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Outside Prof. Kukui's Science Lab, the young professor and Sun greet each other cheerfully, and Moon is flabbergasted that this half naked man who wears his chest bare under a white coat is the person she is supposed to meet. She watches as the man dusts himself clean with a nonchalant look, and fails to understand why he would be blasting out from the rooftop of his lab together with his Pokemon while seemingly enjoying it.

Kukui informs Sun excitedly that his product has been a total sellout, and Sun is baffled as to what he is talking about. Kukui grins that he is referring to the bottled Pyukumuku slime Sun marketed as a special skincare product, and reveals that it has been highly praised and received among the women of Melemele Island, including his very own wife. In fact, he wishes to order 20 more bottles, and hands over the pre-payment to Sun, whose eyes instantly glitter at the large sum of money. He flicks through his abacus to calculate his gain, and giggles that this business is nothing but pure surplus since there is no cost to it.

Next to him, Moon is less than amused, and speaks up to interrupt the conversation. Sun only then realizes that he has completely forgotten about Moon, and turns to introduce her to the professor. However, before he could say anything, Kukui gets trapped inside a large bubble along with Rowlet, who is trapped in a smaller bubble, and the two start levitating off the ground. Moon gasps in horror, but Kukui seems more exhilarated than alarmed, and keeps gesturing to Popplio while apparently saying something. Sun states that he could not hear him with the bubble blocking out his voice, and Moon is appalled that both guys seem so unconcerned about the whole thing. Without another word, she picks up an arrow from her bag, and rushes forward to puncture the bubble trapping Kukui. The man instantly crashes onto the ground, but just as quickly sits up again and asks if Sun saw how fascinating Popplio's balloon was. Sun replies that he did and wonders how Kukui feels, and the man exclaims that one really cannot appreciate the power of a move until he experiences it in person.

At that moment, Moon finally cracks, and demands to know what exactly is wrong with the two guys. Kukui and Sun immediately go silent at the boom of her voice, and Kukui turns to Sun to ask who the girl is, apparently oblivious to her presence until now. Sun quickly goes into his delivery-boy mode, and picks off the delivery card still on Moon's hat, explaining that she is a package for him. Kukui frowns in confusion, and Moon politely bows to introduce herself, stating that she has come to deliver Rotom. In that instant, Prof. Kukui finally notices the floating light bulb next to the girl, and immediately lets out a cry of disbelief. Sun walks up to Moon cheerily to move her arms in a waving manner, demonstrating how people in Alola greet each other, yet Moon is less than amused, and tells him to let go of her.

Kukui begins to bawl his eyes out as he marvels at the sight of Rotom, and Sun doesn't really get why he is so emotional. The man explains fervently that Rotom is an extremely rare species, and no one has ever seen one in the Alola region. With a shrug, Sun decides that it doesn't really concern him, and only wants the professor to sign the delivery card. After Kukui does so, Sun declares that his delivery is complete, and holds up his Ride Pager. In a flash of light, Sun's Riding Wear is reverted back to his usual clothes, and Tauros also vanishes into thin air. Fascinated by what she saw, Moon wonders how it is done, and Sun believes that the Ride Pager has some sort of transfer function which allows Tauros to get transported instantaneously back to the ranch.

Prof. Kukui then calls for Sun and Moon to join him in his Science Lab, and Sun doesn't understand why he is still needed now that his delivery is complete. Kukui states that his presence is actually crucial, and tells the boy to take out his Pokedex as he accesses a file on his computer. A screen soon pops up showing Rotom with five different electrical appliances, and Sun is baffled as to what it is. Moon believes that it is a chart explaining Rotom's forme changes, and Kukui is glad that the girl knows about it. Apparently, with its electric-like body, Rotom is known to be able to infiltrate electronic devices and morph itself to match the device's appearance. For instance, it becomes Wash Rotom after entering a washing machine, and turns into Frost Rotom after fusing with a refrigerator.

Sun wonders if it can become Abacus Rotom or Piggy-bank Rotom in that case, but Moon bluntly says it is not possible since the abacus and piggy-bank are not electronic devices. Kukui goes on to explain that 5 appliances are known to activate Rotom's forme change so far, and many have researched on whether there are other devices it can merge with. One particular young man in Kalos, who is a renowned inventor, recently came up with a new invention that possibly works, and it is no other than the Pokedex in Sun's possession.

