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At Geosenge Town, Green silently surveys the area as he walks among the rubbles and fallen buildings. After making sure that Team Flare and Yveltal have left the scene, he returns to a ground opening right outside the stone-arch gate, and tells Diantha that it is alright to come out now. His Rhyperior soon emerges from the hole, and Diantha, who is battered and worn, slowly surfaces as she clings onto the armored Pokemon's back. Green remarks that it has been a close call, and believes that the mighty explosion would have engulfed them if they didn't find shelter in time. Diantha feels ashamed instead of relieved however, since the Gymleaders and Vaniville kids fought with their lives on the line while she went into hiding. Green thinks she couldn't really be blamed since not only was the Ultimate Weapon unleashed but the legendary X and Y, Xerneas and Yveltal, have also fully awakened and started to clash. Given Diantha's severely battered state, she was in no condition to fight and concealing herself was really the only option.

Diantha tells Green to stop comforting her, and says she has a responsibility as the Champion of Kalos. Green muses at her words, and states that she has certainly grown and is no longer just the prodigy talented in battles that she once was. Diantha expresses her shock about Green's presence, and says while she knew she would get help eventually, she didn't expect her rescuer to be the overseas student she fought before. Green attributes the feat to Rhyperior, and reveals that it was the one who took notice of her in the underground tunnels. Diantha looks up at the gigantic Pokemon, and doesn't recall seeing it in their previous battle. She wonders if it is a new team member, and also wishes to know what brought Green to the underground of Route 8.

Green explains that he was there because the legendary Z was said to lurk in the dark underground, and it was for this reason that he reclaimed Rhyperior from someone else. Diantha bolts in realization that Green is talking about Zygarde, and Green reveals that his grandfather, who is a scholar, has recently been informed by another senior scholar from the Sinnoh region that Xerneas and Yveltal have been resurrected. In the past, legendary Pokemon have also caused havoc in another region, and it has been the third legendary who held to key to solve the crisis. They figured that the same situation would apply to Kalos, and he has thus come to seek out Z. Yet, ever since his return to Kalos, he was surprised that no one seemed to be aware of Xerneas and Yveltal's awakening, and on top of that, he felt that he was watched everywhere he went. He wants to know what has happened to Kalos, and when Diantha responds with a solemn look, Green realizes that what he guessed was right, that the region has been overtaken by Team Flare.

Diantha recalls that since Xerneas's Tree Forme has been discovered by Team Flare, she along Korrina and master Gurkinn went on a quest to seek out Yveltal, who has turned into its Cocoon Forme. On their journey, they became aware of the ubiquitous presence of spies every step of their way, which forced them to constantly go into disguise. However, they also picked up the rumor from these people that the two legendary counterparts were slumbering at the same place, which was at a certain forest where a pale blue tree stood. To verify the rumor, they made it to the woods on Route 8 where Xerneas was found, and began their search for Yveltal who was supposed to be nearby. Alas, the rumor turned out to be true, but it also happened to be part of the enemy's plot. Apparently, Malva has deliberately let the rumor reached their ears and lured them to the forest, where she succeeded in knocking them, or rather her, down.

Diantha lets out a sigh as she recalls her defeat, but soon lightens up again and states that there is still hope. She believes that the combined efforts of the Gymleaders and the Vaniville kids tonight have managed to temporarily thwart the evil scheme of Team Flare, which spares them time and room to fight back. Green wonders what Diantha plans to do, and Diantha explains that she shall first reunite with her comrades, after which they will decide on the next step of action, including what to do with Zygarde. She hopes that Green would give her a hand, and Green naturally agrees, telling her to climb aboard his Charizard with him.

Meanwhile, at the Lost Hotel on Route 15, the Vaniville kids are being treated to an extraordinary high-class meal, which is unfortunately giving them more pressure than pleasure. Their chef Siebold, who is also one of the Elite 4, brings them their main dish, and zealously explains that the sauce is made from the Leppa Berries that grow nearby, which is prepared by simmering it over a small flame for one full day followed by allowing it to sit in room temperature overnight. Hearing that, Shauna rolls her eyes while everyone else appears uncanny, and Siebold wonders why they aren't dipping into the food while it is still hot. Shauna begins to snicker that they have been accused of starting before the introduction was complete when the appetizer was served, but she is quickly shushed by Tierno before her words reach Siebold's ears. Siebold notices that the kids are wearing a sour look, and wants to know if they dislike the Leppa Berry. Trevor quickly denies, and says it looks really delicious. Siebold is glad to hear that, and boasts that as a chef, he needs to be meticulous even when it comes to picking the smallest berries. He then excuses himself to get the dessert ready, and leaves the kids to themselves.

