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At Prof. Sycamore's Science Lab, the young professor turns to his friend, Lysandre, and wants to know what he makes of the Holo Caster recording which Trevor sent. With Lysandre's keen eyes, he hopes he could pick up something noteworthy and perhaps shed some light on the mystery behind the Vaniville incident.

Lysandre asks Sycamore to play the recording once more, and watches intently as Xerneas and Yveltal clash catastrophically on screen. Sycamore remarks that the two entities apparently appeared at the same time and also seemed to be equal in strength, and Lysandre recalls how myths depicted the two as polar opposites that complement each other's existence. Yet, while he used to believe that this simply referred to their equivalent powers, the recording suggests that there is a much deeper meaning.

Lysandre tells Sycamore to pay attention to the plantation beneath Yveltal's tail, and Sycamore only then sees that whenever the mighty red bird brushed its tail against the shrubs, they wilted and died immediately, and when Xerneas planted its legs over them, they instantly sprouted to life again. The young professor gasps at the astonishing phenomenon, and Lysandre believes that Yveltal has the power to 'take' life while Xerneas has the ability to 'give' life. The revelation hits Sycamore like a radical, and he realizes that the two's Pokemon's conflicting nature was probably what caused them to clash.

Sycamore feels grateful for Lysandre's presence, and says he certainly would not have made the observation on his own. Lysandre requests to have a copy of the clip if possible, and Sycamore gladly tells his assistants, Sina and Dexio, to replicate one for him. Sycamore then apologizes for having something else scheduled, and Lysandre decides not to occupy more of his precious time. The fiery man expresses his belief that the world must become a better place, and thinks the people and Pokemon chosen for the task should work tirelessly to achieve this goal. In fact, he himself will keep striving to make the world more beautiful, and he is not going to rest until this dream is fulfilled. Lysandre shakes hands with Sycamore before he departs, and promises to visit again sometime.

Meanwhile, the five young trainers from Vaniville have arrived in Santalune City after a long and restless night. Shauna crouches down next to the corner of a building, and grunts that she will never camp out again. For the entire night, wild Pokemon kept crawling and stepping all over her, and it was basically impossible to fall asleep. Trevor checks on his map book, and discovers that the woodland they just passed through is actually the Santalune Forest. Although their group's original intention was to escape from the red-suited people when they fled into the forest, it turns out that they have stumbled across the right path, since Lumiose City is just further north of Santalune.

Shauna doesn't share Trevor's amusement however, and wonders what Y and Tierno are up to. Trevor explains that they have gone shopping for necessities, and at that moment, Tierno returns with two big bags of stuff in his arms. He gleefully lays them out in the tent, and when Shauna sees that they are just snacks, drinks and magazines, she cries that they are no different from what Tierno used to buy when they were in Vaniville. The fact is, due to the large sum of price money X won at the Junior Tournament, cash is never a concern for the group, which has significantly lessened their burden on the journey.

Soon, Y makes her return as well, and everyone is shocked to see her carrying boxes of clothes, which she reveals to have purchased at a boutique sale. Trevor doesn't understand why she needs to get so many garments, and Y explains that they are for disguise purposes. She reminds everyone of the old lady at the Dancing Ponyta Inn who turned out to be one of the red-suited people, and says the incident has made her hesitant to enter stores now, since part of her always fears that the enemy might be lurking. She is certain that Tierno, Trevor and Shauna feel the same way, and three nod in response.

Y sighs that it is useless to cry over spilt milk, but in retrospect, thinks they made a big mistake writing down their names on the Inn's registration book. To begin with, the enemy must already possess some kind of device that can track down X, which explained how they located him in Vaniville. Second, the enemy saw the faces of her and X up close during the battle, and she has also revealed her identity as Grace the Rhyhorn Racer's daughter to the old lady at the Inn. All of these together with their full names written on the registration book basically gave all their essential information to the red-suited people.