Hearing that, Moon wonders if it is the reason she is asked to bring a Rotom to Alola, and Kukui admits that he has put up the nation-wide help request since the electric ghost Pokemon, as he has said before, is not a species native to the region. Sun finally understands why Moon has come to Alola, and wants to know if the Rotom belongs to her. However, Moon shakes her head, and reveals that this particular Rotom is born slightly weaker and fragile, making it unable to stand any form of cyber transfer. As a result, it needs to be delivered in person while having its health optimized, and she was bestowed upon the job due to her occupation as a pharmacist. Kukui wonders if Rotom's physical condition is now good for experimentation, and Moon assures him with a confident that it is ready. Her reply pleases Kukui, and the man decides that they should waste no time. Telling Sun to place the Pokedex on a table stand, the young professor beckons to Rotom, and wants it to try infiltrating it. The floating light bulb circulates the device with a curious look, and Moon sees that it seems to be intrigued. However, just as the electric Pokemon reaches out to touch the Pokedex, it instantly freaks out and backs away with an angry look.

Its behavior causes Kukui and Moon to jump in astonishment, and the professor couldn't understand why it is resisting the device so much. He picks up the Pokedex into his hands, and soon notices that apart from being sticky and scratched, it seems to be giving off a certain stench. Sun explains that it might be due to the fact that he has accidentally dropped it into Mudsdale's dung, got both sea water and fresh water on it during delivery, and also handled it while his hands were sticky with Pyukumuku's slime. His reply instantly causes Kukui to fume with rage, and the young professor charges towards Sun with a Flying Press, flooring him. The boy couldn't believe that Kukui actually tackled him, and hits back with a Dynamic Punch just as Kukui attacks with a Double Kick. Moon watches the scene with an unamused look, and wonders if it is time for her to go.

Meanwhile, in Iki Town, the Island Kahunas Olivia and Nanu are about to have a faceoff with Hala as the referee. As the battle commences, Olivia commands a Rock Climb, and her Midnight Form Lycanroc immediately swings its claws to strike at Nanu's Alolan Persian. Nanu grins that Olivia is still impatient as ever and always attacks right away, and decides to go for a Nasty Plot first instead. He then follows up with a Dark Pulse to push back Lycanroc, and Olivia can see that Persian has raised its special attack with the move combo. She grunts that hitting around the bush isn't really her style, but Nanu snickers at her comment and states that tactics are essential not only in Pokemon battles but also in love, which is why Olivia failed in the latter. Nanu's remark alarms Hala and his Bewear, and unsurprisingly, Olivia becomes furious, and Hala is appalled to see the Akala Kahuna reaching for her Z-Ring. Performing her ritual dance, Olivia calls for a Continental Crush, and her Lycanroc instantly unleashes the Rock-type Z-Move. Nanu mocks that her habit of going all-out right from the start is what scares men away, and proceeds to do his ritual dance as well before he gets Persian to deliver the Dark-type Z-Move, Black Hole Eclipse.

Before the two powerful moves collide, Hala jumps in to intervene, and takes the powerful hit from Lycanroc. Olivia immediately freaks out, and drops to her knees to apologize as Bewear catches its trainer. Hala tells Olivia not to worry, and says they could at least be assured that the ring is sturdy enough since it can even withstand Z-Moves. Nanu believes that Hala should say 'stage' instead of 'ring', but agrees that as something that is built impromptu, it is quite well constructed, seeing how not even Olivia's rage can destroy it. Naturally, the remark ticks off Olivia again, and she angrily glares her fangs at the Ula'ula Kahuna.

Hala states that with a quality-proof 'stage', it will hopefully serve its purpose well in the upcoming 'festival'. As the three of them have agreed upon earlier, the young Alolan trainer who shows greatest potential on this battle arena tomorrow shall be selected as the chosen one to tour the four islands and pacify the Tapus. Nanu thinks it is essentially an imitation of Alola's 'Island Challenge' tradition, and Hala agrees. He explains that although all Island Kahunas and Captains possess the Z-Ring and have thus battled the Tapus once before, the Tapus do not battle the same person twice, which is why they need someone else. Olivia points out that the 'battles' that take place during the festival were dedicated to the Tapus to start with, and when the Tapus are calm, the island residents can live in peace. In contrast, when the Tapus start appearing randomly to exercise their powers, people become unnerved, which is why they must pacify the Tapus as soon as possible.

Nanu wants to know if this plan would really work, and remarks that they actually have no idea why the Tapus are angry to begin with. Hala tells him not to worry, and reveals that he is in fact working on another strategy to tackle this question and find out the source of their rage. For this, he has contacted Kahili to enlist her help, since he believes that all islanders are responsible for the affairs of the islands, including those who are currently residing outside the region, whose powers he is making an effort to gather.

