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At the Pokemon Village, Xerosic makes his way across a flower field, and finds himself impressed by the serenity of the place. Although he is in a hurry to deliver a message to his Boss, he is nevertheless aware of the many wild Pokemon that inhabit the area, including Furfrous, Jigglypuffs and Noctowls. In the middle of the field, a Snorlax rests under a canopy made of twigs and shrubs, and its gentle snore creates a certain ambience of tranquility.

On the far side of the field, something far more dynamic is going on. Xerosic soon spots Malva and Braixen observing something from behind a tree, and approaches them. However, Malva quickly shushes him, and Xerosic realizes that their leader, Lysandre, is having a self-practice session. With his top off, the Team Flare Boss's upper body glistens with sweat as he issues commands to his Mega Gyarados. He orders a Waterfall, and the giant sea serpent instantly charges towards Mienfoo, knocking it out with the powerful impact. Malva exclaims in awe at the sheer force of the move, and thinks the overwhelming fury that their leader embodies is going to pave the path for this world's purification.

Malva's remark alerts Lysandre to their presence, and he turns around to greet them. Malva proceeds to hand him a towel to dry off, and Lysandre voices out his gratitude. He then compliments Malva for all the hard work she has done so far, and says not everyone could snatch a Keystone, find the Cocoon and even capture the legendary Yveltal. The pink haired woman says she is honored to be of use, and hopes it doesn't take long for her to see the beautiful Kalos that Lysandre aspires to recreate.

Lysandre wipes the sweat off his body, and wants to know what became of Diantha, which instantly puts a frown on Malva's face. With a nonchalant tone, she informs him that the young woman is probably dead underground by now, and Xerosic could clearly feel the menace in her words. Lysandre wonders what it is that Xerosic wishes to tell him, and the red-haired Scientist reveals that Sycamore has apparently learnt of their true identity and is taking actions about it, which is why he thinks they should stay at the Village for a little longer. Malva doesn't understand the logic for being at such an inconvenient place when they could simply go to the secret lab beneath the Café, but Xerosic explains that it is because the two assistants of Sycamore have been keeping an eye on the Café. Moreover, an increasing number of people are associating the Geosenge incident with Team Flare despite their scheme to blame it on the Gymleaders and the Vaniville kids. That said, it is better to stay out of the picture and avoid drawing too much attention at the moment.

Lysandre remarks that the Pokemon Village shall do for now, and thinks it is actually convenient in another way since it is only inhabited by Pokemon who were abandoned by heartless humans. He wants to know where the four other Scientists are, and Xerosic explains that they are at the lab, working on crafting the Pokeballs which they snatched from the Poke Ball Factory. Lysandre acknowledges it with a nod, and decides to rest, retreating into the cave which is situated in the innermost part of the Village.

Meanwhile, on Route 15, also known as the Brun Way, Y faces a wild Absol, and is attempting to capture it under X's guidance. Fighting with Veevee, she has tossed out a dozen of Pokeballs, but has so far failed to score a successful catch. X gives her a friendly reminder that she should refrain from using fairy type moves, and Y barks with annoyance that she is already aware of that, which is why she is only resorting to Swift and Quick Attack to chip away Absol's health.

Watching nearby, Trevor, Shauna and Tierno still find it odd that a wild Absol has appeared since the species normally doesn't inhabit the area. As fate would have it, it showed up right after Y decided to capture an Absol, and it has neither run nor attacked so far, almost as if it has come specifically to be captured. X states that Absol is of Dark type, and most people are under the impression that it brings disasters. However, some also believe that it received such a classification because it has the ability to detect where disaster is going to occur, and is said to show up to give assistance and warn humans about it.

Y wonders if this Absol came in an attempt to stop the Ultimate Weapon, which means it intends to fight Team Flare and put an end to their evil schemes which would throw Kalos into chaos. She urges the wild creature to lend her its strength if it is really the case, and tosses out another Pokeball. This time, the Absol makes no attempt to resist, and allows itself to be captured. Y cheers with excitement, and quickly shows off her accomplishment to X. However, X thinks she shouldn't be overtly happy as yet since she still needs to find Absolite, the Mega Stone of Absol, in order to Mega Evolve it. Y sulks that X could at least show some appreciation of her efforts in making the capture, and Trevor grins that it is X's turn to find a Pinsir now.

The orange-haired boy states that Pinsirs normally do not inhabit the area either, but X reveals that he has actually spotted one earlier on top of the nearby cliff. Even now, he could faintly hear its low cry, and his friends think they should go find it before it flees. Yet, X appears hesitant, and after a moment of thought, says he could manage on his own and wants the others to return to the Lost Hotel first. Y reminds him that they have agreed not to go solo again, but X argues that he isn't venturing off but simply catching a Pinsir at a location they are aware of. Shauna wouldn't hear any of it however, and insists on the five of them going together. Dragging X by the arm, she starts to lead the way, and Y gives an usher behind X's back as the group begins to move.

