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To the west of Lumiose City lies the Skate Park, a hilly path where Roller Skaters from all over Kalos gather show off their skills. Upon reaching Route 5, Y, Shauna, Trevor, Marisso and Salame have gathered behind the fences that surround the Park, and are watching the Roller Skaters demonstrate their skills. They exclaim in awe as the Skaters dash and spin with tremendous agility and grace, and Shauna finds herself amazed by their fluid movements. Y agrees, but points out that their friend is no less fantastic.

She gestures to Tierno on their right, and the chubby big guy performs a side kick as he hops into midair, does a 360 as he lands and follows with a Backflip. His moves earn great compliment from many seasoned Skaters despite being from a newcomer, and his childhood friends feel glad that Tierno is being recognized for what he enjoys and does best. Trevor muses that they all have different dreams, and while he hopes to be a scholar, Y trains hard to be a Sky Trainer, Shauna sets her goal a Furfrou stylist, and Tierno works towards becoming a professional Dancer.

Tierno pulls off another amazing combo, and gets cheered on by not only the other Skaters but also people walking by who have gathered to watch. Tierno blushes as he expresses his gratitude, and makes his way back to his friends. Shauna thinks it's great that Tierno could enhance his dance moves with the Roller Skates, and Y grins that even Marisso and Salame are trying to mimic him. Tierno thanks them for their compliment, but wonders if it is really alright to draw attention like that. Y knows he is talking about the red-suited people, and feels a little uncertain as well since they have indeed been repeatedly ambushed and being in such an open area clearly poses a risk. Shauna points out that it was X who said it is alright, and thinks if the enemy's main target deems it safe, they have no reason to argue with him. Y doesn't understand what exactly X thinks sometimes, and Tierno wonders what the boy is up to. Shauna replies that he is affixed to the Pokedex, and Trevor is somewhat glad that his friend finds interest in the device. Shauna sighs that he has been obsessed with it since they left Lumiose, and Y finds it not surprising since X has always liked things that involve data.

Inside the tent, X plays around with his Pokedex, and sees that while the structure is under a single numbering system, it is subdivided into three individual but interchangeable Dexes, each denoted by a pentagon coloured differently: the Mountain Kalos Dex with a red marked pentagon, which includes Pokemon inhabiting in the eastern mountains of Kalos; the Coastal Kalos Dex with a blue marked pentagon, which features Pokemon living along the western coastline of Kalos; and the Central Kalos Dex with a white marked pentagon, which lists Pokemon mainly found in the central part of the region.

X suddenly recalls how Sycamore bragged about the Pokedex's ingenious design while they were in Lumiose, which he explained was to allow storage of huge amounts of data while ensuring quick and easy navigation. At that time, the man zealously advocated that the Pokedex represented the soul of its creator, and the memory is so vivid that X has to shake his head a few times to get rid of the image in his head. To be frank, X remains doubtful about the young professor, but has to admit that the Pokedex is an extremely advanced and useful device.

X browses through the pages on habitat, appearance and cry, and sees that the Mega forms of Pokemon are also included. It apparently also keeps track of all Pokemon they have encountered in addition to the species that they befriended or added to their own parties, and the discovery makes X wonder if perhaps the antlers and winged Pokemon are recorded by the device as well. He quickly scrolls down on the screen, and soon enough finds them at the very end of the Mountain Kalos Dex. To X, he still clearly remembers the havoc the two caused at their hometown the day the Vaniville incident happened, and couldn't help but ponder on the implication behind the 'give' and 'take' natures which Xerneas and Yveltal are said to represent.

In that instant, Y barges into the tent and yells at X for his procrastination, demanding to know when they can move on. X ushers her out, stating that it is not the time yet, and says Tierno still wants to roller-skate. X's words surprises Y, and she turns to Tierno, who sheepishly admits that he indeed wishes to practice a bit more. Y tells Tierno to roller-skate as long as he wants in that case, and Shauna tells him not to worry since they wouldn't be able to resume their journey until X gives them the green light. Trevor gestures towards a nearby hill which also has skating rails along its slope, and suggests Tierno check it out since there doesn't seem to be anyone using it at the moment.

Tierno takes up the offer of his friends, and soon makes it to the top of the small hill with Corphish. He sees that the rail's course is significantly harder than the ones in the Park, but decides to challenge it anyway since it may help him and Corphish come up with new dance moves. Sharing a nod with his partner, the burly boy jumps onto the rail, and starts scaling down the slope. Ahead, an interrupted segment lies, and Tierno decide to leap across the gap. However, as soon as he goes airborne, a woman's voice cries out in horror, and something crashes hard into Tierno from behind, knocking him down onto the grass below.