Later, the sun begins to set, and Sun drags his battered body out of Prof. Kukui's Science Lab to meet Moon, who is standing outside the door. He informs her that Kukui is completely mad at him, and Moon finds it not surprising. Sun takes comfort in the fact that he has at least brought Rotom back safely, and Moon points out that he is injured all over. Sun laughs that it is because he has fallen off trees and a cliff while chasing Rotom, and Moon offers to tend to his wounds. Sun wants to know if it requires payment, but is elated when Moon states that she is doing it for free.

As Moon applies a special medical ointment on Sun's injuries, she asks if Rotom has merged with the Pokedex yet, but Sun says it hasn't. He explains that Kukui has taken the device apart to do a thorough cleaning, and Moon can totally understand the need. Sun once again feels amazed that Moon's treatment has instantly taken his pain away, and wants to know if the girl plans to return to her home region now that she has finished her delivery to the professor. He offers to take her to a hotel or the port for a special price, and starts taking out his abacus to calculate again. At that moment, something collides onto the boy's face, and he sees that it is Kukui's Rowlet, who has apparently become acquainted with Moon. Moon reveals that while Sun went chasing after Rotom, Popplio alerted her that Rowlet was still trapped inside the bubble. After she popped it with her bow and arrow, she found the little owl cold from being bubble-trapped too long and thus cured it with some medicine. She thinks it has become attached to her since then, and Sun says he always finds it baffling how Rowlet gets beaten up by Popplio despite grass types having an advantage over water types. Moon believes that it should only occur during daytime, and Sun wonders what she means. Moon recalls learning from Kukui while treating Rowlet that it is a nocturnal Pokemon who is mainly active at night and spends daytime undergoing photosynthesis to store energy. She grins that Rowlet shares this trait with her as she also dislikes daytime and prefers the night, and Sun giggles that Moon sounds really dark. Moon immediately glares at Sun and hurls a handful of sand at his face, and Sun cries that he has been blinded.

Just then, Moon sees Rowlet tilting its head to stare into the distance, and wants to know what it is looking at. The little owl gestures to what appears to be flame torches afar, and Moon wonders what they are. Sun, having cleaned his eyes by splashing sea water onto his face, explains that there is a festival happening at Iki Town the next day, and the folks are setting up flame torches in preparation. Moon remembers the Team Skulls Grunts talking about this 'festival' earlier that day, and Sun states that it is the grand Z Festival, which is sure to draw large crowds of people. Moon is curious as to what Z stands for, but Sun sweatdrops that he has no idea, and Moon snickers that Sun really doesn't know about anything. Sun giggles that he only knows it will be fun, and thinks Moon should attend it if she is not in a rush to leave.

The next morning, the sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky, and despite it being rather early in the morning, Sun is already geared up on Tauros with a long train of cargo goods behind him which he is supposed to deliver that day. He stops by Kukui's Science Lab at the man's request, and upon seeing the young professor at his door way, greets him cheerily with an 'Alola' hand wave. Kukui, on the other hand, appears disheveled, and snaps at the boy with a disgruntled tone. Sun wonders if Kukui has been staying up late all night cleaning the Dex and dealing with Rotom, and the man promptly walks up to the boy to pinch his cheek, asking whose fault it is.

Sun quickly apologizes, and wants to know why Kukui has called him over. Kukui takes out a printed page from the Pokedex which displays the orange and yellow Pokemon resembling a rooster, and demands to know if Sun has encountered the Tapu. Sun is surprised to learn that the Pokemon is a Tapu, and admits to have come across it the day before. Hearing that, Kukui immediately goes into a fit, and reminds Sun that he was supposed to inform him of species that the Pokedex fails to recognize. Sun sheepishly replies that he has completely forgotten about it due to the Rotom fiasco, but thinks it isn't really that big a deal. However, Kukui states that this is actually important, and wonders if Sun knows who Hala is. Naturally, the boy doesn't, and Kukui explains that he is the Kahuna of Melemele Island, who has requested that they keep an eye out for this Pokemon and report back to him if it is sighted. In addition, Hala has given Kukui another task, and it is to recruit as many challengers as possible for the Tapu-related 'festival' battle that day. Kukui reveals with a snort that he has already signed Sun up for the competition, and the boy bolts in alarm at the news, protesting that he was planning on making some big money from the festival-going folks.

Back at Iki Town, Hala, Olivia and Nanu are going over the photos of the 6 contestants who are taking part in the Z-Battle dedicated to the Tapus during the Z-Festival. Apart from Sun, there is the male Grunt from Team Skull, the famous pro-wrestler Masked Royal, Hala's grandson Hau, as well as a blonde girl in white attire, and a blonde boy who wears the front of his hair in jagged layers…

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003: VS Rotom!