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The time was a few years back…

On Route 18, Korrina successfully ascends to the top of a cliff, and reaches down to help her Riolu up as well. She wonders how Riolu is doing, and the emanation Pokemon responds with a big grin in high spirits. Korrina is amazed at how far they have come, and at that moment spots a giant pink crystal atop a distant mountain. She quickly gestures Riolu to it, and states that it is giant Sundial in Anistar City which is said to have landed from space. She marvels at its brilliance, and is amazed that it can be seen from so far.

Korrina checks on her watch to see that it is already past 8pm, and tells Riolu that the time is getting late. However, she is determined to find the Riolu's Mega Stone before the day ends, and in that instant, Riolu senses something on the opposite cliff which is separated from theirs by a river. Knowing that Riolu's feelings are very accurate, Korrina decides to follow its lead, but soon discovers that the bridge that connects the two cliffs is unfortunately broken. She looks around, spots an empty trolley sitting on the railway, and suddenly gets an idea.

Standing at the end of the trolley, Korrina starts pushing it off the slope and tells Riolu to cling tight onto her. She adds to the momentum by using her Roller Skates, and when the railway reaches a turning point closest to the cliff edge, she propels herself forward and commands Riolu to keep them airborne with its Bone Rush. Riolu spins a bone rapidly to mimic the actions of a helicopter blade, and eventually manages to reach the other side. Korrina rejoices for their success as she lands, and soon enough finds the shining piece of stone that they are looking for.

Later, back at the Tower of Mastery, Gurkinn is accompanied by three male pupils who command a Medicham, Scizor and Alakazam. They welcome Korrina back, and Gurkinn wonders if she has completed the two tasks bestowed upon her. Korrina responds by proudly showing him the Mega Stone, and also gestures to her evolved partner, now a Lucario. The girl merrily roller-skates around, and tells her grandfather that she has successfully achieved the final quests he gave her, which included evolving Riolu and obtaining the stone that it Mega Evolves with. Gurkinn compliments her great work, but says he would still only give her 99 out of 100 points. Korrina is appalled and wonders what she did wrong, and Gurkinn handchops her on the head, stating that she should have called him teacher instead of grandfather. He thinks Korrina did everything else perfectly otherwise, and announces that he will conduct her successor ceremony as promised. Korrina rejoices with Lucario, and Gurkinn secretly hides his aching hand behind his back, always forgetting that his granddaughter wears a helmet.

Everyone proceeds to go up to the balcony next, and they can see fireworks in the distance. Gurkinn stands with his Heracross, and states that as a successor, there are three teachings of their clan that Korrina must remember: hast thou not gone against sincerity; hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds; and hast thou not lacked vigor. Korrina clearly doesn't understand what they mean, and Gurkinn explains that to put it in simple words: she should not contradict her heart; she should act as she speaks; and she should always keep a vital spirit.

Gurkinn hopes that Korrina and her Lucario will live by these teachings from now on, and the girl promises to uphold them. Gurkinn then passes on the Key Stone to Korrina which has been set in a glove like his, and Korrina proceeds to pull it on while the three other pupils applaud. Korrina then wears a pensive look as she fiddles with her glove, and Gurkinn wonders why she isn't giving it a try. The Shalour Gymleader sheepishly grins that she is a bit nervous, and Gurkinn decides to show her how it is done. With that, Gurkinn and his three pupils raise their arm to activate the Key Stone, channeling out strings of light which merge with those emanating from their Pokemon's Mega Stones. Heracross, Scizor, Medicham and Alakazam become enveloped in rainbow coloured glow, and soon emerge as Mega Heracross, Mega Scizor, Mega Medicham and Mega Alakazam.

Korrina feels ready to make her first attempt in Mega Evolution, and places two fingers onto the Key Stone. However, someone starts calling out her name repeatedly, and Korrina gets annoyed since the voice is distracting her. In that instant, the images in front of her slowly begin to fade…

Korrina bolts awake from her dream, and is bewildered to see a mysterious person crouching next to her at the base of a large tree where she is resting on. The person, apparently a young lady, wears a hoodie with camo cap and pants, and covers her face with a pair of wide frame sunglasses. Korrina quickly climbs back onto her feet, and demands to know if the person is a pursuer. Ever since the Tower of Mastery was ambushed, she and her grandfather have been wandering to hide themselves. She knew the enemy would send pursuers after them, but doesn't expect to be caught up by one so soon. She gets ready for a battle, but at that moment realizes that Gurkinn is not around.

The mysterious young lady says Korrina is correct to expect a pursuer, but claims that she isn't one. She gestures towards the waterfront, and Korrina is shocked to see that her grandfather is currently battling a horde of Skrelps in the dark with his Mega Heracross. She quickly rushes over to join forces with him, and gets Lucario to strike down a few of the poisonous seahorses. Gurkinn is glad to see Korrina awake, and wonders if she had any dreams despite not being able to sleep well. Korrina grins that she dreamt of her successor ceremony day at the Tower of Mastery, where they saw fireworks from the faraway Parfum Palace.