On their way up the cliff via the hillside road, the group suddenly comes across a battered Scyther lying motionless with its arms spread out on the ground. Its terrifying appearance causes Trevor to gasp in shock, and Y wonders if it is still alive. X believes that it is, and after examining the wounds on its body, concludes that they are old and not the cause of its state. However, he couldn't really tell what has happened to it, because its hollow eyes suggest that it has more than just fainted.

At that moment, something lashes out at X from behind, and he narrowly dodges in time to evade the attack of a wild Pinsir. The boy quickly sends out Marisso, and gets it to restrain the bug Pokemon with its Vine Whip. Marisso ties Pinsir against a tree to immobilize it, and Trevor feels glad that not only has the Pinsir appeared but it could no longer flee now. Yet, X falls silent once more, and suggests again that his friends return to the hotel first and leave the rest to him. Shauna barks that he is wasting their time, and Y hollers that he should stop talking and just toss the ball now.

Left with no choice, X lets out a sigh, and gets an empty Pokeball ready. However, as he throws it forward, he squeezes his eyes shut and angles sideways, causing the ball to hit the ground and bounce off instead of connecting with Pinsir. Y, Trevor, Shauna and Tierno instantly widen their eyes, and gawk in astonishment at the scene. X makes a second attempt, but the Pokeball lands between Pinsir's pincers this time and the bug Pokemon easily cracks it. X's four childhood friends start to mumble among themselves, and find X's maneuver extremely odd. On a deeper thought, neither of them has really seen X capture a Pokemon before, and they start to wonder if X is a poor catcher after all.

Just then, a voice comes on to say that X's fault not only lies in his tossing maneuver but also the fact that he kept his eyes closed, which made him unable to aim properly. X turns around, and sees a young man in cape arriving on a Charizard. Behind him, a familiar face appears, and everyone exclaims that it is Diantha, the Kalos Champion who went missing on Route 8. Y and Shauna are grateful to see that she is alright, and Diantha apologizes for making them worried on top of not being to help in their battle. Y wonders who the young man in cape is, and Diantha introduces him as Green, an old friend from a faraway region who has come to help.

Green tells Diantha to leave the introductions and greetings for later, as they are getting in the way of Pinsir's capture. Diantha, knowing the personality of her acquaintance, giggles that she shall excuse herself to find the Master in that case. Green then turns his attention to X, and criticizes his way of tossing the Pokeball. X gets irritated by the comment, but before he could say anything, the wild Pinsir manages to break free from the vines and starts thrashing around. Green mocks that it is what happens when one acts sluggishly, and the Vaniville kids all feel a little taken aback by the young man's harshness.

The Pinsir lets out a shriek, and begins to hurl boulders towards the group, forcing everyone to duck and evade. Green notices that the Pinsir is unusually agitated, and asks if the kids know the reason why. X states that it doesn't seem so much as targeting them but appears to be obsessed with the place instead. So far, it hasn't really focused on attacking, and is only doing things to drive them away. He would almost say that it is simply rampaging with fury, and suddenly notices some old wounds on the bug Pokemon's body. After pausing for a moment of thought, X begins to make his way over to Pinsir. His friends cry that it is dangerous to do so, but X pays no heed and soon stands face to face with Pinsir. The wild bug lunges forward for another attack, but X ducks sideways to evade.

With a calm tone, X tells Pinsir that its opponent is not him but Green, and his remark causes not only his friends but also Pinsir to bolt in surprise. Green remains composed, and is interested to see what the boy has in mind. X acknowledges the fact that Pinsir is feeling furious, and says it probably doesn't want them there. He understands the emotions it is going through, and believes it is only natural for one to become aggressive when feeling lost. That said, he suggests they team up to ventilate its anger, and make Green as their common opponent. Green finds himself intrigued by X's words, and decides to play along. Tossing out a Pokeball, he calls forward his Scizor, who quickly engages in a close-up combat with Pinsir. X proceeds to order a Storm Throw, but Scizor leaps into the air and easily dodges Pinsir's grip.

Watching with bewilderment, Y wonders what X has gotten himself into, but Tierno points out that Pinsir is apparently following X's commands. Trevor sees that both Pokemon are of the Bug type, and both wield pincers as their main weapon. He finds Green a little childish for deliberately setting up such a dual, but soon notes that X and Pinsir appear to be working really well together. After a few more clashes, Pinsir eventually lands a grip around Scizor's waist, but Scizor clasps its claws onto each of Pinsir's horns at the same time, locking them in position and causing the wild bug to wince in pain.