As soon as Siebold moves out of sight, everyone lets out a sigh of relief and Shauna drops her head on the table. Y relents that she feels so uptight that she can't really taste the food, and Trevor agrees, although he thinks they should be grateful that someone is putting so much effort in preparing a meal for them. Shauna states that she would be extremely delighted under normal circumstances, but not when the chef is some weird person whose first question upon meeting them was whether Pokemon battling is worthy of being called an art. When being asked that question earlier, Shauna replied that it was an overstatement, and her response immediately ticked off Siebold. The man demanded that she considered her words carefully before she spoke, and hollered that good cooking should not simply fill the appetite but must bring upon the highest satisfaction and fulfill all five senses of the consumer. He stated that cooking was a form of art that required knowledge, practice and the pursuit of creativity, which were also necessary to excel in Pokemon battling. That said, Pokemon battling was definitely an art in his eyes.

Y sweatdrops as she recalls the conversation, and relents that making compliments about the food's taste isn't so straightforward after all. A voice comes on to joke that they seem to be in endurance training, and everyone sees that Ramos has joined them. The Coumarine Gymleader grins as he walks over to the kids, and remarks that this must be Siebold's way to thank them and express his regret of being oblivious to Team Flare deal so far. As a member of the Elite 4, the young man must be blaming himself even more so than them Gymleaders, which is why he thinks treating them to something delicious while they are in hiding would lighten up their mood.

Trevor and Tierno raise their eyebrows at the term 'hiding', and wonder what Ramos means, since they are not exactly worried about Team Flare knowing where they are anymore. The fact that Y has recruited Xerneas on their side has given them a considerable battling force, and they don't really need to fear the enemy's ambush now. X thinks it has nothing to do with battling, and Ramos admits that it is indeed something else that shall force them into hiding. It turns out that the Team Flare members who have infiltrated the media and mass public are spreading twisted messages, and claim that the explosion at Geosenge Town was the fault of the Gymleaders and the Vaniville children. Everyone bolts in disbelief upon the revelation, and Ramos explains that it is why they Gymleaders are currently sending their Pokemon out to help with the rescue and repair works in all the affected and damaged areas.

Trevor cannot believe that Team Flare has twisted the truth to place the blame on them, and trembles with anger. Y wants to know if it is alright that she scouts the nearby grassland, and Ramos wonders what she plans to do. Y explains that she wishes to catch a new Pokemon to fight along with, and specifically wants one that is capable of Mega Evolution. Ramos then remembers that Y will undergo the successor ceremony soon, and Shauna believes that she needs some trimming, or rather styling, before it. Ramos gives Y the green light check out the nearby area, but thinks it will be good if she has a bodyguard. He steals a glance at X, but the boy simply drops his head and continues with his meal. Apparently, X and Y have not spoken to each other since they left Geosenge, and Trevor can see that the tension between them is getting hard to ignore. Usually, Y would have already lashed out at X for his uninformed solo quest, but for some reason, she has remained silent, which makes X uncertain of how to act. Trevor wonders what is really on Y's mind, and hopes that his two childhood friends could make up soon.

Later, in an adjacent room, Gurkinn finishes up on re-styling his own Keystone from the Mega Glove into a Mega Ring. At that moment, he hears a knock on the door, and grins that the timing is just right. He opens the door to find Y, who has trimmed her hair short, and welcomes her in for her successor ceremony. And so, in the witness of the other Vaniville kids, Ramos and Siebold, Gurkinn passes the Mega Ring to Y, and officially recognizes her as a Successor, hoping that she will remember the teachings of hast thou not gone against sincerity; hast thou not felt ashamed of thy words and deeds; and hast thou not lacked vigor. Y accepts her heritage with a serious look, and slips on the bracelet as everyone else applauds, all except X, who remains solemn. Shauna congratulates Y for earning Big G's recognition, and Gurkinn says he is equally delighted, addressing Shauna as Big S.

Y wants to know if it is really alright since she has taken the very last and personal Keystone that Gurkinn owns, but the Mega Evolution Guru grins that it is how it is supposed to be. He states that he will die of old age one day, and he has chosen to give Y the stone because for one, it is his job to pass down the legacy to a younger generation; two, their land is in the middle of a big crisis; and most of all, he sees the great quality in Y that will make her a fitting trainer to command Mega Pokemon. Y expresses her honor to inherit the Mega Ring, and promises to do her best. She then says it is time for the bodyguard to do his job, and yanks at X by the back of his collar. X asks what she wants, and Y reminds him that he has the task of accompanying her on catching new Pokemon.

