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Pika charges up and delivers another thundershock to supernerd William, but the insulating stockings on the young man renders its efforts useless. William smirks and tells Pika to give up struggling, and that it will be easier for it to be his loyal pokemon than to play antagonistic. He lets out another maniacal laugh as Yellow continues to get battered up by the combined attack of Persian and Marowak, and remarks that bonemerang will keep twirling back until its target is knocked out.

Yellow notices that both Dodosk and Ratty don't seem to be able to stand the assault much longer, and decides that the only way to get out of the situation is to take the attack directly. She retrieves the two pokemons into their pokeballs and tells them to take care of Pika, then turns around to wait for the spinning boneclub to strike. Pika screams in frenzy as the thick bone slams directly into the chest of the young trainer, knocking her down with a shattering sound as if all her ribs have been cracked. The supernerd William gives off a victorious smirk and tells Marowak to retrive its bone, but to his surprise, the pokeballs of Dodosk and Ratty are fastened onto the returning bone with a piece of fishing string. The two pokemons backspin the boneclub to strike the supernerd, and Pika makes use of the chance to escape.

William is about to give chase when a giant Onix appears out of nowhere to block his way. A Starmie and Gloom then close in on him from other directions, and the young man immediately finds himself surrounded by Brock, Misty and Erika, the three gymleaders belonging to the Alliance of Justice. The supernerd grins and is about to say he is familiar with all of their battling styles when a Rapidash appears behind him. Blaine comes out to pick up an unconscious Yellow, and William gasps in shock that there exists a four gymleader of the alliance. He complains that four on one is unfair, but Misty remarks that ambushing someone in the dark isn't exactly a heroic behaviour either.

The supernerd grunts and secretly soaks Marowak's boneclub with Paras's poison powder. He then prepares to toss it towards the four gymleaders when an electrified concrete block hits him from behind. Brock and Misty turn to find Pika charging up the whole area with its electricity, while Ratty breaks off pieces of concrete with its fangs and Dodosk kicks them up into the air. Erika states that William is immune to electric attacks, but Blaine tells her not to worry as the concrete blocks contain iron chunks in them. The other three gymleaders immediately understand what is going on. By charging up metallic concrete blocks, the three pokemons are creating giant magnets which are attracted to the static electricity generated on the surface of insulators like stockings. William realizes what is going on, but is too late to respond when all the charged blocks fasten themselves onto him tightly and weigh him down to the ground, knocking him out.

Blaine gently places a still unconscious Yellow onto the floor and says she is one special young trainer. Knowing that she and Pika had a small fight earlier that night, the bald scientist turns to the little rat and remarks that one must care for her pokemon a lot to be willing to sacrifice herself. Misty and Brock add in that it is clear how desperate Yellow is to find Red as well, and tell Pika to think over it. Pika looks at the fallen young trainer and hesitates a while, then walks over to snuggle against her shoulder.

Erika places Yellow's sketchbook down next to her, and says it is Yellow's own version of the Pokedex. The four gymleaders watch over the mysterious little cowboy, neither of them realizing that she's a girl, and agree that it is one long and harsh journey that the young trainer is on. Blaine then turns to Misty, who he meets for the first time, and starts to apologize for his evil work on her Gyarados two years ago. Misty grins and says it's all in the past, and that what's important is they are working for the same goal now.

Relieved that the Cerulean gymleader holds no grudges towards him anymore, Blaine decides to work on what Erika called him for. He releases his Growlithe, and has it locate the fabric of Red's clothes on the supernerd. The fire puppy takes a sniff at the young man and immediately finds a broken patch of black garment. It then gives off a howl towards the north when Blaine takes out a compact microscope and computer to analyze the fabric. He soon discovers traces of moonstone radiations in the material, and states that judging from the direction Growlithe points towards, Mt. Moon might have been the place where the supernerd found Red's torn garments.

A swirl of dark fog slowly surrounds the unconscious body of the supernerd William. The four gymleaders turn back in shock as the young man begins to get lifted off...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

048: VS. Paras!

Volume 04

Misty, Brock, Erika & Blaine save Yellow from William