Green comments that X's ad hoc collaboration with Pinsir is certainly remarkable, but states that his Scizor, which he has raised from a Scyther, has gone through thousands of battles, making it far more experienced and tolerant to pain. He points out that Pinsir is already reaching the limit of its endurance, and X, after a moment of thought, pats Pinsir on the back, saying that it has already done well enough. With that, Pinsir lets go of its grip, and Scizor releases its clasp at the same time. Green wonders if X is backing off from the battle, but X shakes his head, and says he has simply achieved his goal, which Green responds to with a knowing grin.

X turns to Pinsir, who is much calmer now, and asks if its frustration was about its battle companion. Pinsir nods as it gazes upon the motionless Scyther, and Trevor is shocked that the two are battle companions. Y wonders how X knew, and X explains that he came to the realization when he saw the old wounds on their bodies. He points out that while those on Scyther's body are made by pincer grips, those on Pinsir's body are caused by scythe slashes. Green bolts in recognition as he lays eyes on the Scyther, and X, knowing that the young man must have seen Pokemon in similar condition before, wants to know what resulted in the status.

Green explains that it is what becomes of a Pokemon when its bioenergy has been drained completely, and the term 'bioenergy' rings a bell in the Vaniville kids' heads. Trevor recalls that it was this energy from Xerneas that Team Flare was trying to snatch, and Green says it could be regarded as the life force of a Pokemon, something which neither healing items nor the Pokemon Center could restore. That said, as long as Scyther still has the will to live on, with time, its bioenergy will slowly replenish, allowing it to recover back to its usual status.

Trevor wonders if this has anything to do with the Ultimate Weapon again, and Y notices that Scyther seems to be the only Pokemon with this condition while the other wild Pokemon appear to be fine. Green believes that this particular place must be the battle ground of Scyther and Pinsir, and the two have gone on training journeys in preparation of their dual date. Unfortunately, Scyther became caught up with the tragedy on its way to the battle ground, which both pained and frustrated Pinsir. X wears an amused look upon hearing Green's words, and Green wants to know what is wrong. X thinks it sounds really romantic, and Green grins that they will come to understand it someday when they encounter someone whom they could call the rival of a life time. Shauna sweatdrops at Green's poetic remark, but Pinsir seems to echo the sentiment and blushes a little as it starts to turn away.

Green alerts X that the Pokemon he is trying to catch is leaving, and X requests that Green demonstrate to him the proper way to toss a Pokeball. Green decides to show off his skills, and elegantly hurls out a Pokeball towards Pinsir. However, Pinsir catches the ball between its pincers and quickly crushes it into pieces, causing Green to bolt in embarrassment as X mocks that having a cool maneuver doesn't necessarily guarantee a successful capture after all. X decides to talk Pinsir into joining his team voluntarily, and proposes that it stay with him until its battle companion becomes healthy again. He promises that they will be encountering many powerful opponents, which it could regard as part of its training journey. After a brief thought, Pinsir agrees, and everyone rejoices for having a new member in their group.

At that moment, Trevor receives a message on his Holo Caster, and checks to see that it is a visual recording from Prof. Sycamore. He opens the file, and immediately sees the young professor bowing down on his knees. Sycamore apologizes to the group for not trusting their claim about Lysandre being suspicious while they were in Lumiose, and says it wasn't until he watched the recording at the Team Flare HQ which Trevor sent him that he realized the truth, that Lysandre is actually the very Boss of Team Flare.

With all they have been through, Sycamore knows it is pointless to apologize now, but he still wishes to express his guilt. To make up for his mistake, he has asked Sina and Dexio to raid the Lysandre Café. Unfortunately, all the key personnel of Team Flare, including the Café owner Lysandre, were nowhere to be found. The young professor reveals that he is currently on a train to Couriway Town, and hopes that the group will agree to meet him at Anistar City. He states that he has much to tell them, much to relay to them, and much more that he wishes to investigate upon. That said, he urges Trevor to give him a reply, so that they may talk in person as soon as possible.

Y thinks Sycamore sounds really desperate, and Trevor wastes no time to record a reply. However, he starts by reporting on their current location and recent happenings as he usually does, which causes Shauna to fume with rage. She barks that a status update is pointless at this juncture, and tells him to quickly agree on the place and time to meet with the professor. X suggests they get moving if they are heading to Anistar, and without another word begins to head east. His friends cry that he is going off on his own again, and before long, the whole group finds themselves back on the road once more.

Meanwhile, Sycamore has arrived at the Anistar Sundial, which is a famous landmark of the city. With a safety belt and rope, he begins to climb and slowly ascends the giant crystalline structure. Over the years, many have postulated that this mysterious Sundial originated from space, but in truth, nobody knows what it really is. Today, he shall solve this mystery, which could hopefully help to mitigate his guilt towards the Vaniville kids…

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035: VS Pinsir!