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On Route 8, Korrina declares that it is time to burst with life and proceeds to Mega Evolves Lucario. She hops down from the 'Tree' as she orders a Bullet Punch, and Mega Lucario promptly strikes out at Aegislash, startling it repeatedly with the priority move. Celosia recognizes it as the same attack it used back in Santalune City, but sees that it has clearly become even more menacing. Korrina states that she has been training Lucario's speed during their days as refugees, and says they will not be the ones to flee this time. Celosia feels amused that Korrina has also been working hard like herself to improve their shortcomings, and values her as a worthy opponent although they are enemies. Korrina barks that she doesn't appreciate compliment from evil people like Celosia, and commands Mega Lucario to keep up its momentum.

Meanwhile, the Vaniville kids are cornering in on Essentia and her fallen Trevenant, and Gurkinn compliments X for commanding Gengar so well. X wants to know if Mega Evolution causes a Pokemon's ability to change, and Gurkinn is surprised that the boy noticed this. X explains that when Lasma dove into the shadows earlier, Trevenant appeared trapped and unable to retreat, which made him think that Lasma has gained the Shadow Tag ability. Gurkinn laughs that X's guess was correct, and states that Gengar's ability changes from Levitate to Shadow Tag when it Mega Evolves. Similarly, Manectric's changes from Lightning Rod to Intimidate, and Kangaskhan's from Scrappy to Parental Bond. He grins that Mega Evolution works differently for different Pokemon, and Trevor is amused to learn that while some Pokemon change their type, some change both their type and ability, and some change neither of them.

Picking up Grace into her arms, Y calls out repeatedly to her unconscious mother as her Pokemon gather around her along with the Klefki Grace befriended. The other Vaniville kids feel a tug at their hearts as they watch Y suffer, and Tierno fumes that Team Flare must pay for this. Trevor and Shauna also turn to Essentia with their Pokemon, and holler that it is time for Essentia to show her true identity. Kanga strikes out at Essentia but just before it makes contact, Essentia morphs into the appearance of X, and startles everyone. While Kanga is stunned, Essentia elbows Li'l Kanga on the chin and takes the chance to flee. Tierno demands her to stop, and quickly puts on his Roller Skates to give chase. However, Essentia morphs to take Tierno's appearance, and begins to engage in a close-up struggle with the big guy, confusing everyone as to who is the real Tierno. Just then, Klefki angrily darts towards the fake Tierno, and jabs at him with the tip of its head. Essentia begins to blink and distort out of control like an old television screen, and everyone gasps in shock as they watch her morph incompletely between Korrina, Gurkinn, Diantha, Cassius, Shauna and then Trevor.

Back at the Team Flare HQ, Xerosic bolts in alarm that Essentia has activated the shape-shifting function, which is a new feature that has not been tested. He hurriedly communicates with Essentia and tells her to refrain from using the unstable function, and wants to her retreat at once as the Expansion Suit is apparently reaching its activity limit. Essentia complies, and quickly retrieves Trevenant before leaping into the bushes. Tierno and Shauna begin to give chase, but Y stops them, and hollers that they cannot act rash simply because X has won and freed them. She states that there are other more important things to do than to chase after the enemy, and says they Diantha and Korrina are still fighting and may need their support. Her friends see her point, and Trevor thinks the most important thing is to get help for Y's mother. Y thanks him for his concern, but believes it might be better if they work to free the other Vaniville residents from Aegislash's spectral powers first. Trevor doesn't know what to say, and X steps up to suggest Y stay behind to assist Diantha while he goes after Korrina to help her. He beckons Trevor and Tierno to come along, and wants them to follow the Vaniville residents while he engages in battle.

Shauna voices her encouragement to the boys, and turns to Gurkinn, whom she calls the Mega Evolution gramps. Gurkinn formerly introduces himself to the girl, whom he calls Big S, and says she may call him Big G. Shauna wants to know if there is any way to break through the Magic Room shield, and Gurkinn starts to stammer. Shauna sulks that Gurkinn isn't so dependable after all, and the old man sweatdrops sheepishly. Y wears a worried look, and wonders what is going on inside.

Within the energy shield, Diantha and Malva stand face to face as Mega Gardevoir and Braixen remain in combative stances. Diantha states that as someone who works at the TV station, Malva has access to all kinds of information, ones that may induce the public to view things in a particular direction, ones that are kept in silence and secret from everyone, and ones that are clearly embellished or exaggerated to mislead. Ever since she learnt of the Vaniville incident, she knew that someone was manipulating information to hide the truth, and she has been investigating upon it. However, the person has always been able to outsmart her. Right now, she finally knows what she overlooked. Malva wonders if Diantha is pointing a finger at her, and Diantha makes no attempt to hide her thoughts, stating that Malva is clearly not only a TV news reporter and Elite 4 but also part of Team Flare.

Diantha believes that it is impossible for one news reporter to manipulate information, and Malva must have something or someone else to back her up. Seeing how she passed down orders to Celosia, who is clearly also of administrative level, Diantha is certain that Malva is no ordinary Team Flare member, and demands to know if she is the organization's boss. Malva giggles with amusement at Diantha's accusation, and denies the claim. She then orders a Flame Charge from Braixen, who lashes out at Mega Gardevoir with its fire-lit twig. Mega Gardevoir easily evades the move, but still sweats from the heat emanating from the attack.

