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High up on a tree branch, the male Team Flare Grunt tells Tyrunt that their mission is to secretly collect all the Mega Stones scattered across Kalos, and finds it a pity that a rival should appear just as they have found one. Down below, Clemont believes that they have located the right tree since the sensor is reacting, and decides to search it more meticulously. He sets the Aipom Arm to scan the tree branch by branch, and the Team Flare Grunt is forced to get into all sorts of awkward positions just to dodge the camera. He feels frustrated that the device has such a mobile cord, but is determined not to get his face caught on camera since it will surely get him kicked out of the organization. After all, he has yearned to wear this pretty uniform for so long, and he had to work so many jobs to save up the 5 million dollars required to join the team.

Unfortunately, the Grunt's momentary thought of glorification distracts him from evading, and he suddenly finds himself face to face with the Aipom Arm camera. He immediately lets out a terrified cry, which is shared by Clemont and the Vaniville kids, who are astonished that the sensor finds a human being instead. Y hollers that it is the red-suited people again, and Clemont wonders what she means. Tierno thinks hard to find a way to explain, and Shauna shouts that they are bad people. The simple term is good enough for Clemont to understand, and he knows just what to do. He turns the Aipom Arm into assault mode, and whacks the Team Flare Grunt repeatedly on the face, eventually knocking him down from the tree. The man crashes hard onto the ground, and quickly finds himself surrounded by the angry kids. Frustrated that he and Tyrunt are busted despite their effort to hide, he thinks playing stealthy may not have been the best idea to start with.

At that moment, Trevor sees from the screen that the Aipom Arm has found the Mega Stone which is sitting on a tree twig, and alerts everyone to it. Clemont gets ready to retrieve it, but the male Grunt hollers that they will not succeed so easily. He quickly commands Tyrunt to attack the tree which the Mega Stone is on, and the little tyrannosaur begins to chomp on the bark in a circular manner, thinning a segment of the trunk into a narrow core. It then kicks hard onto the upper part with its feet, and causes it to topple over onto the kids, causing everyone to scream in horror.

The tree lands with a thump on the ground, and Y pops her head out from the leaves with Croaky, fortunately uninjured. She checks that Tierno, Shauna and Trevor are also alright, but finds no trace of X. The boy emerges from another tree bush to inform her that he is fine, and uses his Pokédex on read up on Tyrunt, learning that it is a Pokémon whose jaws are powerful enough to chew up an automobile. Trevor realizes that Clemont is missing, and gets worried since he was so focused on retrieving the Mega Stone that he probably didn't evade in time. Luckily, he soon hears Clemont's voice, and discovers that he is conscious but caught under the fallen tree trunk. The blonde boy grins that he has successfully gotten hold of the Mega Stone, but in that instant, the Team Flare Grunt plants his feet onto the tree trunk, squashing Clemont, and snatches the Mega Stone from the Aipom Arm. Clemont winces in agony, and the Grunt thanks him for helping him complete his mission.

The Team Flare Grunt thinks that it is time to leave the scene, and X and Y immediately charge forward to stop him. However, the Grunt sends out four Espurrs to block them, and the four kittens, each with a different facial expression, quickly unleash a powerful combined psychic blast to hurl X and Y off their feet. Y lands hard on the ground, and Tierno and Shauna rush over to check on her. X wants to know if Y is alright, but Y tells him to go after the Grunt and leave the Espurrs to them. Clemont also urges X to go or his efforts would go to waste, and X, after a moment of thought, decides that they are right and beckons Trevor and Manectric to come along.

Tierno, Shauna and Y call forward Corphish, Skitty, Fletchy and Croaky to fight, and as they keep the Espurrs occupied, X, Trevor and Manectric move north onto Route 6. Y gets Rhyhorn's help in freeing Clemont from the tree trunk, and Clemont voices out his gratitude. He wonders if it is the same Rhyhorn she rode when she did the interview for the Rock Type Magazine, and Y is surprised that he read the issue. Clemont grins that he actually saw her mother the day before, and his revelation causes Y to bolt in shock. She lets out a cry of disbelief, and demands to know where exactly Clemont saw her.

Meanwhile, X, Trevor and Manectric continue to give chase after the Team Flare Grunt on Route 6, and make their way through the dense woods. Trevor wonders where the enemy is heading, and they soon arrive in front of a majestic mansion which windows and pillars are lined with gold. Four Dratini statues sit next to the balcony on the second floor, and each has a small water fall flowing beneath it. Trevor believes that it is the famous Parfum Palace, and soon spots Tyrunt, who has the Mega Stone in its jaws. The orange-haired boy is hesitant on whether they should pursue or not since the Palace could very well be the headquarters of Team Flare, but before X could give his opinion, Manectric swoops them onto its back and dashes towards Tyrunt, causing Trevor to cry out in shock.

