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At Parfum Palace's backyard garden, X orders a Wild Charge, and Elec immediately lunges towards its opponents after enveloping itself with electricity. The impact knocks Tyrunt and the Team Flare Grunt off their feet, and also destroys the base of a nearby Reshiram statue, causing it topple over. The Grunt lets out a scream as he narrowly evades the falling statue, and sees that the Manectric has also received recoil damage from the powerful attack. He stands next to the broken Reshiram statue, and wonders how much it would sell in its unscathed state. Suddenly, he bolts with realization that he could have stolen and sold these expensive statues off instead of working so hard to earn the 5 million required to join Team Flare, and curses at his stupidity. He finds it so unfair that there is such a drastic difference in wealth between the rich and the poor, and thinks he will never earn enough to live in such a grand palace no matter how hard he works. Recalling the motif of their organization, he agrees that it is really necessary to 'take' from those who have in order to 'give' to those who don't.

The Grunt decides to go find his next Mega Stone, and bids X farewell. However, Elec leaps forward to stand in the way, and X orders it to attack once more. The Grunt mocks at X's idiocy, and wonders if he is oblivious or simply doesn't know that Tyrunt's dragon typing halves the damage of electric moves. He fails to see how the Manectric can beat his Tyrunt, and as he says that, Elec gets hurled off by Tyrunt into the Pokéball statue, wrecking its globular shape as it crashes into it. The Grunt giggles that this should seal the deal, and gets ready to leave. Yet, Elec gets back on its feet, and once again blocks itself in front of the man. The Grunt feels annoyed by the Manectric's persistence, and calls it a fool for trying so hard despite having no chance to win.

At that moment, Trevor suddenly demands the Grunt to shut up, and his outburst startles everyone, including X. The boy stutters that type advantage is not the most important thing in battles, and thinks what's crucial is that Elec has now becoming a team member of X's. The Grunt finds no sense in his words, and starts making fun of his coyness by daring him to speak louder. This ticks off Trevor, and he hollers that it is certainly not due to foolishness that X ordered a move with recoil damage and Elec followed the command. Instead, it is because of something called a bond that they share, something which will never be understood by people like the Grunt who think money get them everything.

The Team Flare Grunt spends a few seconds trying to comprehend what Trevor is saying, and soon bursts into laughter. He cannot believe how someone can be as naďve as Trevor, and thinks he will soon die of laughing if he doesn't stop. However, he points out that no matter how naďve a person is, they will sooner or later learn the hard truth, that while there are indeed things that money cannot buy, there are also many things that one cannot achieve without money, something which he personally knows. With that, he commands Tyrunt to show the kid how powerful its jaws are, and Tyrunt charges forward with its gleaming fangs. Trevor tumbles backwards from fear, and his Flabébé uses its flower to smack Tyrunt on the face. Unfortunately, it only manages to stun the tyrannosaur momentarily, and Flabébé soon finds itself chased around by Tyrunt.

X tells Trevor that his determined tone astonished him, and Trevor sheepishly states that it is really out of character for him but he genuinely felt frustrated by the Grunt's wrongful accusations. He thinks it is because of X that he managed to say things he normally wouldn't, and believes that his trust and confidence in X's imminent victory has given him the courage to come forward. Sadly, words are all he has, and it is clear that Flabébé is no match for Tyrunt and wouldn't be able to hold up much longer. X grins that Trevor belittles himself too much, and says his efforts are much needed. In fact, he wagers that Flabébé will be their key to victory, and his words instantly cause Trevor to gasp in shock.

Meanwhile, the other Vaniville kids are having trouble fighting the four Espurrs, since Tierno and Shauna are the only ones who are really commanding their Pokémon. Next to them, Y grabs Clemont by the collar and furiously demands to know why her mother walked off with Team Flare, but the blonde boy obviously has no idea either.

Suddenly, Cassius and his team of punks arrive, and Cassius finds it interesting how the four Espurrs are totally dominating a Froakie, Fletchling, Corphish and Skitty. He wonders how he would fare as an opponent, and proceeds to send out a Gourgeist. The pink pumpkin starts off by hitting the Espurr with the surprised emotion with Confuse Ray, and succeeds in confusing it, causing it to bounce around repeatedly. It then extends its hair-like arms towards the three other Espurrs, which have the sad, angry and happy emotions, and picks them up one by one before enwrapping them together. In that instant, Cassius realizes that he has taken care of all the opponents on his own, and turns around to see the annoyed faces of his punks, who are upset that they didn't get to do anything. Cassius apologizes that he didn't expect things to be so smooth, but the group stays grumpy and decides to go back.

