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In a stadium packed with fervent spectators, cheers and roars of excitement exploded from every corner as the Noivern on stage fell on its face and lost its ability to continue the fight. The opposing trainer, a young boy named X who wore a red cap and blue attire, rejoiced with his Kangaskhan, and the Announcer declared him the champion of the Kalos Junior Trainer Pokemon Battle Tournament.

Since his first match in the Tournament, X has displayed unparalleled skills, and overwhelmed every single one of his opponents along the way. The Announcer found himself at a loss the words that could adequately describe the boy's talent, but looked forward to his growth and development. He believed that with his ability, X could easily become a Gymleader or even a member of the Elite 4 in the future.

Confetti was sprinkled everywhere as X was joined by his four best friends on stage. In no time, they were surrounded by reporters and the paparazzi, all of which couldn't wait to put X on their cover story and make his victory their headline news…

Trevor reminisces the time that his good friend's unmatched battling talent placed him in the spotlight and drew the entire world's attention. Back then, people kept saying X would end up being a professor or minister, and that he would certainly grow up to be a great man and become the hope of the future. Words of praise as such filled their lives after the Tournament, and X was basically on every newspaper and magazine in town.

Yet, years have passed since then, and things have drastically changed. Trevor stands outside X's house in the company of his Flabebe, and looks up to his childhood friend's tightly shut window on the second floor. Wearing a sad look, he lets out a sigh. The young boy who astonished the world with his extraordinary skills is no longer the cheerful and ambitious kid that he was. Today, he is simply a teenager who refuses to leave his house.

As the town of Vaniville wakes up to the morning sun, its streets begin to buzz and its residents gradually start their daily routine. Up in the clear blue skies, the female Sky Trainer, Y, soars through the air with her Fletchling, and soon lands on the roof shelter outside X's window. She takes off her helmet to free her long blonde hair, and draws in a deep breath. She then yells at the top of her lungs to greet X 'good morning', and causes Trevor to cringe immediately by her booming voice. Trevor sweatdrops that her volume is too high for this hour of the day, and Y greets the orange-haired boy cheerfully as she spots him.

Trevor wonders what kind of strategy Y plans to use today, and hopes that she will not have to rampage this time. A female voice comes on to say that Y ends up using violence every time anyway, and Trevor turns around to see his other two friends: Shauna, a ponytailed girl with blunt words who is accompanied by her Skitty and Furfrou; and Tierno, a chubby big guy who has a gentle nature and goes around town with his Corphish.

Shauna snickers that given her record, Y always goes berserk eventually, and doesn't even doubt if Tierno agrees to this. The big guy grins with an embarrassed look as he couldn't think of an appropriate response, and scratches his face with a sweatdrop on his forehead. Y grits her teeth as she gets ticked off by the comment, but Shauna mocks that one cannot deny the truth. Trevor gets anxious that the two girls will end up quarreling soon, and Tierno quickly cuts in to stop the fight.

Y turns her attention back to X, and tells him through his closed window that she has brought something fascinating for him to see. She digs out a colorful puff from her pocket, named the Poke Puff, and explains that it is a new contemporary snack made for Pokemon which delights them. Her Fletchling, nicknamed Fletchy, happily takes a peck at the Poke Puff, and Y urges X to try it on his Pokemon. Inside the house, X sits in his pajamas with a solemn look on his face, and remains silent despite Y's repeated calls.

Y gets slightly frustrated that she is not getting a response, and decides to go to plan B. She fishes out a leaflet which depicts a balloon Geodude and Magneton, and tells X that there is a completely new way to special train Pokemon known as Super Training. She slips the leaflet in through the crevice on his window door, and explains that it involves battling opponents which are giant balloons shaped like Pokemon on soccer-field-like arenas. She believes that X will enjoy it, and eagerly waits for him to say something. However, a few seconds later, X returns the leaflet to her through the crevice, and Y sees that X has written 'no thanks' on it.

Y instantly gets enraged, and hollers that he needs to stop being so sloppy. The girl begins kicking at the window angrily, and demands that he come out right away. Trevor cries out in horror, and Tierno sweatdrops that Y has lost it once again. Shauna scoffs that she knew this would happen, and says the four of them have already tried everything since long ago, but nothing has ever worked to lure out X, whom she nicknames Big X. Tierno wonders why Shauna is still coming if that is the case, and his query quickly puts a sad look on the girl's face. She sighs that they have been a gang of five since they were little, and from the day X started to lock himself inside his room, they have made daily attempts to knock on his door. Yet, as time went on, Y remains as the only one who is still doing it every day.