Tierno cringes in pain as he struggles to get up, and picks up a folder which has fallen onto his face. He reads in astonishment that it is a proposal on raiding the Poke Ball Factory, and remembers that it is a building situated near Laverre City which manufactures all the Pokeballs used in Kalos. At that moment, something stirs behind him, and he turns around to see a woman with flaring red hair and sunglasses lying on the floor with her Flygon, apparently the person whom he just crashed with. The woman straightens herself up, and jumps in alarm when she sees the proposal in Tierno's hands. She charges forward to demand it back, but Tierno jumps out of the way, and the woman plunges into a bush instead.

Tierno gasps with disbelief as he reads the contents on the proposal, and realizes that it outlines a plan to infiltrate the Factory by hijacking a delivery truck to bypass its security. He demands to know the purpose of such an act, and the woman explains that their aim is to cut off the supply of Pokeballs within the Kalos region. Tierno barks that people will no longer be able to capture Pokemon if they do so, but the woman grins that it is exactly their intention. She states that the presence of Pokeballs has allowed anyone to capture Pokemon, which has created much chaos in the world because even those who don't deserve to own Pokemon also get to possess them. She reveals her identity as a Team Flare Admin, much to Tierno's horror, and remarks that their organization will right the wrong for the sake of a more beautiful world. In order to do that, they will 'take' away power from those who don't deserve it, and 'give' it to those who do.

Tierno knows that he must alert the others as soon as possible, and leaps onto a skating rail to flee. However, the woman orders an Earth Power from her Flygon and destroys the landscape, tearing up the rail and throwing Tierno off his feet.

Back at the Skate Park, X senses that something is wrong and quickly pops his head out of the tent. He notices smoke and dust coming from the direction of the small hill where Tierno has gone, and immediately beckons Marisso and Salame to come along.

The Team Flare Admin goes airborne on her Flygon, and gets it to whack Corphish with its tail, hurling it towards the rubbles. Tierno hurries over to check on his companion, and at that moment, X arrives at the scene. He promptly activates his Mega Ring to Mega Evolve Kanga, and the Team Flare Admin realizes that they are the kids whom their Scientists are after. She orders another Earth Power from Flygon, and crumbles the floor beneath X and his team. X finds himself at a disadvantage since the enemy is up in the air and he doesn't have a stable ground, and thinks hard to come up with a strategy. The Team Flare Admin laughs that in unfavorable situations, not even Mega Evolution can save the day, and thinks it is a pity that its immense powers are going to waste. She believes that it is therefore necessary to 'take' from the weak and 'give' to the strong, in order to turn their world back into a beautiful place.

The phrases 'take' and 'give' strike X as unusually familiar, and the woman laughs that she is simply copying the words of their Boss. She believes that their Scientists will be extremely pleased if she brings the Mega Ring and Mega Stone back to them, and Tierno grunts that he will not let her have her way. At that moment, Corphish gestures towards the skating rail, and Tierno sees that although it is torn up, it is still somewhat usable and has been edged towards the sky. X shows him the part of Corphish's Pokedex entry which states that its pincers will never release its prey, and wagers that if Corphish manages to grip the enemy with its pincers, they might have a chance to win.

X decides to distract the enemy while Tierno works up a strategy, and the burly guy knows just what to do. X gets Marisso and Salame to unleash a Pin Missile and Ember combo, but Flygon easily dodges the attacks, and the Team Flare Admin calls his attempts futile. Tierno positions himself in front of the skating rail, and puts his faith in Corphish as he propels himself forward. He first gains momentum by gliding along the rail's horizontal segment, and when he finally reaches its upturned end, he does a Backflip and hurls Corphish up towards the sky.

Raising its pincers, the little crayfish throws itself towards Flygon, and lands a grip on its right wing. The powerful grasp instantly inflicts tremendous pain on Flygon, and causes it to lose its flight. It rapidly spirals downwards, and finally crashes to the ground, knocking itself out. Tierno does a high-five with X, whose hand goes numb from the slap, and the two decide to retreat with Corphish. Lying on the floor with her fainted Flygon, the Team Flare Admin grunts that they will carry on with their scheme, and promises to 'take' away the kids' powers someday and 'give' them unimaginable pain and despair.

Later, after reuniting with the others, Tierno shows them a new dance sequence which is inspired from his battle with the Team Flare Grunt. Everyone sees that the moves resemble Corphish's movements, and Tierno thinks it is great that he earned something out of the fight.

That evening, Trevor couldn't help but remind himself over and over again that they all have their own dreams. Perhaps for just one night, they could make believe that their journey is not one that is only made up of running around and fighting their enemy, but also one that would allow them to gradually move closer to achieving their dreams…

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us

017: VS Flygon!