Clemont makes his way over to the three trapped Espurrs, and is glad that he finally gets the chance to see what is beneath their ears, something which he has longed to find out for a long time. He thinks the revelation will give him inspiration for new inventions, and starts using his Aipom Arm to lift their ears up. Cassius notices his action and quickly hollers for him to stop, but is unfortunately a split second too late. As the Aipom Arm lifts the Espurrs' ears, it reveals the special organs underneath, which together immediately emit an intense pulse of psychic energy, throwing Clemont high up into the air.

Back at the Parfum Palace, the Team Flare Grunt starts to get really annoyed as Elec keeps blocking his way. He tells Tyrunt to get rid of it once and for all, and orders a super effective Earthquake which instantly floors the electric Pokémon. Elec collapses onto the ground, and the Grunt giggles that it is finally down. He bids X adieu, but to his frustration, Elec stops him once again by clamping on his leg by its jaws. It then throws him off his feet violently, and starts dragging him across the floor.

At that moment, the Grunt notices Flabébé hovering next to him, and realizes that it has used Grassy Terrain to halve the damage of Earthquake, which explains how the Manectric survived the powerful attack. He angrily reaches out to crush it, but discovers that he has only managed to catch its flower. He wonders where the creature has gone, and only then realizes that it has snuck into his pocket to reclaim the Mega Stones. Flabébé clutches tight onto the two Mega Stones, and swiftly bounces off the Grunt towards Elec. As soon as it reaches, it places the Manectite on Elec's forehead, and X grabs the chance to active his Mega Ring.

In a flash of seven-coloured light, Elec Mega Evolves and starts to conjure up a thundercloud in the sky. It then sends down a barrage of thunderbolts, which causes the Team Flare Grunt to cry out in horror as he does his best to dodge. He eventually gets caught up in an explosion caused by a thunderbolt striking a boulder, and gets thrown off the ground along with his Tyrunt. Landing with a crash, the Grunt struggles to get up, and feels sorry for his completely tarnished bright red uniform. He believes that the only way to avoid getting kicked out from the organization is to bring back the Manectric together with the Manectite to Xerosic, but before he could do anything, Elec points its horn menacingly at his face and X dares him to try.

The Grunt relents that he should perhaps just call it a day, and with an embarrassed grin, turns around and flees with Tyrunt. Trevor and Elec laugh at the Grunt's behavior, and Elec reverts to its usual state as it does so. Flabébé returns the Kangaskhanite to Li'l Kanga, and Trevor postulates that Elec's Mega Evolved forme should be called Mega Manectric if it follows the naming pattern of Kangaskhan and Lucario. X believes he is right, and picks up a document that the Team Flare Grunt left behind, which contains a list of Mega Stones with the corresponding Pokémon species, also including the names of their Mega Evolved formes.

Trevor thinks it is marvellous that they not only managed to reclaim the Mega Stone but also succeeded in Mega Evolving Elec, and even obtained the list as a bonus. X hopes that everything went well for the others too, and Trevor agrees. He believes that he should take time to find a new flower for Flabébé later, and X grins that Flabébé is certainly the one who saved the day this time.

Later, at Cassius's cottage, Trevor exclaims in shock that Clemont has been blasted away by the Espurrs' psychic powers. Cassius explains that it was the boy's own fault, and says he should have listened to his advice not to lift an Espurr's ears. Trevor whispers in Tierno's ears, and wants to know why they are in such a messy and garbage-filled house, and who exactly Cassius is. Cassius grunts in annoyance that he could hear him, and formally introduces himself as the maintenance guy of the Pokémon Storage System in the Kalos region. He gestures to his team, and says they are his assistants and comrades who help with his work. Trevor greets them politely one by one, and Cassius explains that they are all castaways who have no money, no families to rely on, and no homes to sleep in. Although the life they have here is certainly not one to take pride of, he thinks it is at least not too bad.

Trevor then asks where Y has gone, and Shauna tells him to look behind. Trevor turns around, and to his utter shock, sees the girl sitting motionless in a curled up position, apparently lost in her own thoughts. He wants to know what happened, and Shauna explains that she has been in this state ever since Clemont told her that he saw her mother.

Cassius recalls that the three Espurrs vanished right after they blasted off the boy with glasses, and X wonders what happened to the fourth. Cassius explains that it was left behind, probably since it was confused at that time. He gestures towards a corner, and X sees that one girl in the gang, whom Cassius calls Emma, has taken in the little Espurr, which is sitting in her lap, already cured of its confusion…

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020: VS Mega Manectric!