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High on a cliff over the cave in the Viridian Forest where Bill and Yellow are hiding, Lorelei's Cloyster continues to release its spike cannons into the cave from above.Yellow realizes their enemy has located them, and Bill is about to ask how when a frozen spike cannon drills through the roof of the cave and plunges straight for them. Bill starts to dash towards the cave exit but an avalanche of ice blocks tumbles down from the cliff above and seals the whole opening.

Up on the cliff, Lorelei smirks and says it doesn't matter where they hide, as any movements can be easily detected when the air surrounding the place is so cold and motionless. Back in the cave, Bill begins to shiver from the cold and tells Yellow to break through the ice with Dodosk's peck, but the youngster says the enemy expects that and will certainly be waiting to attack them at the cave exit. Yellow is still wondering what pokemon has the ability to create frozen spike cannons when she notices a crevice on the roof of the cave. She orders Pika to return to its pokeball and secures it to the end of her fishing rod. Bill watches on, dumbfounded, as the young trainer swings the rod and hurls the pokeball out through the crevice.

Lorelei orders her Dewgong and Cloyster to attack again as Pika secretly watches from the pokeball that Yellow slipped out of the cave roof crevice. Cloyster begins to unleash a spike cannon while Dewgong freezes the cannon with an ice beam before it hits the roof top. Through reading Pika's thoughts telekinetically, Yellow realizes they're under attack by a combined pokemon attack. Lorelei, however, notices Pika's pokeball almost at the same time and orders her pokemons to direct another frozen cannon to it. Yellow retrieves the pokeball through the crevice just in time, and holds it to read more of Pika's thoughts. Bill wonders how Yellow can communicate with pokemons through thoughts alone, and Yellow says she is able to pick up the emotions that pokemons emanate.

Back on the cliff, Lorelei grins that the two won't be able to stand the cold temperature inside the cave much longer when apokeball rolls out from the roof top crevice again. She laughs that the same tactics shouldn't be used twice and immediately has Dewgong and Cloyster fire the frozen spike cannon to destroy the ball and the Pikachu inside. Just then, the ground shakes and Yellow bursts through the cave exit will Bill on Dodosk. The young trainer grins as she holds up Pika's pokeball, and Lorelei realizes she has been tricked and that it was an empty pokeball that she struck earlier.

Yellow hurls her fishing rod forward and Pika leaps out from the pokeball at its end, delivering a thundershock on Cloyster. The bivalve pokemon protects itself with withdraw just in time but the horn on its head gets zapped off. Bill looks at the injured Cloyster and realizes Dewgong cannot create the frozen spike cannon again without its companion's help. Lorelei remarks that Yellow must have learnt how the combined attack works to choose the right pokemon to injure, and demands to know how she managed to see from the cave beneath. Yellow, however, ignores her and spins around to flee amid Dewgong's ice attacks. Bill wonders why Yellow doesn't retaliate and suddenly realizes the pokemons of both parties have not been truly hurt in the fight. Cloyster might have taken a thundershock and lost its horn, but its insides remain intact from the protection of its hard shell and thus did not receive a substantial damage. Looking at the youngster in front of him, Bill muses to himself how rare it is to come across a trainer with both telekinetic and pokemon healing powers.

Lorelei, on the other hand, continues to give chase with frustration. She sees that Yellow's no ordinary trainer and requests to know her name. Turning around momentarily on her Dodosk, Yellow announces her name as Yellow de Viriangrove to the young woman.

Somewhere else in Kanto, Blue's Jigglypuff, Jiggly, is floating mid-air and holding a giant antenna, which has a cord that extends all the way to the house below. Inside the house, Blue tells Jiggly that the position of the antenna is right, and continues to listen to the conversation between Yellow and Lorelei through a speaker on her desk. Besides the speaker, a computer screen shows the detailed locations of Yellow in the Viridian Forest. Blue lets out a frustrated sigh as she hears Yellow reveal her name, and gets troubled over the young trainer's candid attitude.

Back in the Viridian Forest, Lorelei is still tailing after Yellow and Bill. Dewgong freezes the road ahead with an icebeam and starts to glide along it with doubled speed. Lorelei starts to edge close and orders another icebeam attack. The sea lion pokemon unleashes a blast of ice from its mouth to create a mass of jagged ice rubble in front of Dodosk, and Yellow immediately pulls on the reins to stop the bird pokemon. After a brief thought, Yellow spins Dodosk around and decides to head towards the stream instead. Lorelei gladly follows and Bill remarks it is not the wisest choice. Dewgong creates a giant wave to throw Dodosk up in the air and Lorelei releases Cloyster to freeze the wave with an aurorabeam. Yellow and Bill find their feet stuck in the frozen plateau of the wave as Lorelei smirks and orders a supersonic from Cloyster. Amid the screeching noise, Yellow tucks on her fishing rod and the pokeball on it end gently lands under the plateau of the frozen wave.

Cloyster points one of the spikes on its shell towards Yellow's throat and Lorelei lets out a grin. She remarks that Yellow must be one of those trainers with telekinetic powers, and the question is how deep she has developed the skill. The young woman says she saw Yellow tense up when she mentioned Bruno, and wonders if the youngster has learnt of the whole story yet. Yellow remains silent the whole time but a gritting sound starts to get louder and louder. Lorelei wonders where the sound came from when all of a sudden the plateau Yellow and Bill are standing on falls off and lands on the stream below. The young woman gasps in surprise when she realizes Yellow's Rattata has secretly used hyperfang to break off the ice from below. She pulls out a pokeball and prepares to give chase again, but a smokescreen hits her from behind and stuns her for a moment. She spins around to locate her attacker, yet the girl and her Horsea have already disappeared into the woods. By then, Yellow and Bill have already escaped far away and Lorelei lets out a grunt as she stands on the remains of the frozen wave.

On the slowly melting ice plateau that is now floating on the stream towards the east, Bill is doing the oaring as Yellow yawns again. Bill gasps at the sharp fangs of Rattata, named Ratty, and Yellow says it is a very special pokemon to her. The pokemon inventor starts to introduce himself, but Yellow has fallen asleep once again. Bill stares at the young trainer in front of him with sweatdrops, and little does he know that the little cowboy is actually a girl in disguise.

Meanwhile, Lorelei is communicating with Agatha through her special compact mirror. The older woman says Yellow is apparently still new to pokemon mind-reading, and that before details of the battle between Red and Bruno can be learnt, the young trainer should be gotten rid of. Lorelei smirks and agrees that aside from Red's Pikachu, they have to include Yellow in their newest target list...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

045: VS. Cloyster!

Volume 04

With help from Blue, Yellow & Bill escape from Lorelei