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"Put on a refreshing smile~ Then wink with your left eye! Close your eyes, and open your mouth! And then for the final touch, purse your lips for a kiss…"

Y makes a series of faces to her Eevee, and it doesn't seem amused and when she tries to kiss it at the end, it simply hops onto her face and bounces itself off. Y cries out in frustration, and tells it to wait up.

Nearby, her friends are having their lunch, and Shauna wonders why Y is making faces to her Pokemon. Trevor mentions that Y just captured the Eevee the day before, and Tierno believes that Y is trying to befriend it quickly.

Y calls out to X, which is sitting on the edge of his tent in his pajamas, and complains that Eevee doesn't imitate her expressions at all. She queries if this really works, and X, while retreating into his tent, states that it doesn't. Y is ticked off by the remark, and says it was what X told her. X points out that she didn't listen to him properly, and says she should be the one imitating Eevee and not the other way around. He explains that it works just like bonding with a human baby. If a baby smiles and one mimics the same expression, the baby will feel a link between their actions and innately develop the subconscious thing called connection. To word it professionally it is called 'synchrony', and to put it in layman terms it is 'face imitation'.

Y protests that X should come out and teach her in person, but X naturally refuses, and Shauna snickers that Y is asking for the impossible. Y thinks she must find a way to slow down Eevee first because it is difficult enough to chase around it and get it to stay put. She gestures towards Froakie requesting its help, and wants it to use its frubbles to trap Eevee. The water frog creates a cloud of frubbles and hurls it towards Eevee, but Eevee easily evades and hops in front of Froakie. It then puts on puppy eyes, and instantly causes Froakie to blush. Y asks Froakie to stop it with an attack, but as Froakie delivers a punch, it barely scratches the fur on Eevee's collar. Trevor and Tierno giggle that Froakie fell to a beauty trap, and Shauna grunts that men are really not dependable sometimes.

Eevee then trots back towards Y and without warning retreats into its Pokeball to sleep. Y feels troubled that Eevee is so hard to handle, but refuses to give up and is determined to befriend it. She proposes feeding it Poke Puffs when it awakes, but then decides that it might be a good idea to pet it all over beforehand, since it seemed to like it the day before. She recalls how it likes to be pet around its collar fur, but hates it if she touched the top of its head. Shauna is surprised how persistent Y is about her Eevee, and Y corrects her that calling it Eevee is too impersonal, and reveals that she has already nicknamed it Veevee. Shauna doubts that nicknaming a Pokemon makes it friendlier, and Tierno giggles under his breath as he finds the name hilarious. Trevor thinks it's logical since Eevee is female, and feels glad personally that Y has added new members to her team, especially when the red suited people are so harshly chasing after them.

Speaking of the red-suited people, two Team Flare Grunts, a chubby female and a skinny male, are spying on the group from a nearby cliff, who are also there to ambush the Mega Ring. They recall their comrades' recent failure, and believe they have better strategies than them to get close to the possessor and take the Ring.

A while later, Y takes out a basket of Poke Puffs, and not only Veevee but her friends are all amazed by their beautiful and tasty appearance. Veevee happily takes a bite, and Tierno hopes it doesn't mind sharing them with it. Y states that some deluxe Poke Puffs are even prettier than these, and is glad that this seems to be an effective way to befriend Veevee. She hugs it endearingly as she tickets its collar fur, and Veevee clearly enjoys the intimacy this time. Trevor could see that Veevee is already warming up to Y, and Shauna hopes that it isn't limited to feeding time.

As she said that, Veevee hops off Y's arms and starts to trot away again. Y calls out after it as everyone follows, and apparently Veevee is drawn to a facility nearby known as the 'Fun Mini Game Corner'.

The Vaniville group marvel at the busy place which is crowded with trainers, which is separated into three zones. On the left is a row of rooms called Tile Puzzle, where trainers are rearranging puzzle tiles on the walls outside to correct the view of their Pokemon inside the rooms. On the right is a stage called Head It, where Pokemon are trying to head falling yarn balls. In the center is a giant tree full of Berries called Berry Picker, where trainers are feeding their Pokemon.

Shauna wonders where they are, and Trevor explains that it is a place for trainers to engage in various mini games with their Pokemon. Tierno thinks this will be a great chance for bonding, and urges Y to participate with Veevee. However, Shauna thinks it is a bit cruel to force Veevee into playing simply to nurture bonding, and believes it should enjoy what it does to give it good motivation. Y agrees with Shauna, and heads over to the counter in high spirits to sign up.

A jolly reception man with curly hair, glasses and tie welcomes her cheerfully, and figures that she is probably a newcomer. He suggests trying out something easier for starters, and escorts her to the Head It section, where players simply have to give timely commands to their Pokemon to head the falling yarn balls. He points out that it is important for the trainer and Pokemon to be in sync with their rhythm and breathing, and Y is confident that she can excel in such a simple game. The man instructs her to send out three Pokemon in order to start the game, which has a 60 second time limit, and explains that while she only needs to focus on commanding one Pokemon at the beginning, the yarn balls will gradually fall on all three Pokemon, requiring all of them to jump and head.

