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High up in the sky at the Lush Jungle, a mysterious black and white creature half emerges from a strange spatial rift, and lashes out its cable-like arms to strangle Tapu Lele. Moon and Mallow watch with bewilderment from below, and wonder what exactly the Akala guardian deity is fighting against. Mallow points out that the creature is apparently attempting to come out from a crack in the sky, and Moon suddenly recalls Gladion using the same term at the Z Festival Tournament. She ponders on what the 'sky crack' really is, what lies on the other side of the crack, and more important, what the strange creature's true identity is.

Turning to Rotom-Dex, Moon wants to know if the creature is a Pokemon, and Rotom-Dex replies that it currently has no information on the entity. However, if it manages to get close enough, it should be able to collect data. With that, the animated high-tech device hovers towards the sky rift, just as the black and white creature emerges further from the crack, revealing what appears to be its head, a white globular structure that is covered with spikes. At that moment, the creature fires a jolt of energy towards Rotom-Dex to zap it off its flight, and causes it to plummet back to the ground. Moon hurries over to check on Rotom-Dex, and the animated device cringes that the power of the creature's Electric type attack is clearly beyond ordinary. It attempts to report the data it has collected on the creature, but its screen suddenly blacks out, and Moon gasps that Rotom must have fainted inside the Pokedex, causing it to shut down. Moon contemplates on what Rotom-Dex said about the creature using an Electric type attack, and thinks it is good enough information to prove that it is a Pokemon. Reaching for her bow and arrow, she aims a Pokeball at the cable-like creature, and Mallow is astounded as to what she is trying to do. Moon declares that she shall attempt a capture, and orders a Razor Leaf from Rowlet to distract the creature as she swiftly fires her arrow, landing the Pokeball on its tip right on the entity's spiky head. In a flash of light, Moon's arrowed Pokeball drops to the ground, and Mallow exclaims that she has managed to hit the target. Moon acknowledges it as a matter of fact, and Mallow notices that the strange rift in the sky is starting to close.

In a matter of seconds, the sky rift vanishes into thin air, and Moon walks over to check on her Pokeball. Mallow wants to know if the capture was successfully, but to her dismay, the Pokeball in Moon's hand is empty, which means the creature has evaded capture. Mallow sighs that it is a pity, and Moon looks up again just in time to see Tapu Lele fuming with rage before it disappears. Mallow points out that the Akala deity looks extremely upset, and wonders what has caused its anger. Moon believes that they should find out the answer from Tapu Lele directly, and her answer astonishes Mallow. However, Moon thinks it is the logical thing to do since it is the reason behind the Island Challenge after all, despite the fact that they would have to first locate the Mirage Berry.

Moon decides to collect some samples of the strange pollen floating in the area, which is apparently some kind of scales originating from Tapu Lele's body. Mallow wants to know what Moon thinks about the creature that is shaped like a bundle of cables, and Moon replies that it is something they should find out from Tapu Lele as well. Mallow believes that if they manage to figure out the identity of the creature that is shaped like a bundle of cables, they may understand why the Tapus are angry and fighting them, which makes her wonder if there is anyone who would know about this creature that is shaped like a bundle of cables. In that instant, Moon interrupts Mallow, and thinks they should give the entity another name since it is quite a hassle to say 'the creature that is shaped like a bundle of cables' every time. Mallow laughs that Moon is right, and after recalling on how the being gives off sparks like lightning, suggest they nickname it 'Lightning', which Moon nonchalantly agrees.

Back at Brooklet Hill, Sun is still flabbergasted by the fact that the 8-meter long Totem Pokemon is no other than Baht, the Wishiwashi he just befriended. To be more exact, it is the School Form of Wishiwashi, which is formed by many Wishiwashis clustering together. With its giant body, a simple flap of its fin causes giant waves to ripple across the entire lake. Sun contemplates on how to handle the situation, but the Totem wastes no time to fire off a powerful jet of water, which nearly knocks Sun off Lapras. Sun reads from his Pokedex that Wishiwashi would moisten its eyes to shine and attract its comrades for assistance when in danger, and he realizes that this is exactly what Schooling, the ability of Wishiwashi, does.

Sun now understands that Baht led him to its comrades because they are the Totem Pokemon he was searching for. He also suspects that En probably knows of this ability of Wishiwashi, which is why it attacked Baht to threaten it in an attempt to activate Schooling. He voices out his gratitude to the Litten, who has passed out from the Totem's super-effective water attacks, and retrieves it to switch out Dollar instead. Unfortunately, before Dollar could make a move, the giant Wishiwashi hits them with another Water Gun, which Sun finds is equivalent to the intensity of a Hydro Pump. He grunts that they cannot run away since defeating the Totem is the only way to gain Lana's recognition, and steals a glance at the Captain, who is still standing along the shoreline. To his astonishment, the once timid and sheepish Lana now wears a serious and extremely cold expression, almost as if she has changed into a completely different person.

