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At the red café in the northern part of Lumiose City, the man with fiery red hair and beard introduces himself as Lysandre, and reveals that he is the developer of the Holo Caster whom Prof. Sycamore contacted to repair their device. Trevor clumsily takes off his Holo Caster to hand it over, but his mind is still caught up in the striking resemblance between the man and the silhouette in the photo that stood out from the rest.

Y claps Trevor on the back and thinks he is so privileged to have the developer repair his device, and just then notices that one of her favourite movies has come on the TV screen. She quickly goes over to the bar table to watch with Froakie, and Trevor feels slightly troubled that Y doesn't seem to have sensed anything at all. He holds the photo with trembling hands, and wonders if he should confirm his suspicion simply by asking if Lysandre was at Vaniville that day. However, he is so nervous that no words come out of his mouth, and both Shauna and Tierno ask if he is alright, noting that he is sweating all over. Trevor tells them with a soft voice that he finds Lysandre a bit intimidating, and at that moment, Lysandre, who has turned his back to repair the Holo Caster on another table, acknowledges the many photos they possess and asks if he could see them.

His words strike intense fear into Trevor's heart, and the boy is certain that Lysandre already knows why he is nervous. He decides that he cannot stay there anymore, and secretly urges Shauna and Tierno to leave with him. The two think he is overreacting, but Trevor insists and starts getting them off their seats. He tries to call out to Y while ushering Shauna and Tierno along, but in that instant, Lysandre's Gyarados, Pyroar and Mienfoo pop out from their Pokeballs to surround the three kids menacingly. Lysandre states that it is time for his Pokemon to feed and exercise, and this time, not only Trevor but also Shauna and Tierno feel intimidated.

Back at the Science Lab, Charmander whacks its tail at Chespin and knocks the spiny nut Pokemon down. Sycamore marvels at Charmander's skills since it is usually the clumsy one, and both Bulbasaur and Squirtle applaud for their companion. Chespin struggles to get up, and Sycamore states that the tough shell it takes pride of doesn't seem too useful against fire. He follows up with another Ember from Charmander, and the super effective attack once again sweeps Chespin off its feet. Due to the type advantage Sycamore has, it is not surprising that he has the upperhand. However, it is clearly not the only reason.

The young professor believes X must feel indifferent to the outcome of the battle, since its initiation, rules and pace are all set by him. Even if X loses, he has every right to denounce the match since it wasn't what he wanted all along. X lets out a sigh, but remains silent at Sycamore's words. He knew the situation would end up like this, and is completely aware that the young professor is trying motivate him by taunting, a common method which he detests. He could sense that Sycamore is not the enemy, but is nevertheless sick of people like him.

Just then, Chespin hardens the quills on its head and struggles to stand back up once more, and X realizes in surprise that it is responding to Sycamore's taunt. He quickly turns his head away, and wills the Pokemon to stop, since he is the one being taunted and there is no reason for Chespin to work so hard. He fears that if Chespin keeps fighting on this way, he may just lose control.

Charmander fires another Ember from its mouth, and Chespin narrowly jumps out of the way. X is astonished that the spiny nut managed to dodge the attack, and before he realizes it, he grabs the chance to command a Rollout, and Chespin curls itself into a ball to ram into Charmander from behind. Charmander manages to stand despite being hit hard, but Chespin tumbles to the ground as it uncurls itself and faints.

X face-palms and feels frustrated by his instinctive act, and Sycamore grins that for a battler like X, once he gets caught up in the flow, he will unconsciously strive to win. X relents Sycamore is correct, but understands that battles are not determined by will alone, which is why he predicted Chespin's last move to score a double knock-out at best owing to the injuries it sustained earlier. Nevertheless, Chespin lost and X gracefully accepts it.

Sycamore thanks X for his effort, and before he could continue, X imitates his airy tone and says the defeat doesn't really bother him because it wasn't what he wanted all along. The boy's exact replication of Sycamore's earlier words makes the man cringe, and he couldn't help it but have black lines run down his face. X then thanks Chespin for its hard work, and addresses it as Marisso, which bewilders Sycamore. X says it is the nickname he has thought up for it since he was asked to add it to his team, and bends down to pick up the Pokemon into his arms. Sycamore is astounded by X's actions since he clearly refused to accept it before, but X wears a nonchalant look and says some people do not speak their minds honestly. Sycamore sweatdrops at the remark, and thinks X is even more eccentric then Trevor described. He feels glad nonetheless, since it is what he wishes all along.

However, X has more surprises for him, and requests to have Charmander as well. Sycamore exclaims with disbelief, but before X could fully explain why he wants the fire lizard, he senses something and turns his gaze towards the window. Sycamore asks if something is wrong, and X hopes that he is just thinking too much but he feels as if Trevor and his other childhood friends are in trouble.

Meanwhile, at the red café, Trevor stutters and wants to know what Lysandre is going to do to them. Lysandre finds his question weird, and says he simply requested to see their photos. Y asks what is going on, but at that moment, a young lady in white steps in between them, and tells Lysandre that it is enough.

Y wonders who the young lady is, and sees that she commands a Gardevoir. However, she is then yanked away by Trevor, who has ushered all of his friends into the restroom. Y demands to know what is wrong with Trevor, and Shauna protests that it is the men's room. Trevor tries his best to pacify them, and after a bit of hassle, the four decide to spy on the happenings outside.