Trevor and Shauna now understand why Y sees the need to disguise themselves, and Y thinks it is the least that they can do. She states that they should only count on themselves for the rest of the journey, and reaches into her bag for something which she drafted for their group, titled 'The Five People's Pact': 1, do not follow unknown adults; 2, do not enter unknown buildings; 3, do not blindly reveal their names; 4, do not use the phone or Holo Caster. Before Tierno and Trevor could read out the last point, Shauna cries that it is ridiculous and says they are not kindergarten kids anymore. However, Y believes that if any of them breaks these rules, they run the risk of jeopardizing the whole group.

Y starts handing out the new clothes to her friends, and even tries to undress Shauna, who screams in protest. She pulls on a hat for Trevor, but Tierno sweatdrops at the T-shirt she handed him, which is obviously several sizes too small. Y then pops her head into the tent, telling X to get changed as well since he is the one who draws most attention, and to her astonishment, X ushers her out of the tent, and promptly changes into his blue jumpsuit without a word. The fact that X complied without a fight completely astounds Y, and she wonders if something catastrophic is about to happen. She turns to ask Kanga and Li'l Kanga, and is startled when she finds Chespin inside Kanga's pouch instead. Li'l Kanga pops its head out next to Chespin, and Y realizes that the two are getting along. However, X seems less amused by the new friendship, and walks over from his tent to pick Chespin out.

X then beckons to Kanga, and wants Trevor to come along as well. Shauna wonders what is going on, and Tierno believes that X probably wants Trevor's knowledge for his experiment. Y realizes that X is attempting to work out the logics of Mega Evolution, and the group decides to follow.

A while later, on Route 22, X gets Kanga ready, and a wild Litleo soon appears. X places his fingers over the stone on his wristband to activate it, but just like at the Dancing Ponyta Inn, nothing happens. The Litleo soon closes in on Kanga, and the giant Kangaskhan has no choice but to throw a punch on its back, which instantly causes it to flee. Trevor jogs down his observations, and remarks that Kanga and Li'l Kanga clearly have no problem handling wild Pokemon of such level. However, it is something else that they intended to pull off, and the phenomenon they hoped to trigger failed to occur.

Trevor does a recap on what they know so far, and says according to the enemy, this strange phenomenon is known as Mega Evolution while the wristband that X possesses is called the Mega Ring. Back at Vaniville, the enemy attempted to snatch X's Mega Ring but at the Dancing Ponyta Inn, shifted their target to Li'l Kanga who has the ability to Mega Evolve. He believes that the red suited people must want Mega Evolution for their own, and are thus out trying to obtain the necessary elements. However, he wonders how much they know about Mega Evolution, and queries if they are aware that in order to Mega Evolve, the Pokemon must also hold a stone, something which he just discovered the night before.

Just then, Trevor sees X placing a plastic tape over the stone on his Mega Ring again, and wants to know why he is still doing it since the red-suited people have already revealed their ability to track it by the waves it emits. X doesn't dispute the fact, and even thinks what they just did was probably enough for the enemy to detect them. For that same reason, although Y may not like it, in his opinion it is absolutely pointless to disguise themselves. However, he still chooses to cover the Ring with plastic tapes, because it is his way to showing uncertainty.

X states that he wishes to find out more about the Mega Ring as well, how the phenomenon occurred, and how to actively trigger it. Yet, if he manages to voluntarily wield this thing called Mega Evolution, he will draw attention to Li'l Kanga again, which will not only attract pillory but also ill-intentioned adults like the red suited people. He finds himself unable to stand this feeling which is stirred up inside him every time he sees the stone on the Mega Ring, which is why he has chosen to seal it.

Shauna want to know why X doesn't simply toss away the Ring if it causes him so much distress, and X agrees that it would be best to dispose it if it potential brings peril to everyone. However, the boy sighs that it is easier said than done, and wears a bitter look on his face as he admits that he is unable to throw away the Ring. Trevor believes it is time that X tell them how he came to possess the Ring, and at that moment, a voice echoes his opinion, and everyone turns around to see Viola and her Vivillon.