X can see that Manectric really wants the Mega Stone, and decides to call out Kanga to help. They arrive at the Palace's backyard garden, and begin to scout for Tyrunt in the lawn which is fashioned like a hedge maze. Tyrunt pops its head out every now and then to taunt them, and X starts to get suspicious. He finds it unusual that the enemy simply run and makes no attempt to attack, and wonders what the Grunt has in mind. He soon gets his answer when Tyrunt ambushes Kanga from behind and dives into its pouch. After fiddling within, it jumps back out with an item in hand, and Trevor exclaims that it has snatched Li'l Kanga's Mega Stone.

Back on Y's side, the girl has apparently become frantic after hearing Clemont's revelation. She grabs Clemont by the collar and demands to know if he really saw her mother, and Clemont thinks there is little chance that he is mistaken since he was with his rock type expert friend who is a big fan. He recalls seeing her mother just in front of the Soda Pop store, and suddenly bolts with realization that the four men she walked off with also wore red suits just like the bad man whom they are fighting. Y's face instantly turns white with disbelief, and a million thoughts go through her head as she tries to digest what Clemont just said.

Inside a cottage in Camphrier Town, Cassius gets lost in thought as he looks out from his window. Bill, the person he is communicating with on the computer demands to know if he has listened to him at all, and Cassius apologizes, stating that there is apparently some drama in their countryside. Bill feels upset about the distraction, and wonders if Cassius understands what he said about the 'Tray' and 'Battle Box' functions. Cassius responds nonchalantly that he surely comprehends, and snickers that that he doesn't work as the maintenance guy of the Kalos Storage System for nothing. He starts imitating Bill's tone and thinks he worries too much, and believes that he is having calcium deficiency from too little milk intake. Bill asks Cassius not to make fun of his Goldenrod accent, and Cassius sincerely suggests Bill drink more milk, even just for the sake of his health. With that, he terminates the call, and takes a zip of Moomoo Milk. He then calls out to his team of people, mainly made up of punks, and says it is time to get moving. The punks want to know what is it that he plans to do, and Cassius, referring to the fuss going on at the countryside, grins that it will be so not their style not to take part in something that is happening right in front of their eyes.

Back at Parfum Palace's backyard garden, Trevor wonders what they should do now that Kanga's Mega Stone is also stolen, and thinks the enemy purposefully led them to the hedge maze to confuse them. The Team Flare Grunt congratulates Trevor for making the right guess, and shows himself with Tyrunt on the Pokéball statue. He holds up the two Mega Stones, and feels exhilarated to have obtained both the Manectite and Kangaskhanite on the same day. Trevor and X are astonished to hear the names, and the Grunt is surprised that they do not know there are more than one type of Mega Stones. He reveal that all Mega Stones are named after the Pokémon that use them to Mega Evolve, and quotes Kangaskhan's Kangaskhanite and Manectric's Manectite as examples. Trevor sees that the two Mega Stones are indeed coloured differently, and postulates that Pokémon cannot Mega Evolve unless they are holding their corresponding Mega Stone. The Grunt confirms his query, and finds it pitiful that they cannot have the stones despite possessing the two Pokémon that can use them.

While Trevor feels frustrated, X actually thinks it's great that they have learnt something more about Mega Evolution again. He thinks the only thing they need to do is to find a way to reclaim the Mega Stones, and turns to Manectric to reaffirm its desire for the Manectite, which he believes to be the reason why it came here all the way from the Prism Tower. Trevor is shocked to hear that it was one of the electric Pokémon powering up the Tower, and X recalls how it keenly watched Kanga's battle after its Mega Evolution. He asks if Manectric would like to battle together with him, and the discharge Pokémon nods with a grin. With that, X hops onto Manectric's back, calling it Elec, and begins charging towards the Team Flare Grunt.

For Trevor, although the revelation that different Pokémon require different Mega Stones to Mega Evolve astonished him, he is actually more fascinated by the fact that X managed to notice an Electrike's attention when he was having such an intense battle at the Prism Tower. Thinking back on their journey, X's instincts have always been correct, and Trevor finally realizes the reason why. For years, X has locked himself up in his room and ceased contact with people and the outside world, blocking himself from any kind of 'stimulation'. With the lack of constant 'stimulation', X became 'sensitive', which heightened his senses in seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and touching. Since young, X has been gifted in Pokémon battles with extraordinary skills in observation, insight, judgment, and agility, and is also very vigilant to suspicious adults. All of these aspects naturally got enhanced after he became 'sensitive', which would explain why X's instincts have been so unbelievably accurate since he started on his journey.

When Trevor would think back on this moment years later, he would always remember not only his astonishment and exhilaration when X voiced out his decision to reclaim the Mega Stones, but also a sense of certainty that they would succeed and win.

Closing in on the Team Flare Grunt, X raises his voice, and commands a Wild Charge from Elec...

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019: VS Tyrunt!