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At a café on Estival Avenue, Alexa works over a drink in the company of her Helioptile, and nearly completes her report which aims to investigate the truth about the Vaniville incident. She piles up her documents, and thinks it will be ready for submission after she includes the comments from Professor Sycamore. Just then, the TV news comes on, which happens to cover the latest details on the incident as well. However, to Alexa's surprise, the reporter Malva simply calls it an explosion of unknown cause, and doesn't touch on anything about Xerneas or Yveltal.

Alexa thinks her report will make it to the cover story of their next issue since it contains information not even the TV station has, but wonders if it will be good enough for their new Editor-in-chief, whose personality seems hard to grasp. She steals a glance at the Lumiose Press building, which is just across the street, and after a moment of thought, assures herself that her proposal will excel with her videos together with the photos Viola took. She decides to contact her sister to thank her about it, and makes a call on her Holo Caster.

Viola soon answers, still wearing a bandage on her head, and Alexa is shocked that she has been injured. Viola wonders if Alexa remembers the Sky Trainer and her friends they tried to interview at Vaniville, and explains what happened at her Gym earlier. While Alexa and Viola are catching up, Helioptile slinks off from its chair feeling hungry and tired, and slowly walks out from the café. Viola convinces Alexa that she is alright, but expresses her concern for the kids who have probably made it to Lumiose City by now. She urges her sister to help them, and reveals that their attackers go by the name 'Team Flare'.

After Viola hangs up, Alexa ponders on the issue, and rationalizes that the mysterious organization must also be lurking at Vaniville the same time Xerneas and Yveltal appeared. She takes another look at the photos of the two gigantic Pokemon, and wonders if there is a link between them all. Whatever it is, Alexa can feel that this is going to be one incredible story, and thinks it will the biggest challenge she has had in a long time as a journalist. Just then, she notices that Helioptile is missing, and soon finds it bathing itself in sunlight outside the café, which it does to generate energy in place of food. She feels bad that she completely forgot about its feeding, and apologizes to Helioptile for being such a lousy trainer. Alexa then sets out with Helioptile to the Prism Tower, where they have scheduled a meeting with Prof. Sycamore.

Meanwhile, the Vaniville group is still on the streets of Lumiose, and X rides on a Gogoat in front while Trevor has been placed inside the tent. Y wonders sarcastically if the world is changing, and Shauna chimes in to recall how X said it will not do a Pokemon any good to join his team. Y finds it ironic since Chespin isn't the only one X accepted into his party, and X corrects her that it is now called Marisso. Shauna giggles that it already has a nickname, and Tierno wonders if his other recruit, Charmander, also has one. X reveals it to be Salame, and the fire lizard puts on a grin while grasping onto its tail like it always does.

Y figures that X must have found Prof. Sycamore trustworthy after the battle, but to her surprise, X says it isn't true. Y demands to know why he added Chespin and Charmander to his team in that case, and X sighs that it is a completely different issue. Tierno then reveals that he personally doesn't trust the professor as well, and Shauna expresses the same thought. She finds it unsettling that the man is acquainted with someone as scary as Lysandre, and Tierno recalls how Sycamore laughs off their concern earlier when they told him how eccentric Lysandre was.

In their conversation in front of the Science Lab, Sycamore explained to them that Lysandre was a dignified man, and said he donated all his earnings from the Holo Caster, an extremely popular product of his company Lysandre Labs, to charity work. He added that Lysandre also gave tremendous support to the research work of scholars like himself, and in return, he often shared with Lysandre the results of their research. Sycamore mentioned that Lysandre wanted to build a beautiful world for the people and Pokemon of Kalos to live in, and postulated that his noble intentions rooted from his blood, since he was the descendent of the Kalos royal family 3000 years ago. Sycamore believed that the young ones were terrified by him simply because he was so majestic and powerful, and brushed off their concern as he left for an interview at the Prism Tower. Leaving the lab to Sina and Dexio, he welcomed the kids to tour around the city while he was busy, and promised to get back to them as soon as possible.

Y understands what Tierno and Shauna are saying as she recalls their conversation, but thinks Sycamore is simply oblivious with his busy work and not truly evil. She checks on Trevor, and is glad to find that his fever is coming down. She remarks that they haven't really had a chance to discuss with the professor the recordings Trevor sent him and the issue of the red-suited people, and wonders if they should wait for him in front of the Prism Tower. Tierno agrees, and Shauna adds that they should go quickly before the man finds something else to get himself busied with.

Later, at the Prism Tower, Alexa enters the lobby with Helioptile, and is amazed to see so many electric Pokemon supporting to the tower's insufficient power with their electricity. For weeks, there has been a blackout in Lumiose for some reason, and the northern half of the city is basically paralyzed because of it. Alexa hopes that the problem will get sorted out soon, and steps into the elevator. She soon arrives on the floor where she is supposed to meet Sycamore, and sees that the professor has already come. She walks up to introduce herself, but to her surprise, her Editor-in-chief, a middle aged man with glasses, is already conducting the interview.

