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High up in the sky, fifteen Sky Trainers suddenly appear out of nowhere and quickly surround Cassius and the Vaniville group's helicopter. Each trainer commands a Vivillon, and every Vivillon apparently sports a different pattern on its wings.

Cassius suspends the helicopter in midair, and wants to know if the Sky Trainers are also with the enemies in pursuit of the kids. X thinks it is highly possible, and explains to the man that the enemy is actually capable of tracking them down by the waves emitted from his Mega Ring. He relents that keeping themselves hidden doesn't seem possible after all, but Cassius tells him not to sound so defeated and promises to try his best to get them out of this.

The Storage System maintenance guy pulls on the steering stick to gain height, and makes an attempt to get past the Sky Trainers with a higher altitude. However, one female Sky Trainer with blonde curly hair signals to the others, and all the Vivillons instantly unleash a combined Hurricane towards the helicopter, knocking it off balance. Tierno, Trevor and Shauna scream in horror as the helicopter plummets, but fortunately, Cassius brings it up just in time, and everyone breathes out a sigh of relief. X states that it takes tremendous team work to coordinate fifteen Hurricanes in such a synchronized manner, and says it is a miracle that they didn't crash. Shauna sweatdrops at his remark, and wonders exactly when he started counting the Vivillons.

The Sky Trainers and Vivillons gradually close in on the helicopter once more, and Tierno cries that they are about to attack again. Cassius isn't sure if they can survive another hit, and at that moment, the blonde female Sky Trainer lands on the helicopter's front window. Strangely, she starts tapping repeatedly on the glass, and Cassius feels confused by her actions. Suddenly, Y speaks up, and explains that it is the Morse code which they were taught at the Sky Trainer School. Her words draw everyone's attention, and they are shocked to see that she has changed back into her full flying suit. The girl states that the blonde Sky Trainer is challenging her to a Sky Battle, and says the knocking basically translates to 'Come, Y na Gabena. Get out and face me. I will strike you down to the ground where you belong'.

Y asks Cassius if he can let her out from the cabin door, and her friends are startled by what she plans to do. Y doesn't see how she has another choice, and proceeds to slide open the passenger door after pulling her helmet on. X wants to know if she is well enough to fight after the whole emotional turmoil about her mother, and Y admits that she is not fine. However, she doesn't see how things will improve if she simply hides away and wills for good things to come. With that, she beckons to Fletchy, and flies out of the helicopter towards her opponents.

Cassius asks if the Sky Trainer School Y talked about was the one in Vaniville, and Trevor responds with a nod. Cassius reveals that all the students have actually gone missing after the school was destroyed along with other buildings in the incident, and his revelation raises X's attention.

Outside, Y keeps herself airborne, and confronts the blonde Sky Trainer, who is clearly the leader of the fourteen other ones. Although Y couldn't see the blonde girl's face clearly through the helmet, she believes that she is her senior Yvette, since she doesn't know anyone else who possesses such a remarkable collection of Vivillons across the world and could command them so proficiently. Yvette is glad that Y recognizes her, and says she will certainly fell distraught otherwise and has no choice but to remind her of their little dishevel, which includes the reason why she holds a grudge against the her…

It is another normal school day at the Vaniville Sky Trainer School. In class, the teacher whose hair is shaped like a Pidgeot talks about the basis of Sky Battles, and explains that it basically involves Pokémon who are either of the flying type or possess the Levitate ability. One thing that makes Sky Battles stand out is that, trainers must accompany their Pokémon in midair during the fight, and are thus required to wear the flying suit in order to do so. The teacher reminds her class that certain moves are prohibited in Sky Battles, and says they are listed clearly on page 46 in their reference materials. She wants one of them to read it out for everyone, and decides to pick Y. Y gladly agrees, but only then realizes that her reference materials have strangely gone missing, despite being there earlier. The teacher feels a little disappointed since she has high expectations of Y, and delegates another student instead.

Later, after class, the female students squeal in excitement as the senior student Yvette walks by. She brings along two Vivillons which sport the rare Fancy and Pokéball patterns, and everyone exclaims that they have never seen them before. Yvette states that her collection of Vivillons now contains 18 variations, and the crowd thinks she certainly lives up to the name of the school's top Vivillonist. Yvette explains that her parents travel around the world frequently for business and collect them for her, and the girls recall that Vivillons in different regions have different patterns due to the influence of climate and environment.

Just then, Yvette spots Y at her locker, and wears a frown. She walks over to greet the girl with a condescending tone, and thinks they are similar on certain levels since Y's mother also travels around the world regularly. The only difference is, instead of flying, her mother likes to run around on the ground. Y feels infuriated by the mockery in Yvette's tone, but decides to stay silent. Yvette wouldn't let things slide so easily however, and voices out her surprise that Y is bringing a Fletchling to the Sky Trainer School. She hopes Y knows that Fletchling cannot take part in Sky Battles, but wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't since she did forget to bring her reference materials to class after all.

Yvette then reveals that she actually has the files Y lost, and believes Y dropped them in the corridor earlier. She offers to return them, and says there is no need for Y to thank her. Y grunts under her breath as she reaches out, but before she manages to grasp them, Yvette intentionally drops the files, and apologizes sarcastically for her clumsiness. She thinks Y wouldn't mind picking them up since being on the ground is her specialty, and Y fights to contain her anger as she kneels down to do so. Yvette gasps that Y certainly looks fitting in her position, and the other girls chime in to mock that Y must have inherited the trait from the mother. One girl points out that their teacher seems to favor students with famous parents, and another teases that Y must be blessed to have both the skills of Rhyhorn Racing and Sky Battles, although she would dirty the skies with mud.