Y gasps in recognition that she is the camerawoman trying to interview her at Vaniville, and Viola feels glad that they are all safe. She is surprised to see them in Santalune, and Trevor wonders what she is doing in this city. Viola grins that it is where she lives and reveals herself to be the Gymleader of Santalune, much to everyone's shock. Viola apologizes for overhearing their conversation, and acknowledges their desire to find out the truth behind the Vaniville incident's mystery. She offers to help as much as she could, and suggests they come to her Gym right away. Trevor wants to know why, and Viola reminds him that she is a camerawoman who has taken numerous photos during the Vaniville incident, which she believes can at least reveal something.

Viola's invitation makes the Vaniville kids hesitant, and neither says a word as they exchange looks with one another. The Santalune Gymleader voices her understanding that Y hates reporters, whom she calls fishy adults if she recalls correctly, and shall make no attempt to convince her otherwise. However, as someone whose work is closely linked to journalism, she believes that it is her duty to share the information with those in need.

Viola's sincerity manages to persuade Y, and Shauna quickly protests that this contradicts Y's proposition that they should never follow unknown adults. She gets even more upset when Y argues that Viola is not an unknown adult, and Trevor tries to calm her down, stating that they have indeed met Viola once in Vaniville before and it may be helpful to learn what she knows as a witness of the incident. Tierno believes that they should be fine as long as they stay alert, and sends out his Corphish to add to their security.

Shauna is appalled that even Trevor and Tierno agree to the plan, and turns to X, whom she is certain to object. However, X simply pats her on the shoulder and walks towards the others, and this pushes Shauna over the edge. She hollers that she will not trust any of her friends again, and turns around to run off. Tierno hurriedly calls out after her, but Y tells him not to fret as Shauna will come back sooner or later. She suggests focusing on finding out more about the Vaniville incident instead, and the group proceeds to follow Viola back to the Santalune Gym.

Later, Shauna feels dejected as she walks the busy streets of Santalune all on her own. Suddenly, she catches a glimpse of a Furfrou in the adjacent alley, and lets out a gasp as she hurries over. She happily throws her arms around the white fluffy dog as she reaches it, and is thankful to have finally found it. However, she soon sees the man standing next to it and realizes that it isn't her lost Furfrou. Shauna quickly apologizes for her mistake, but the man tells her not to worry as he believes that Furfrou lovers cannot be bad people.

Shauna spots a pocket of scissors and combs on the man's waistband, and the man, aware of her inquisitive look, explains that he is a Furfrou stylist working in Lumiose City. Shauna exclaims in bewilderment upon hearing that, and states that her dream is to become a Furfrou stylist as well someday. The man grins that their encounter must be fate, and decides to show her his trimming skills. Picking up a pair of scissors, the man adeptly works on his Furfrou, and in no time finishes up a Debutante trim. He then changes it to a Pharaoh trim, Matron trim and Dandy trim, and Shauna goes from amazed to frenzied.

The stylist knows that Shauna must want to give it a try, but says scissors are mainly for professionals or experts. He has a tool for beginners however, and takes out a sword which hilt has an eye-like jewel embedded in it. Shauna remarks that she has never seen it before despite having taken styling classes, but the man says he isn't surprised since Lumiose City has much more equipments than anywhere else. He tells Shauna not to think too much and simply follow her heart, and Shauna begins using the sword on Furfrou's fur. With every stroke, Shauna becomes more intrigued, and soon gets completely consumed in what she is doing.

Unfortunately, what she doesn't realize is that everything she is seeing is a mere illusion created by the ghost Pokemon Aegislash. There is no actual Furfrou at the scene, and what she is trimming is in reality the bark of a tree. The Furfrou stylist is nothing but the Team Flare Scientist Celosia in disguise, who is using Aegislash to mind control Shauna. As for the sword, it is in fact the Pokemon Honedge, who has wrapped its blue cloth around Shauna's forearm to start draining her of her energy…

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005: VS Litleo!