Tierno acknowledges her words, and states that they have all become busy chasing their own dreams over the years, with Trevor aspiring to be a scholar, he himself a dancer, and Shauna a Furfrou stylist. He finds Y truly extraordinary in that she is still capable of keeping her daily routine to visit X while following her dream to be a Sky Trainer. Shauna replies that Tierno is equally extraordinary, and gestures towards Kanga, X's Kangaskhan who is standing behind them. The Kangaskhan blushes as its stomach growls, and Tierno apologizes that he has forgotten to give it its breakfast. He quickly digs into his bagpack for an Oran Berry, and feeds it to Kanga, who gratefully accepts it. Shauna states that Tierno has been taking care of X's Pokemon since he went into seclusion, and believes that there is no stronger friendship than this.

Kanga chews on the Oran Berry as it steals a look at X's window, and Tierno catches the sadness in its eyes. He knows that it would have wanted to be around X again, and Kanga gently pats its front pouch. Its action brings a sigh to Tierno, and he relents that the baby Kangaskhan, Li'l Kanga, is no doubt the saddest one of them all.

Trevor recalls that during the Junior Tournament which X became famous, everyone's focus was actually not on Kanga but its child Li'l Kanga. During the final match against Noivern, Kanga managed to defend and return every blow from its opponent, and this garnered much disbelief from the audience and the Announcer. The judges soon discovered that this was all due to the work of the baby Kangaskhan, who worked in synchrony with its mother to take on the fight. This was highly unusual since under normal circumstances, a baby Kangaskhan was supposed to be protected in the pouch, but X's Li'l Kanga took an active role instead, and engaged in an extremely intense close-up combat with the Noivern under the command of X. Li'l Kanga's astounding performance contributed to X's fame as an extraordinary trainer, and one had to agree that Li'l Kanga and X shared many traits, making them comrades with amazing synergy.

Shauna sighs that X and Li'l Kanga are currently still comrades with synergy, and points out that just like X, Li'l Kanga has refused to come out of its mother's pouch. Trevor states that a baby Kangaskhan normally leaves its mother after 3 years to become independent, and Li'l Kanga should have theoretically grown into an adult Kangaskhan like Kanga by now. However, its growth has been stunted, which kept it in its baby form. Shauna pouts that a trainer's Pokemon behaves just like its trainer, and believes that if they manage to get X out of his house, the source of every problem will be solved and everything will become alright.

On the roof, Y bangs her fist on X's window once more, and demands that he say something. Yet, she gets no response again and begins to tire out. Panting to catch her breath, she falls to her knees and drops her head in defeat. At that moment, X finally speaks, but literally just mutters the word 'something' as Y has asked. Y hears the hollowness in X's tone, and wonders if he is feeling empty in his life. X denies, and says he is actually quite content. Being locked up in his own world, he is free from the world's scrutiny and its gossips. There is no need to butter up to people and live diplomatically every day. Most importantly, he is no longer bothered by hypocritical, rough and ill-speaking adults.

Y feels her heart ache as X's speaks, and after a moment of thought, raises a proposition. She wants the boy to try stop being pessimistic, even for just a minute, and recall the time that he was the marvelous and hard working trainer. She reminds him how brilliantly he shone back then, and says Trevor, Shauna, Tierno and herself all bore witness to his glory. She states that it doesn't really matter what other people say, since X's remarkable ability as a Pokemon trainer is undeniable, and it would be a waste if he doesn't pick up Pokemon battling again. Getting emotional, she cries that his Junior Tournament Champion title is weeping for him, and so is his Pokemon. Unfortunately, Y's words fail to move X, and the boy simply mutters that being a Pokemon trainer no longer concerns him. The despair in his tone makes Y go silent immediately, and his hopelessness brings sadness once more to his four good friends.

Suddenly, Y hears the sound of a shutter clicking, and spins around to see two young ladies standing outside the gates to X's house, apparently from the press. The younger lady holds a camera in hand, while the older one next to her wears a microphone headpiece and is accompanied by a Helioptile. Y glares at the two strangers, and immediately hovers down towards them with a hostile look on her face, her menacing attitude startling the little Helioptile.