In that instant, Y straightens herself up with a stern look on her face, and startles everyone. However, she simply walks away without a single word, and Yvette finds it a pity that she chooses to run. The other girls continue to express their disgruntlement over the girl's favored status by the teaching staff, and the Pidgeot-hair teacher happens to walk by at that moment with some kind of document in hand. She asks if Y has already left, and Yvette puts on her best smile, wondering how she can help. The teacher explains that the Lumiose Press has requested to conduct an interview with their school, and Yvette marvels at the news. However, she soon learns that it is Y whom the Press wishes to interview due to her mother's fame in Rhyhorn Racing, and her face instantly turns dark. The teacher states that Y needs to sign the agreement in person for the application to proceed, and Yvette offers to help her deliver it, wagering that the teacher must have other things to deal with. Unaware of the resentment on Yvette's face, the teacher gladly accepts and hands over the document. As the teacher turns to leave, Yvette crumples the paper in her hand, and feels an even deeper hatred for Y…

The Vivillons deliver another combined Hurricane, and sends Y spinning in circles in midair. The girl struggles to keep her balance, and knows she must move further away from the helicopter in order to keep X and the others safe. Beckoning to Fletchy, she does a somersault backwards and glides away to the opposite direction. Yvette is annoyed that she is running away again, and gives chase with the other fourteen Sky Trainers.

Y manages to gain a distance from the helicopter, and turns around to steal a glance at her opponents. Clearly, the other fourteen Sky Trainers, who are likely also her seniors, do not act on their own will and are apparently under the sole command of Yvette, who also owns all the Vivillons. She rationalizes that their formation will fall apart as soon as she beats Yvette, and thinks hard to come up with a strategy. At that moment, the Vivillons unleash a third wave of Hurricane, and nearly knocks Y off the Sky.

On the helicopter, Shauna cries out in horror, and Trevor feels frustrated since Y tried her best to protect them, yet there is nothing they could do to help her. X tells him not to fret, and says although they have no way to assist Y in the Sky Battle, they have another task to handle, which is to locate the 'eye'. His friends get confused by his words, but X believes that Shauna should understand better than anyone else. The girl instantly realizes what X implies, and terror washes through her face as the memories come back. X states that the 'eye' has to be nearby, and urges everyone to try their best and seek it out.

Back outside, Yvette edges close to grab Y by her wrist, and notes that air has leaked into the girl's flying suit, which means she didn't put it on properly. The blonde Sky Trainer reminds her of the School's teachings that one should take time to wear the suit correctly no matter how troublesome it is, and thinks it explains why Y's flight is so clumsy since air resistance prevents one from moving at greater speed. Yvette feels offended that Y is still using her unqualified Fletchling for Sky Battles, and says she really doesn't understand the attention she gets. She suggests Y get off the skies since all she does is pollute it, and tells her to go back to the ground where she and her dirty mother belong.

Hearing that, Y could hold it back no more, and angrily uses her other hand to grab Yvette's wrist, demanding that she stop insulting her mother. Her outburst startles Yvette, and Y lets out a sigh of relief, grateful that she finally gets it off her chest. To be honest, it is extremely tough being the daughter of someone famous, since the special attention she gets from the teachers leads to resentment from the other students, something which she feels extremely distressed about. Even when she spoke to her mother about it, her mother simply mocked at her stupid decision to become a Sky Trainer. At first, she chose the path of a Sky Trainer out of rebellion, but gradually, she started blaming her mother for every mishap that befell her. Now that her mother has gone missing, she sees how unfair she has been and feels tremendously guilty about it. In fact, the guilt and worry about her mother's safety created so much stress that it got to the point of nearly breaking her down. Therefore, in a way, she should thank Yvette for giving her a chance to ventilate and let her emotions out once and for all. As Y expresses her feelings, Fletchy trembles and glows, and in a flash of light, evolves into a Fletchinder, causing Yvette to gasp in shock.

Back on the helicopter, Skitty wiggles the three fur-balls on its tail, and finally manages to detect the position of the 'eye'. It signals to Shauna, and X immediately informs Cassius to turn left. Soon enough, X spots Aegislash hovering in the distance, and orders a Discharge from Elec after Mega Evolving it. At the same time, Y commands a Flame Charge from Fletchy, and faints Yvette's Vivillon in one hit while Aegislash gets knocked out simultaneously by the electric attack. Yvette and the other Sky Trainers pass out the moment Aegislash falls, and Tierno, Shauna and Trevor realize in astonishment that it has been controlling the fifteen trainers with its spectral powers all this time.

If Trevor had been given more time to think on the issue, he would have noticed the oddity that Team Flare not only managed to learn of Yvette and the other Sky Trainers' hatred for Y, but also exploited it and turned them into their pawns. Unfortunately, at that juncture, Trevor only wondered where they have been up to that point, and didn't have the faintest idea that something ominous has befallen the residents of Vaniville after the incident.

Fletchy catches Yvette from her fall while the other Vivillons do the same to other Sky Trainers, and Y watches as Aegislash plummets down to the forest below. Little does she know that their opponent is in fact Malva this time, who has been commanding the sword and steal Pokémon. At that moment, Cassius informs everyone that Cyllage City has come in sight, and tells X that they can finally go and find out what happened to his girl's mother. X states with a menacing tone that Y is not his girl, and pinches hard on the pilot seat's headrest. Cassius immediately declares that he is just joking, and wipes off a sweat from his forehead after the boy recedes back into the shadows…

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023: VS Vivillon!