard to expel the paralyzing powder, Shelly remarks that it is Ludicolo’s naturepower which effect varies according to the different locations. Along the seaside, attacks like hydropump and surf will be conjured while razorleaf and stunspore are called upon near grassy areas. In other places, even more powerful skills like earthquake and shadowball can be unleashed, which are all formed under the amazing power of nature.

Shelly then points proudly to the sea and states that it is the source of all of nature’s power, at the same time being the mother of all lives. Therefore, Team Aqua’s scheme to expand the oceans is a nobel action with a goal that would benefit the whole world. However, she adds, that as in all missions, there are bound to be sacrifices, and it appears that the gymleaders and stupid professors like Cozmo shall be the unfortunate ones this time. Seeing the helpless look on Flannery’s face, Shelly smirks that the fallen ones will be rememberd forever alongside the victorious ones, and commands another naturepower from Ludicolo. Left with no choice but to stand strong, Flannery braces herself as a surge of boulders come charging towards her and Vulpix.

At the Lilycove Museum, Brawly and his Machoke are trying hard to locate their opponent amid a room of burning flames. Feeling disoriented by the overwhelming heat, Brawly grunts that they’re being put at a very unfavourable situation when all of a sudden, one of Hank’s Slugmas ambushes them from behind and delivers a tackle on Machoke’s back. The lava Pokémon’s flame body causes Machoke to be inflicted with burn, but this happens to activate Machoke’s guts ability which raises its attack power during a status condition.

Brawly grabs the chance to order a revenge, which power is also doubled after the attacking Pokémon has received damage, and Slugma instantly gets knocked cold on the ground. However, to the Dewford gymleader’s shock, Slugma vanishes in a blink of eye, and he realizes that it was just an illusion. Just then, the paintings on the walls come alive, and a woman with long hair emerges from her picture and starts clawing for Brawly and Machoke. This immediately freaks Machoke out, and it dashes off in fright while Brawly struggles to calm it down and convinces it that what they see are also simply illusions.

Yet, Brawly himself starts to have trouble keeping his mental balance too as the temperature in the room gets higher, and his surroundings seem to swirl and close in on him. Materializing out from the flames, Hank grins that he is an expert in creating illusions, and that alone is usually sufficient in bringing down his foes. Brawly backs himself against a wall in exhaustion, and Hank mocks him for putting up such a short and bad fight, proving that he is in no way capable of tampering with Groudon.

Brawly looks out from the window of the museum to see that the land titan is still rampaging outside, and knows that the entire Hoenn will face an utter destruction if it is left unstopped. Pulling out a pair of nunchucks, he remarks that he has always relied on subtle forces in his battling style, which suits well for aggressive opponents. But for opponents that specialize in indirect assaults, he will have to resort to something else. Brawly starts twirling his nunchucks around, and Hank wonders what he is talking about. The Dewford gymleader remarks that not long ago, he went off on a training journey to meet an old companion, who has let him into more insight of another specialty, the brutal forces.

Putting words into action, Brawly sends out Hariyama, and the fighting Pokémon immediately delivers a fake out, causing both of Hank’s Slugmas to flinch. He then lets out a roar and Hariyama begins a series of armthrusts on the two Slugmas, all the while sending the flames in the room hurling back towards its foes. Feeling himself at one with his longtime companion, Bruno, Brawly calls for the man’s powers, and is determined to win the fight...

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247: VS. Kyogre & Groudon IX!

Volume 20