Malva muses that Magic Room creates a dimension that disables all hold items of Pokemon. However, it seems that it has no effect on Gardevoir's Mega Stone, which means the move does not impact Mega Evolution. Diantha is shocked that Malva used Magic Room simply to test this out, and Malva grins that one cannot take control of important situations without knowing true information. She remarks that although this dimension could not nullify the powers of the Mega Stone, it will still allow her to torment Diantha in a 1 versus 1 situation. Diantha gets confused by the word 'torment', but Malva states that it is not something Diantha would understand since she is gifted with beauty, skills, praises and love ever since she was a child. Without another word, Malva commands a Fire Spin from Braixen, and traps Diantha and Mega Gardevoir within the fire vortex. Diantha wonders if Malva really thinks she could beat her with this kind of power, but Malva replies that it doesn't really matter because she has already won if she can keep Diantha trapped while the 'Tree' reaches their headquarters safely.

Outside, rain begins to fall, and Shauna calls out desperately to Diantha. Y suggests trying to combine their powers on the energy shield, and Croaky, Fletchy, Veevee as well as Skitty quickly unleash their attacks. However, the Magic Room field is barely scratched, and Y wonders what they should do. Shauna soon notices that the energy field seems to be shrinking, but Gurkinn corrects her and says that it isn't shrinking but sinking into the ground. In no time, the entire energy field vanishes underground, and Y, Shauna and Gurkinn could do nothing but watch it disappear.

Back on Korrina's side, Mega Lucario continues to engage in a close-up combat with Aegislash, and Celosia wants to know why Korrina is interfering with Team Flare's work. Korrina finds the question absurd, and says she clearly couldn't let Team Flare succeed in conquering Kalos with the legendary Pokemon and Mega Evolution. Her response causes Celosia to pause for a moment, and the Scientist soon begins to laugh. Korrina demands to know what is so funny, and Celosia remarks that Team Flare has already conquered Kalos. Korrina exclaims in shock, and Celosia explains that a few years ago, their boss already knew that this world will eventually reach the point of no return, and saving the lives of all is impossible. He has said that only the chosen ones will obtain a ticket to tomorrow, and corporation leaders as well as people in the media who agreed with the idea naturally opted to be the chosen ones and followed Team Flare. Working under the will of their boss, these people have slowly taken control over the entire Kalos without the local residents knowing. The truth is, Team Flare's grand scheme has already reached its final stage, and they no longer need to bother about hiding themselves. Even with people like Korrina becoming aware of their action, there is nothing they can do to stop the world from becoming one that belongs to the chosen ones only.

Celosia's words infuriate Korrina, and she calls it a load of rubbish. She hollers that Kalos belongs to everyone, and the ticket to tomorrow lies in everyone's hands. However, Celosia wonders if it is really the case, and quotes the examples of Vaniville's destruction, the disappearance of its residents, as well as the collapse of the Tower of Mastery. Clearly, people are aware of these events, but choose to suppress their queries and insecurities to carry on with their daily lives. They have basically opted the easier way out by doing nothing and turning away from these events. Between resisting conquer and living as refugees in the wild, and accepting conquer and settling for a limited amount of freedom and stability, Celosia is curious to know what Korrina thinks the people of Kalos would opt for. She questions if Korrina really thinks it is worth to impart the future on people like that, and Korrina is at a loss of words.

Cringing at the thought that what Celosia said holds certain truth, Korrina cries that she can only do what she can and believes in, and gets Mega Lucario to hurl Aegislash off. Aegislash crashes hard into Celosia as it faints, and the impact causes the Team Flare Scientist to cough out a mouthful of blood. Mega Lucario then slumps against the 'Tree' as it passes out, and Celosia is surprised that both Pokemon are knocked out simultaneously. At that moment, she notices with astonishment that all the Vaniville people she enslaved are no longer following the truck, and realizes what has happened once she remembers that Lucario's aura is the only thing that can block out her Aegislash's spectral powers. Apparently, Lucario has not used its aura at all during its fight with Aegislash and simply resorted to using Bullet Punch, because it was secretly harnessing its aura to break off the spectral powers controlling the Vaniville residents. Korrina is amused that Celosia managed to figure it out, and the weakened Scientist wants to know why the Shalour Gymleader didn't focus all of Lucario's powers in the fight, which would most likely have given her an earlier victory.

As Celosia slowly passes out from her injuries, Korrina explains that she has set her priority to freeing the Vaniville people first, which is then followed by beating Aegislash, reclaiming the 'Tree', and finally getting back to her grandfather and the others. Korrina feels proud of herself, and grins that as a Mega Evolution Successor, she will always live by the teachings of hast thou not gone against sincerity; hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds; and hast thou not lacked vigor. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to her, Celosia's Honedge has secretly crept up behind her, and before the girl becomes aware of its presence, the sword Pokemon delivers a deadly slash and knocks her off from the 'Tree'. As she tumbles to the ground and slips out of consciousness, the scene from the top of the Tower of Mastery flashes across her mind…

"I love this place… Looking at this scene, Kalos's wide-open sky, all my worries disappear, and my Pokemon and I… feel like we can do anything"…

A while later, X, Tierno and Trevor arrive on Route 8, and soon spot the knocked out Vaniville residents lying everywhere. They hurry over to check on them, and Tierno wonders if they have been freed from Aegislash's spectral powers. Suddenly, Trevor spots an unconscious Korrina sprawled out on the ground ahead, and rushes over to her. However, he quickly cries out in horror, and Tierno wants to know what is wrong. Overwhelmed by shock, Trevor stutters in his reply, and states that the Keystone on Korrina's Mega Glove is gone…

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028: VS Braixen!