Alexa is confused as to how the Editor-in-chief knows of her meeting with Sycamore, and the man explains that as a supervisor, he has the responsibility to know how and what information his staff gets from their sources, especially when it deals with stuff that not even the TV station managed to get their hands on, and a possible tie to legendary Pokemon 3000 years ago. His answer makes Alexa more astonished, and the man reveals that the professor has actually received footage on the incident from a boy, which he has kindly shared and commented on just now.

The Editor-in-chief requests to see all the files Alexa prepared, including the photos and videos, and Alexa has no choice but to comply. The man skims through the report, and compliments Alexa for her good work. He then thanks Sycamore for his precious time, and tells him that the interview is over. Alexa protests that she hasn't really asked anything, but the Editor-in-chief assures her that he has collected all the information needed and they shouldn't hold up the professor longer than necessary. Sycamore proceeds to excuse himself, leaving via the elevator, and Alexa to demands to know why the Editor-in-chief is intervening. The man giggles at her question, and says his intention is to destroy her work. He then sets fire to the files Alexa handed him, and the reporter gasps in horror as she watches her work burn to ashes.

Downstairs, Y wonders when Sycamore will come down, and X suddenly senses something up in the tower. He beckons to Marisso and Salame, and Y wants to know what is going on. X states that he needs to check out something for himself, and his friends decide to go with him. Tierno carries Trevor onto his back, and the group swiftly enters one of the elevators. Just as the door closes, Sycamore steps out from another elevator, and decides to go find the kids.

Upstairs, Alexa fumes with rage and cannot understand why the Editor-in-chief is destroying her report. The man replies that he couldn't let it get out, because a report on rampaging legendary Pokemon and mysterious organizations will unsettle the people of Kalos. Alexa is surprised that the Editor-in-chief knows of the lurking mysterious organization, but the man doesn't understand her query since it was all written in her report. However, the truth is, Alexa's files actually contain nothing about the organization since she only learnt about it from her sister after its completion. Alexa finds her Editor-in-chief really suspicious, and the man, after letting out a sigh, wonders if Alexa knows what being hammered means.

With that, he sends out a Pangoro without warning, who towers over Alexa and slams down with its fist. Alexa screams as she narrowly escapes, and tumbles backwards with Helioptile. The Editor-in-chief remarks that journalists who insist on reporting the truth are sometimes doing more harm than benefit to the general public's interest, which is why people like her must be destroyed like her report.

Pangoro grabs Alexa by her leg, and swings her forward brutally. Just as Alexa is about to land face down on the cement floor, X's Kanga rams into Pangoro and loosens its grip on her. It turns out that X and his friends have arrived just in time before Alexa crashes to her death, and X quickly orders Marisso and Salame forward. Marisso hardens the quills on its head before jamming them into Pangoro, but it fails to penetrate the giant panda's thick skin and ends up hurting itself instead. Kanga begins to wrestle Pangoro, and the Editor-in-chief sends out two Spewpas to handle Marisso and Salame.

Y and the others check on Alexa, recognizing her as Viola's elder sister, and Alexa quickly remembers them as the kids from Vaniville. At that moment, Pangoro knocks Kanga off to free itself, and resumes its assault on Alexa. Y pushes Alexa off to narrowly dodge a punch, but Pangoro subsequently turns its attention to the others, and Shauna squeals as she ducks while Tierno uses his dance moves to evade while protecting Trevor. Pangoro hurls the sofas towards X, and after barely escaping, and the boy urges the others to go downstairs and leave the scene to him.

Y hurriedly directs everyone to the elevator, but Alexa realizes in that instant that Helioptile is missing. To her horror, it is being held captive by the Editor-in-chief, and the man taunts her to flee and leave her important Pokemon behind. Alexa doesn't know what to do, but Y assures her that it is alright because X will find a way to help Helioptile. Though hesitant, Alexa is convinced, and the group quickly steps into the elevator. As they are descending, Tierno notices something unusual, and points out that X appears to be having trouble fighting the battle. Indeed, Pangoro manages to dodge or evade every attack of Kanga's, and looks almost as if it can actually read its opponents' moves beforehand.

As the elevator reaches the ground floor, the group exits and Alexa falls to her knees in despair. She recalls how Viola asked her to help the kids over the phone just an hour ago, and finds it ironic that she is the one getting help from them instead. Knowing that the Editor-in-chief is an enemy, she now understands how he knew about the two legendary Pokemon. It is also clear that the TV station probably possesses the information but isn't reporting it. Alexa calls herself a fool for feeling heads over heels about possessing exclusive news and photos, because the Vaniville incident was obviously the result of some people's actions, and it is only natural that these people know everything.

The kids try to digest what they have heard, and wonder what Alexa meant when she said the TV station possesses but isn't reporting the information. Alexa says this is now happening not only to the TV station but also to the Press, and expresses her strong belief that someone with great power must be trying to hide the truth from sight…

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012: VS Pangoro!