Y gets Veevee and Fletchy ready, and also asks for Froakie's help as her third Pokemon. The reception man commences the game, and Y tells Veevee to jump on her count of three. A yarn ball falls, and Veevee takes a leap as Y counts to three. Unfortunately, it misses its target on the first try. Another yarn ball falls, and Y once again counts to three as Veevee jumps. This time, it manages to head it, and Y cheers excitedly. Yet, Veevee misses the following yarn ball again, and Y stays determined to beat the game.

60 seconds later, Y's results are out. Unfortunately, she ends up having 3 points only, putting her in the Header Amateur category. Shauna snickers that this is hardly excelling, and Y grunts in fury. She marches up to the reception man, startling him, and hollers that she will try out the Tile Puzzle next, which she surely will excel. Tierno and Trevor sweatdrop at Y's usual roughness, and wish their childhood friend could stop frightening people like that.

Trevor turns to X's tent and asks if he would like to come out and cheer for Y, or at least give some advice, but X declines. He wants Trevor's opinion instead, and slips a notebook out from underneath the tent. Trevor takes a look at the page X is referring to, and reads about a status move called Baby-doll Eyes, where the user stares at the opponent with baby-doll eyes to lower its attack and always goes first. Trevor is surprised that such a kind of move exists and wonders why X is showing him that. X tells Trevor to remember how Y's Veevee stared at Froakie earlier, and Trevor bolts in realization that it was using Baby-doll eyes. X points to a line of interest on the page, and Trevor reads that the move is categorized as Fairy typing. X explains it is the new 18th Pokemon type added to the existing 17 ones, and Trevor finds it amazing that Veevee, whom Y caught by chance, knows a move that belongs to the new Pokemon type. He decides to let Y know about it, but Y is apparently busy with her next attempt at the mini games, and has changed into her flying suit.

Trevor wonders what she plans, and Y explains that she shall take part in the Berry Picker, which has trainers feed their Pokemon the Berries they desire by fetching it from the giant tree. While most trainers do it by climbing, she has the advantage of gliding in the air, which will no doubt make her excel.

The reception man commences the game, and Y tells Veevee to make its pick. The little Eevee stares at the three Berry choices in front of it, and hits the button of the Magost Berry. Y promptly flies up to the tree to pick one, and swoops back down to feed it to Veevee. Veevee then chooses the Bluk Berry, and Y once again does a round trip to the tree to bring back the Berry. Trevor, Tierno and Shauna are amazed by Y's speed, and notice that Y is soon able to guess what Berry Veevee wants before it actually hits the button, showing their raised synchrony with each other.

X steals a glance at Y from his tent, and wears a look of content. However, he suddenly senses something abnormal on the tree , and at that moment, something lashes out from the tree leaves at Y, who is picking another Berry. The being reveals itself to be a Sliggoo, and uses one of its horns to hoist her upside-down by her helmet. The two Team Flare Grunts that command it emerge from their hiding place, and greet Y arrogantly by her full name Y na Gabena.

Shauna, Tierno and Trevor exclaim that it is the red suited people again, but the Grunts warn them not to move, and demand X hand over his Mega Ring before the corrosive liquid oozing from Sliggoo's horn dissolves Y's helmet and seeps to her head. Veevee angrily leaps onto the tree to fight Sliggoo, but the snail-like dragon spits out a blast of its corrosive liquid and soaks Veevee all over before smashing it onto a tree branch. Y cries out in horror as Veevee is encased completely inside the sticky goo, but the Grunts break into laughter, wondering if Y or the Eevee will dissolve first.

Trevor runs to X for help again, but X grins excitedly and says Veevee's sacrificial act clearly shows that Y has successfully befriended it. Trevor cries that this no longer matters at such a time and urges him to help Y, but X blatantly refuses. Shauna fumes in disbelief, but before she could yell at X, the boy gestures them towards the sticky goo that Veevee is trapped in. The body of sticky liquid slips off the tree branch, but before it crashes to the ground, a ribbon-like feeler shoots out to halt its fall by wrapping around the branch. It then swings itself back onto the tree, shakes off the sticky goo, and reveals its new form, a pink long-eared creature with big blue eyes and four ribbon-like feelers.

Everyone exclaims that Veevee has evolved, and Trevor recalls that Eevee is a Pokemon that can evolve into many possible forms, including Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon and Glaceon. However, Veevee has evolved into neither of those, and X flips out his Pokedex to read that it has evolved into the fairy-type Sylveon.

Veevee whacks the Team Flare Grunts away with its feelers, and approaches Sliggoo. It remembers how Y made a kissing face as the final touch when she was trying to do face imitations earlier, and moves forward to finish off Sliggoo with a Draining Kiss. Sliggoo faints instantly from the super effective move, and let goes of Y, who breaks into tears of relief as she hugs Veevee and cries out its name.

Once again, the Vaniville group resumes their journey, having gained a new dependable team member this time. Although the identity of the enemy who ambushed them and the full picture of their evil scheme remain unknown, Trevor believes that it will be helpful to number up their companions as they work towards uncovering the truth…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

009: VS Sylveon!