The older lady is slightly taken aback by the hostility, and apologizes if she has upset Y by their unannounced presence. She explains that they have come for an officially approved interview, and introduces herself as Alexa the journalist, while the one next to her is her sister, Viola the camerawoman. Apparently, it has become well known that Y, whose full name is Y na Gabena, is a Sky Trainer in training who has remarkable flying skills, and Alexa has learnt that she is nicknamed Li'l Y by the people around her. Shauna scoffs that she prefers to call her Big Y, and both Tierno and Trevor wear pensive looks as they know how Y feels about the press people.

Alexa turns to Y's Fletchling to compliment on its beauty, and believes that it will be even more stunning when it becomes a Fletchinder. She then looks over to the Rhyhorn resting in the front yard of Y's house next doors, and remembers that Y was once anticipated to become a Rhyhorn Racer. She wants to know if there are any specific reasons why she changed drastically from racing on land to soaring in the skies, and hopes that Y can let her in the details, which will for sure make a good story. She further requests to get a picture of Y in her normal clothes, and wonders if she minds changing out of her flying suit for the shoot right now. Y bluntly states that it is ridiculous, since it takes almost an hour to change her suit, and says more importantly, she has no inclination to do so. She voices out her doubt that Alexa really requested this interview formally from the Sky Trainer Training School, and snickers that even if she really did, she refuses to accept it.

The trees in town start to sway as the wind picks up a quicker pace, and Y turns her back on the reporters without another word. Alexa is baffled by the girl's unfriendliness, and wonders if she is holding some kind of grudge against them. Y admits that she is, and declares that she hates newspapers, magazines, the TV, radio, reporters, and all grownups who are shady as such. Alexa wishes to know why, and Y gives the two ladies another glare before hissing that people like them are the reason why her friend has turned into his current state. Shauna and Trevor feel worried that Y is letting her impulsiveness run wild again, and Tierno prays that she will not get herself into any trouble.

At that moment, Trevor gets a ring on his Holo Caster, and answers to find Prof. Sycamore calling. The stylish man who has curly black hair greets Trevor with a cheerful tone, and informs him that the package he sent should have arrived in Vaniville Town. Trevor thanks the professor, and quickly rushes back to his house which is near the town's border. Indeed, a delivery man is already waiting at his front door with a box in hand, and he hurries over. Oblivious to the winds that are whipping stronger by the minute around him, Trevor receives the parcel, and opens to find three Pokemon in their Pokeballs, each accompanied by a Pokedex and is placed inside a separate transparent box. The three little creatures, the grass type Chespin, fire type Fennekin, and water type Froakie, all look up at him with grins on their faces, and Trevor cheers that they are finally here.

The truth is, Trevor has specially requested them from Prof. Sycamore because it is an honored task to raise a starter coming from a professor. He hopes that they will manage to get X out from his seclusion, and help him return to his previous self. Unfortunately, where there is hope, there is also despair.

Holding the parcel in hand, Trevor is finally aware of the sudden changes around him, and as he looks up, two enormous creatures on the small hill behind his house come into sight. On his left is a gigantic blue deer with multi-coloured jeweled antlers, and on his right is a massive red and black bird which has huge paw-like wings and a long tail shaped identically. The two beings stare down at one another, and their presence send ripples of energy across the area as they get ready to clash.

Back at X's residence, the others have finally noted the abnormal vibe in the air, and quickly look over to the direction of Trevor's house. Just as they catch site of the creatures, the two throw themselves against one another, and cause a huge explosion that immediately levels the small hill and knocks down all the surrounding trees.

Panic instantly breaks out across town, and screams of horror fill the streets as the Vaniville residents begin to flee. Tierno and Shauna holler that they have to run, but Y hovers back to X's window, and cries that something serious is happening. She yells that houses are being crushed and everyone is evacuating, and urges him to stop keeping himself locked up at such a time.

The giant deer and bird continue to destroy buildings as they clash, and the Vaniville residents watch hopelessly as their homes get completely demolished. Trevor feels a sense of anger rising in him, since X is still refusing to come out under such situations. Yet, at the same time, he finds himself unable to move due to sudden turns of events in front of his eyes. When he would think back on this day much later, it is clear that this is the moment which started the series of events and set everything into motion.

In the darkness of X's room, the boy remains expressionless as he sits in a curled up position. The circular stone on the mysterious bracelet on his left hand faintly glows, and silently awaits its time to come into action…

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001: VS Kangaskhan!