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On the rooftop of the Lilycove Department Store, Steven bolts with a start when he hears a loud explosion coming from the direction of Sootopolis. For an instant, he believes that Wallace might have succeeded in stopping Groudon and Kyogre, but then he looks over to Lilycove's southern coastline, and notices that the energy generated from Sootopolis's explosion is hardly subsiding but rapidly expanding to its surroundings instead.

Meanwhile, at the underground city New Mauville where the people of Hoenn are taking shelter in, a new batch of incomers have arrived, and a gang of kids from Mauville City yell at the top of their voice to tell everyone to make way for a patient who was transferred from the Rustboro Hospital. Wally's cousin, Wanda, and her fiance Roger, quickly hush the kids, and say they must keep quiet as that patient has lost consciousness for more than 50 days, and requires absolute silence.

Wanda remarks that this man would have travelled a much longer distance from Rustboro if the Rusturf Tunnel hasn't been cleared, and Roger feels grateful that the havoc caused by Team Magma there last time sped up the process. Lying on the bed is Mr. Stone, president of the Devon Corporations. As the kids carefully push his bed to a quiet corner, the old man mumbles the name of his son, Steven.

Back at Lilycove, Metagross has successfully taken down Tabitha and his Torkoal. Speaking via the communication device around his wrist, Steven wants to make sure that the last two lines on the stone plate start with 'First comes W…' and 'Last comes R…', and the blind boy assures him that it was the best he could decipher from the carvings. Unfortunately, those final two lines actually hold the most important message on the plate, and Steven wonders what W and R could stand for. In fact, his father, Mr. Stone, has been working on uncoding the message with his high-tech machines, but the the two of them haven't been able to make contact with each other for quite some time.

Just then, Steven receives a call from Sidney, who urges him to enlighten them on how to awaken Regirock, Regice and Registeel. At the Ancient Tomb, Drake orders another double-edge from his Shelgon, but the impact barely shakes the stone door that seals the chamber to where Registeel is. At the Island Cave, Glacia's Snorunt and Spheal continue to blast the stone door with powerful icebeams, but this seal which holds Regice remains strong.

At the Desert Ruins, Sidney commands a crushclaw, and his Zangoose slashes at the stone door with fury, but that too, fails to break Regirock's seal. Sidney rationalizes that attacking alone must be inadequate to free the legendary golems, and wonders what Phoebe is up to.

At Slateport, Phoebe puts on the Devon Scope which she borrowed from Steven, and attempts to read the message on the broken portion of the stone plate. She explains to swimmerboy Jack and the blind boy that the device emits infrared beams, and hopefully it will be able to detect the subtle carvings left behind. She believes that W and R are each followed by at least six braille characters, and thinks hard to figure out the words.

But then Steven sighs that they have probably reached their limit. After a moment of thought, he decides that they must change their strategy now, and says their original plan to bring Regirock, Registeel and Regice to the final battle ground may not pull through afterall. Making a simultaneous call to all Elite 4 members, he tells Drake, Glacia and Sidney to keep on trying the best they could to break the seals, while he himself heads towards Sootopolis first to assess the situation, since the energy explosion at the city is slowly spreading out to the entire Hoenn.

Steven wants Phoebe to join him at Sootopolis as soon as possible, and to bring along the stone plate. Phoebe remarks that she will come over right after she takes the blind boy and swimmerboy Jack to safety, and proceeds to terminate the call. Seeing the worried look on the blind boy's face, she assures him that he has already done a good job, and says she and the others will take care of the rest. She then takes the stone plate from the boy, and together with the two head for the Pokémon Assocation's airship Ba.Goon on Metang.

Back at Sootopolis, the energy waves generated from the explosion after Ruby and Sapphire knocked the orbs out of Archie and Maxie keep expanding, and turn all the buildings in the city except the Cave of Origin into complete rubbles. The powerful forces surge right up into the skies to create a cauldron of swirling storms, and extend outwards from the city's volcanic crater to every direction, blowing up all lands and seas that surround the place.

Clutching tight on Absol who leaps higher and higer to evade the explosive waves, Gabby and Ty gasp with horror as they watch the fields of energy knock Winona unconscious on her Altaria, and threaten to consume both Ruby and Sapphire.

On the northern coast of Sootopolis, Steven flies over from Lilycove at high speed on his Metagross, and is already astounded by the deadly powers spreading out before he even edges close to the city's borders. He orders Metagross to build a shield with reflect, but then another explosion goes off, and throws the psychic steel Pokémon off balance, sending it and Steven falling into the sea of energy boiling in the city.

Steven struggles to stay afloat, and suddenly notices a girl drowning within the turmoil of energy waves. He quickly swoops down to grab her by the hand and introduces himself as Steven, stating that he's there to help. The girl, who happens to be Sapphire, bolts with a start when she hears Steven speak his name, and feels grateful that she has finally found him. She reaches into her pocket for the letter the president of the Devon Corporations, Mr. Stone, has bestowed upon her, and Steven is surprised that his father has sent him a message.

Steven swiftly rips open the letter to access its contents, and discovers two lines of braille message on a paper, which reads 'First comes Wailord' and 'Last comes Relicanth'. He immediately realizes that it is the original message carved on the broken portion of the stone plate, and that his father has actually succeeded in decoding it with his machines, and uncovered the secret team lineup required to awaken Regirock, Regice and Registeel...

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253: VS. Regirock. Regice. Registeel I!

Volume 21