Keeping his poise, Lysandre says he has no idea that the young lady is visiting, and the young lady replies that she simply came to relax and enjoy a cup of tea. However, the kids caught her attention, or more precisely, the look that Lysandre gave the kids caught her attention. Lysandre chuckles that he thought the young lady would say something else, and his Pyroar and Mienfoo slowly tighten their circle around the young lady and her Gardevoir. Sensing the intimidation, the young lady wastes no time in activating the seven coloured stone embedded in her pendant, which instantly transforms her Gardevoir into a Mega Gardevoir. Trevor gasps with shock at the scene, and realizes that the young lady possesses a Key Stone as well.

Lysandre urges the young lady to calm down, and wants to know what he did. The young lady states that he didn't do anything, but knows he might do something if she didn't intervene. She points out that the way he surrounded the kids with his Pokemon looked frightening even to an adult like her, and considers the act not beautiful at all. Lysandre muses over her choice of words, and believes that such a claim would only sound convincing coming from someone with the kind of beauty she possesses, since she is a chosen one after all. However, he believes that everyone has their own standard of beauty, and for him, he still thinks she looked most beautiful in her debut movie when she was still a teenage girl at the beginning of her career. At the restroom doorway, Y overhears the term 'debut movie', and wonders if the lady is an actress.

The young lady wears a knowing smile, and recalls how Lysandre used to ask her if she would like to keep playing young roles forever. Lysandre also remembers how she always laughed at his question, and claimed that youth does not equal beauty. He has told her he wish that the world could be made unchanging and eternal, so all beauty will last forever, but unfortunately, the young lady didn't share his sentiment.

At that moment, Lysandre's receives a call from his subordinate, and excuses himself to answer. The caller is apparently the Scientist Xerosic, who apologizes for his interruption, but hopes to report an urgent discovery. In the woods, he has managed to find the 'tree', which he is certain to be the dormant state of Xerneas as mentioned in the legends. He wishes to transfer it to their base while it remains asleep, and requests permission and further directions from Lysandre, whom he addresses as Boss.

Lysandre hangs up the call, and apologizes to the young lady that he must go. He tells the hiding kids that their Holo Caster has been fixed, which he will leave on the table, and when he turns to steal a glance at them, Trevor nervously slams the restroom door shut. Y is confused by Trevor's behavior, and cries that he should say thanks. Shauna feels indifferent, but Tierno agrees that they should at least say something since the man did repair their device. Trevor sheepishly opens the door by a slit to mutter a word of thanks, and Lysandre tells him not to worry about it. He states that he cannot stand the thought of the world becoming uglier, and believes it is the job of the chosen ones to prevent it. He wonders if the kids would become the privileged selected few since they did receive special attention from Prof. Sycamore, and says the same applies to the young lady, whom he addresses as Diantha. He then bids everyone farewell, and proceeds to step out from the café.

The name 'Diantha' hits Y like a radical, and she bolts right out from the restroom with a look of disbelief. She hurriedly runs over to the young lady, marveling in fangasm, and exclaims in bewilderment that she is Diantha, the world renowned and highly treasured miracle actress of Kalos. Diantha strikes a pose for Y as she smiles at her frantic behavior, and also shakes her hand as the girl jumps up and down. Y squeals that the TV was just playing her teenage debut movie which Lysandre talked about, but she thinks Diantha looks similarly stunning right now.

Diantha thanks Y, but the girl's exhilaration has apparently drawn great attention. People on the streets outside are soon aware of the presence of the famous actress, and fanatic crowds begin swarming into the café in frenzy. Shauna cries that Y has been too loud, and Diantha grins that it seems they will have to use the backdoor.

Later, in the back alleys outside, Diantha waves goodbye to the kids, and departs with her Gardevoir. Y still feels stunned by the sudden uproar, and Shauna wonders sarcastically whose fault it was. Y remarks that perhaps the man with the Pyroar-styled hair isn't so evil after all, and claps Trevor on the back again. However, the orange haired boy collapses as soon as she makes contact, which alarms everyone. Shauna hurriedly kneels down to check on him, and discovers with shock that he has come down with a high fever. Tierno quickly carries him on his back, and Y states that they should go back to find X.

When Trevor would think back on this day many years later, he would still clearly remember this first time feeling of meeting someone with so much intimidation that he felt as if he was going to be crushed and swallowed. Perhaps, this shock coupled with his continuous effort in trying to make sense of Mega Evolution as well as the many uncertainties since the beginning of their journey finally became too much for him to take.

Meanwhile, high up in the skies, Lysandre soars on his Gyarados and notes that the serpentine Pokemon seems stimulated and pumped up. He doesn't find it surprising since Gyarados witnessed Mega Evolution with its own eyes a moment ago. He tells it not to despair however, since it is also a chosen one and its time will come. The man then opens up the palm of his right hand, and gazes upon the Mega Stone that he holds.

Back on the streets of Lumiose, X is about to leave the Science Lab and embarked on the Gogoat Shuttle ride along with Prof. Sycamore. He spots his friends in the distance and waves to get their attention. Y beams upon seeing X, and is surprised to see not only Chespin but also Charmander riding together with the boy…

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011: VS Mega Gardevoir!