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Holding the paper with the braille message in his hands, Steven finally understands that W stands for Wailord, and R stands for Relicanth. Just then, Phoebe arrives on her Metang, and quickly flies down to hand over the stone plate to him. Steven places the paper over the broken portion of the plate, and the ancient message is finally complete, stating clearly the team lineup required for awakening Regirock, Regice and Registeel.

Phoebe wonders if it means they have to seek for a Wailord and Relicanth, and Steven states that it appears to be the only way to unlock the legendary golems. Sapphire listens with astonishment at their conversation, and for the first time in her life, feels how thin the line is between fate and conincidence can be. She tells Steven not to look any further, and yells at the top of her voice for Wailulu and Relili.

In a split second, her Wailord and Relicanth come leaping out from the waters, and Steven gasps in shock that she has those two Pokémon on her team. Thinking how Sapphire is not only the person who brought him the letter but also the one who possesses the key to unlock Regirock, Regice and Registeel, Steven too, feels that it is all fate's doing. He then sends out his four Beldums to lineup between Sapphire's two water Pokémon, with Wailord in front and Relicanth at the back, and the stone plate in his hand begins to glow and tremble.

'Those with courage, those with hope. Open a door, an eternal Pokémon waits. First comes Wailord. Last comes Relicanth'. Steven closes his eyes to read the last few sentences, and a blinding globe of light instantly forms around the line of six Pokémon. Without warning, the light shoots up into the skies, and splits into three beams, each heading towards a different direction.

At the Desert Ruins, Ancient Tomb and Island Cave, Sidney, Drake and Glacia jump out of the way when the light beams arrive all of a sudden, and blast right through the stone doors, shining straight onto the braille dots on Regirock, Registeel and Regice who lay dormant in the chambers within. Each legendary golem's braille pattern immediately lights up, and the three creatures start to awaken from their slumber, thrashing around to stretch their limbs.

Several months ago, Steven and his father, Mr. Stone, were already aware of the existence of Team Aqua and Team Magma, as well as their schemes to expand the sea and the land by awakening Kyogre and Groudon. At that time, they tried to thwart the evil teams' plans as early as possible, and it was actually Mr. Stone's suggestion that Captain Stern build the Submarine Explorer 1 at Slateport.

What Mr. Stone had hoped was that they could reach the Seafloor Cavern, where the titans slumbered, earlier than Team Aqua and Team Magma, and completely demolish this underwater cave before the teams had a chance to find Kyogre and Groudon. However, for Submarine Explorer 1 to be able to sail down to such a depth, a specially made engine starter was required, and Mr. Stone worked to build it secretly at the Devon Corporations.

Steven's job in the plan was to recruit a team of reliable trainers, and act as the person in contact for Captain Stern once the vessel was completed. But just in case Team Aqua and Team Magma managed to get to Kyogre and Groudon before them and awaken the two titans, Steven and Mr. Stone also had a second plan.

Legend has it that three powerful golems were sealed off somewhere in Hoenn, and a stone plate which holds the key to resurrecting them has been unearthed at the Sealed Chamber on sea route 134. Unfortunately, part of the plate was broken off during the excavation, and while Steven bestowed the plate upon a blind boy whom he met at the hospital to try decode its message with his extra sensitive touch perception, Mr. Stone also attempted to translate the ancient braille with his high-tech machines at the same time. Meanwhile, Steven journeyed across the land of Hoenn, searching through each cave and dungeon, seeking the three chambers which sealed Regirock, Registeel and Regice. No matter what the cost would be, Steven and Mr. Stone were deteremined to safeguard the peace of Hoenn until their last breath…

As the stone plate Steven holds continue to glow and tremble, it suddenly shatters into pieces with a loud bang. Sapphire wonders what has happened, and Steven explains that the plate has fulfilled its purpose in summoning Regirock, Registeel and Regice from their sleep, and thus destroyed itself. Sapphire is glad to hear that they have succeeded, and Steven thanks the girl for her help.

However, just as Steven is about to pull the girl up onto his Metagross, another energy explosion goes off between Groudon and Kyogre, and a new wave of energy rapidly ripples across the entire city, consuming Sapphire completely before she could react.

Later, Ruby gradually regains consciousness, and finds himself on an unfamiliar piece of land. He looks around to see lush green trees and berry plants growing on a beautiful meadow, and wonders how he ended up there. He then notices Sapphire lying unconciously on the ground not far from him, and quickly goes over to shake her awake.

Sapphire seems a bit dazed as well when she sees her surroundings, and wonders where has Steven gone. Ruby remarks that it seems odd how there could still be such a quiet and pretty place in Hoenn amid the havoc caused by Groudon and Kyogre's battle at Sootopolis, and they suddenly hear someone approaching them from behind.

Turning around, Ruby and Sapphire see a middle aged moustached gentleman dressed in a long blue coat, standing in front of a young boy and a young girl, both wearing Chinese martial art suits. The man greets them with the French word bonjour, and welcomes them to their final training ground...

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254: VS. Regirock. Regice. Registeel II!

Volume 21