While Sun is distracted by the Captain's unexpected change in demeanor, the giant Wishiwashi unleashes an Aqua Tail, and throws both Sun and Dollar off Lapras's back and into the water. Sun struggles to stay afloat, and finds it a bit hard to imagine the weak and timid Baht firing off such overwhelmingly powerful attacks. At that moment, a furious Dollar uses Sun's face as a stepping block to propel itself towards the Totem, and starts angrily clawing at its opponent. Sun realizes that Dollar has been enraged due to the coin of its forehead being dirtied, and watches as his Alolan Meowth unleash it fury on the giant Wishiwashi. Before long, Lana cries out in anger, and demands to know what Wishiwashi is doing. She hollers that it ought to retaliate instead of sitting back to take hits, and as she says that, the Totem blasts Sun with another powerful Water Gun.

Sun coughs out that water from his lungs and turns to Lana with confusion. However, Lana responds with a cold stare, and asks what his problem is. Sun finally realizes that the Totem actually belongs to Lana, and the girl makes no attempt to hide the fact. She states that as Captain, she has to test the ability of many challengers, which is why it is necessary for her to raise powerful Pokemon. In fact, it must be so strong that it can unintentionally cause harm to the tourists in the area, causing local threat and distress. Lana's words astound Sun, since he recalls that it was Lana who requested he help her rid of the local tyrant. Yet, Lana reminds him that she never said that, but Sun jumped to conclusions himself. Sun argues that Lana actually cried when he pointed out that she could not solve the threat herself, but Lana once again blames Sun for jumping to conclusions, since she shed tears simply because Sun never really gave her a chance to talk or explain things thoroughly.

Sun sheepishly apologizes for his rash behavior, and Lana says just because one is small and is a crybaby, it doesn't mean they don't have power and couldn't take on important roles. It will be a big mistake to think that they need protection, can be pushed around, or even depreciate them. With that, she gets Wishiwashi to slam Dollar into the water with another Aqua Tail, and Sun hurries over to check on his badly injured Pokemon. The boy gazes up at Baht, which is where the Totem's left eye is, and wonders if it shares Lana's thoughts. Being small and often tear-eyed, it must be trying to show him that even with its weak appearance it can also be extremely powerful.

Sun voices out his encouragement to Dollar, and tells it to focus on attack the Totem's left eye where Baht is. Since the Wishiwashis responded to Baht's sense of danger, Baht is essentially the command center of the entire creature, which means if they take out Baht, the whole School Form shall collapse. Knowing what to do now, Dollar lunges forward once more, and adeptly evades another Water Gun from the Totem. It then somersaults onto the back of Wishiwashi, who attempts to throw it off with an Aqua Tail but to no avail. Dollar tactfully hooks its tail onto one of the Totem's free rear appendages to swing around, and finally lands a blow on its left eye. Almost immediately, the Totem starts to disintegrate into numerous Wishiwashis, which one by one fall back into the lake.

With the Totem defeated, Sun makes his way back to the shoreline to meet Lana, asking if he has passed the test. The Captain, who has now reverted to her timid and sheepish state, stutters that he has certainly gained her recognition, her drastic demeanor change causing Sun to collapse. Lana apologizes to Sun, and says it seems the only time she is able to speak confidently is during Pokemon battles. In fact, her two younger sisters always say that she looks absolutely terrifying during battles.

Sun thinks he should be the one to apologize for belittling the weak, and turns to Baht, who has re-emerged beside him. The boy once again invites it to be his companion, and says it should really join him on the Island Challenge, since just like a single Wishiwashi can make a big difference to the overall power of a School Form, a single yen can make a big difference when one is trying to reach the 100 billion yen goal. Baht flips its fins happily with a beckoning motion, and Lana states that it is asking to be formally captured. Sun merrily tosses out a Pokeball to catch the Wishiwashi, and officially adds Baht to his team.

Meanwhile, at Iki Town on Melemele Island, the Kahuna Hala has finally finished crafting the Sparkling Stone at his home's working desk. At that moment, someone shows up at his doorstep, and states that the Tapu has been spotted on Akala Island again. Hala turns in pleasant surprise to greet his guest, who is a girl with light blue hair with a golf club, whom Hala addresses as Kahili…

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010: VS Wishiwashi School Form!