Korrina then asks how Gurkinn got caught up in such a situation, and the old man explains that the enemy attacked them while she was asleep. Korrina wastes no time in Mega evolving Lucario, who unleashes an Aura Sphere followed by a barrage of attacks to smack down the Skrelps. A voice comes on to compliment the marvelous skills of the famous Shalour Gymleader, praising her competence in handling so many opponents at one time, and Korrina turns around to see a bald man wearing a red and white suit together with a pair of glaring red sunglasses. The man introduces himself as Chalmers, a Team Flare Admin, and showcases the Dragalge he commands.

Suddenly, the horde of Skrelps swarms towards Gurkinn and Mega Heracross to push them off the edge, and drag them into the water. Korrina cries out in astonishment, and Chalmers states that Skrelps monopolize the battlefield once they are underwater since they can mimic rotten kelp to trap and poison their opponents. He is certain that Gurkinn and Heracross will either be poisoned or drowned to death, and the horrible scene instantly runs through Korrina's mind. She kneels at the water edge and frantically calls out to her grandfather, feeling helpless that she has no way to save him.

The mysterious young lady wearing camo cap and pants then approaches Korrina to pacify her, and tells her to leave the task of saving their teacher to her. Her choice of words astounds Korrina, and the young lady goes on to say that she has never for one moment forgotten her teacher's words: hast thou not gone against sincerity; hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds; and hast thou not lacked vigor. With that, she sends out a Gardevoir, who uses Psychic to create a giant whirlpool in the water. All the Skrelps instantly get caught up, and are sent spinning round and round in circles. The whirlpool also creates a water-free space in its center that extends all the way to the bottom, which allows Gurkinn and Mega Heracross to escape with Gardevoir's help. Chalmers gasps in disbelief as he watches his Skrelps faint one by one, and is bewildered by Gardevoir's psychic powers which basically spun up the whole marsh.

The young lady walks up to greet Gurkinn, who happily thanks her for the rescue. Korrina is surprised that her grandfather knows the mysterious lady, and Gurkinn explains that many have inherited the knowledge of Mega Evolution from him in the past few decades. When they had no choice but to abandon the Tower of Mastery, he recognized the severity of the situation they are facing and decided to contact these people. Out of them, the first to respond was this young lady, who is no other than Diantha, the famous actress who is also a successor of Mega Evolution.

Diantha takes off her cap and sunglasses to reveal her identity, and grins that her inherited gear is the Mega Pendant. She then activates her Key Stone, and in a flash of light Mega Evolves her Gardevoir. Chalmers orders Dragalge to attack with a Sludge Bomb, and Mega Gardevoir promptly counteracts with a Psyshock. Korrina offers to help, but Diantha assures her that Gardevoir will be able to handle it, since its ability also changed from Trace to Pixilate when it Mega Evolved. She wonders if Korrina knows what Pixilate does, and the Shalour Gymleader, after a moment of thought, recalls that it turns all normal type attacks into the fairy type. Diantha states that she is correct, and proceeds to order a Hyper Beam from Gardevoir, which hits Dragalge spot on and faints it. Chalmers sees that he is no match for his opponent, and decides to flee the scene.

As the sun rises from the horizon, the skies slowly begin to light up. Korrina cheers that they will be invincible with three Mega Pokemon, but Gurkinn tells her not to be so frisky, as they can't always have Diantha with them. However, Diantha reveals that she is actually staying since it is what she came for in the first place, and Korrina instantly beams with shock and delight. Korrina wonders how Diantha will continue her work if she stays with them, and the actress explains that she is actually taking a long break since her major duties have all been handled.

Gurkinn wonders if Diantha also thinks that something big is about to happen to Kalos, and Diantha nods in response. She remarks that the enemy is clearly after Mega Evolution, but queries why they are after it and what they plan to do with it. Gurkinn ponders on the matter, and feels a bit unnerved since the person who just attacked them admitted to be from Team Flare and yet the black suited trainer at the Tower of Mastery claimed to be unaffiliated with the organization. He wonders if there are other people who seek Mega Evolution, and has a hard time guessing who they might be.

Diantha wants to know if Gurkinn knows of the Vaniville incident, and the old man says he has heard about it from Korrina. However, he is shocked when Diantha reveals that the two legendary Pokemon who appeared have changed forms, one into a 'tree' and the other into a 'cocoon'. She states that the 'tree' has already fallen into the grasps of the enemy, and suggests they go seek out the 'cocoon'. The three then embark on their journey, and head towards the mountain side as the morning sun continues to rise.

Later that day, the Holo Caster reporter Malva hosts another animated news broadcast, and follows with the latest entertainment updates. She announces that Diantha, the number one actress of Kalos, has gone into hiatus yesterday after finished filming her latest blockbuster movie that is expected to hit the big screens in the coming spring. Malva remarks that this is the first time the actress she has taken such a long break since her debut in the show business, and hopes that she will not leave behind the entertainment reporters like her. In fact, she has decided to follow Diantha, and keep her audience updated on the actress's status…

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016: VS Skrelp!