A few moments later, X and Y wander in the tall grasses of the route, and Y wonders what Pokemon she should get. She rationalizes that instead of personal preference, she should aim for battle-oriented this time, and X agrees with an emotionless tone. Hearing X's response, Y lets out a sigh, and says she knows exactly what X is thinking. She understands that he must see his own fault in his solo mission to infiltrate the enemy's base, but yet doesn't want to hear words of accusation, which is why he is keeping his feelings hidden and pretending as if he doesn't care. The truth is, she really wants to explode at him and yell at the top of her voice, because he broke their pact and made her really sad. However, now that she has become a Successor, she needs to learn to refine her character as Master Gurkinn said, and for that, she has chosen to control her emotions and not to go into rampage.

Hiding behind a rock nearby, Trevor eavesdrops on the conversation between X and Y, and is astounded by Y's newfound resolution. Y goes on to ask X about his battle with Lysandre, and X reveals that the man was extremely powerful. The only thing he managed to do was to free Xerneas, but he was completely overwhelmed otherwise. Y wants to know how that affected his self confidence, and whether he plans to give up or carry his defeat and run away. X tells Y to spare him the blunt words, and Y, after pausing for a moment, wonders if X remembers the day they first met, the day he moved into Vaniville Town…

With her hair tied up into pigtails, little Y watches with curiosity as the Machokes from the moving company carry the heavy boxes into her new neighbour's house. Her mother, Grace, yells from the window that she should stay out of other people's way and get back to her Rhyhorn saddling, and the girl reluctantly returns to her Rhyhorn. At that moment, X shows up, and immediately notes that she doesn't look too keen with what she is doing. He asks if she hates practice, and Y stutters in her response. X believes that she should just speak her mind, but Y says she couldn't as her mother is a famous Rhyhorn Racer, and everyone is expecting her to follow the same path. As Y hollers with frustration, she absent-mindedly whips Rhyhorn with the leash, which eventually agitates the Pokemon. Without warning, it starts dashing off and throws Y off her feet with the leash that she is holding. The girl screams with fright, and X hurriedly sends out his Kangaskhan, Kanga, to stop Rhyhorn with its massive body. The impact hurls Y into the air, but Li'l Kanga, the baby Kangaskhan, catches her in time. X worriedly asks if Y is alright, and the girl thanks him with gleaming eyes, fascinated by his superb skills in commanding Pokemon. X explains that he plans to take part in the town's junior battle tournament the next year, which further amazes Y. X states that he loves Pokemon battling and plans on pursuing it for the rest of his life, which is something he will never shy away from telling people. Although he doesn't know what Y wants to do instead of Rhyhorn Racing, he hopes that she could do the same and speak her mind too. Y grins at his words, and feels grateful that she has made a new good friend. Soon, her other friends Trevor, Shauna and Tierno arrive, and she takes time to introduce their new neighbour to them…

Y fondly recalls what X said about voicing out one's mind on the day they met, and states that it is the reason she now speaks and acts so candidly. X blushes a little at the revelation, and finally admits his error, promising not to go on any uninformed solo quest again. He then tells Trevor to come out, revealing that he knows he was there all along, and Flabebe makes fun of Trevor's poor hiding skills. X wishes to see the Mega Pokemon list they got from Team Flare, and Trevor quickly digs out the file from his bagpack. Scanning through the document, X decides that he shall get a Pinsir while Y catches an Absol, and Trevor wonders why he picked them specifically. X says there is no particular reason, but thinks it will balance out their teams, and he personally wants to have a bug type Pokemon, although they can be hard to find. As the three Vaniville kids continue to search the grass, a Pinsir happens to be in the area, and watches them from a nearby cliff.

At the same time, Diantha soars in the skies with Green on his Charizard, and says there is actually something she hopes to find out. Green wonders what it is, and Diantha recalls that during the 3 vs 3 battle in Route 8's forest, her side was backed up by Korrina and the young trainer named X. On Malva's side, she was helped by the Scientist Celosia as well as a black-suited woman named Essentia. Although Malva is a tough opponent, she knows what kind of person she is. For the Team Flare Scientists, she also has a basic idea of how strong they are. However, for the black-suited trainer, she has absolutely no idea. Earlier, she made contact with her master, who has informed her that the mysterious trainer apparently has the ability to shape shift, suggesting that there are many things unknown about her. Clearly, being able to deal with this opponent will be crucial in their upcoming battles, and she is desperate to know who this dark and mysterious Essentia really is…

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034: VS Rhyperior!