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Through the visual phone system screen, Misty frantically asks Professor Oak if he knows about a young trainer who is venturing out with Red's Pokedex and Pika. The professor puts on a smile, and says he was the one who gave the young trainer Red's Pokedex. Misty gets worried and pats on the Krabby which she once traded from Red. Oak tells her to relax and says they should not pass up on any means to locate Red. Misty starts to protest but Oak ignores her, and turns around to tuck a rolled up letter under the claws of Green's Pidgeot. The fully evolved bird pokemon then takes off from the lab and disappears into the skies.

High up on a cliff in the Viridian Forest, Lorelei is spying on Yellow and Bill. The young woman searches around the area and spots what she's come for, Red's Pika, who managed to escape from its trainer's battle with Bruno.

Bill lets out a sneeze as he continues to dry his soaked hair and clothes. Noticing the tents and camping tools around, he turns to ask whether Yellow is on a journey, but the youngster has already fallen asleep under her big straw hat. The man then diverts his gaze on Pika, and is almost certain that it is the one Red used to have. He walks up to the little rat and tries to befriend it, but Pika pretends it doesn't know him and delivers a thundershock. Disheartened, Bill finds another sitting spot and realizes he assumes too much. He sees Yellow's fishing rod on the ground and recalls the capturing of the wild Seadra earlier. He marvels over the youngster's skill to make use of the water current direction to catch the pokemon, but is surprised to see that the device is simply an ordinary pokeball attached to an old fishing rod. He examines the Seadra inside the pokeball, and is even more surprised to see it fully healed after receiving several electric attacks earlier. Seeming to hold so much mysteries within, Bill starts to wonder who the young trainer really is.

Suddenly, a voice demands the handover of Pika and Bill turns around to see a young woman with glasses and purple hair standing on the cliff. Lorelei releases her Dewgong and has it fire an aurorabeam. Bill shivers from the cold winds stirred up by the ice attack, but Yellow remains asleep amid the turmoil. Dewgong powers up to unleash a blizzard, and Yellow wakes up with a sneeze. She wonders why the weather suddenly chilled and Bill madly yells at her for being so insenstive to things happening around. Bill demands to know the identity of Lorelei, and the young woman softly chuckles. She asks if the pokemon inventor is aware of the challenge Red received from Bruno of the Elite 4, and Yellow immediately tenses up while Bill obvious knows nothing about it.

Lorelei continues to say that the Pokemon League Champion has been defeated, but one of his pokemons, Pikachu, has unfortunately escaped afterwards. She remarks that it would tarnish the reputation of the Elite 4, and commands Dewgong to fire another ice attack towards Pika. She introduces herself as the expert of ice, Lorelei, and motions her Dewgong to resume its assault. Bill starts to run away, and Yellow orders Dodosk to use peck on the frozen ground. The two-headed bird pokemon drills out a giant ice plate and hurls it towards Lorelei. The young woman grunts and immediately has her Dewgong slam the plate into pieces, but Bill and Yellow have already taken the opportunity to escape when she was occupied with the surprise retaliation.

Inside a cave of the Viridian Forest, Bill pants heavily and complains about his miserable day. He asks if what Lorelei said was true, and Yellow admits that Red has indeed agreed to a challenge after which he vanishes. Bill cannot believe that someone as strong as Red, who has even captured the title of the Pokemon League Champion, could be defeated, but Yellow assures him of the fact and says the captivators are a gang of four very strong trainers known as the Elite 4. Yellow then closes her eyes and hugs Pika tight. Bill stares in awe as all the wounds from the ice attacks on the little rat's body start to heal, though a little scar remains on its left ear. The man asks who Yellow really is, and the young trainer says she is currently on a quest with Pika to search for the missing Red. Bill starts to reason with her that it is a very dangerous task to face the Elite 4 judging from the strength of Lorelei, but Yellow is determined and stands her ground.

Suddenly, a high-pitched drilling sound echoes the cave and Bill wonders what the sound is. Somewhere else in Kanto, Agatha is wiping the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier she picked up from the rubbles of the collapsed Silph Co. Building. She watches over the happenings at Viridian Forest through her laptop screen, and gives a grin as she realizes Lorelei is about to unleash her famous attack..

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044: VS. Dewgong!

Volume 04

Lorelei appears to get back Red's Pika