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High up in a skyscraper of Celadon, an old woman sitting next to the window grins evilly as she watches over the happenings at the city centre. Blaine, Brock, Misty and Erika gasp in shock as a dark fog begins to surround and lift off the unconscious body of the supernerd William. The swirling mist begins to suffocate the young man, and the gymleaders immediately release their pokemons to help him. Yellow starts to wake from her faint, and struggles to get up when she sees the supernerd's torture. Misty quickly holds her down and tells her to leave it to them. The Cerulean gymleader orders her Omanyte to unleash a watergun while Brock's Graveller delivers a megapunch. The two pokemons are about to grab hold of William when the fog begins to take form and reveals itself as Gastly.

Blaine remarks that gaseous pokemons cannot be hurt by physical moves, and orders a flamethrower from his Growlithe. Erika suddenly notices a Caterpie on a tree branch next to Gastly, and Blaine exclaims in shock as the fire nears the wild pokemon. Yellow quickly swings her fishing rod forward, and Pika pops out from the attached pokeball just in time to push the Caterpie out of the way. The flame consumes the tree within a second and disperses Gastly at the same time. Graveller catches the supernerd while Yellow compliments on Pika for its good work and gently pats on the head of the Caterpie. The four gymleaders stare in awe at Yellow's unconditional care for all pokemons at all times, and walks over to introduce themselves.

Erika wonders why the Gastly wanted to finish off William, and suspects that someone else is choreographing the whole thing from behind. Blaine agrees that the mastermind must have attempted to kill the supernerd to prevent him from revealing anything about Red, and says he will need to further analyze Red's fabric at his lab for more information. Brock decides to head towards Mt. Moon to investigate, and Erika offers to get her Celadon Troop equipped just in case a battle is required. The black fog suddenly returns and the four gymleaders jump with a start as Gastly reincarnates to control the supernerd once again. Yellow is about to attack when a voice hollers that gaseous pokemons have to be knocked down by destroying their cores. A blinding beam of light strikes the circular centre of Gastly and immediately faints it, and the gymleaders turn to find Green standing atop a building with his Charizard.

Green flies down on his fire dragon, and reveals that the mastermind behind the attack is the expert of ghost pokemon, Agatha of the Elite 4. Yellow tenses up again, and Misty says she has heard of such a gang of trainers who are rumoured to be even stronger than the gymleaders. Misty asks how Green knows the Elite 4 are involved in the incident that night, and Green states that the Gastly demonstrates identical attacking patterns as the one he encountered before. Blaine and Brock immediately realize the boy has fought against the Elite 4 before, and push him for details. Green explains that he met Agatha in the abandoned power plant once, and that he learnt of Red's disappearance from the letters of Professor Oak he received on his journey. He adds that Agatha is known to have means to hack into Oak's communication system, and thus he and the professor exchanged messages via Pidgeot alone.

Judging from all the inexplicable happenings, all four gymleaders have trouble gussing the true intention of the Elite 4. Green turns to Yellow, and tells her that one should prioritize certain things when dealing with the enemy. He remarks that if she had not alerted the Gastly with her fishing rod while saving the wild Caterpie, Growlithe's flamethrower might be gotten to the gaseous pokemon's core in the first place. Misty tries to defend Yellow's actions, but Green says he's not accusing her because Red would have done the same thing. He warns that the Elite 4 is much stronger than they know, and that Yellow must prepare herself well to face the challenges ahead.

Green climbs onto his Charizard, and is about to leave when Yellow stops him. The young trainer asks him to take her along and help her become stronger, and Green tells her to do as she wishes. Brock and Misty hand over the pokeballs of Graveller and Omanyte to Yellow, and say she will need some experienced pokemons to help her on her quest. Yellow thanks them and takes off on Charizard with Green as the four gymleaders watch them fly away. In a small bush behind, the little Caterpie Yellow saved earlier tries its best to follow as its rescuer slowly disappears into the sky...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

049: VS. Gastly!

Volume 04

The Gym Leaders realise Gastly is in control of William
Green Arrives and defends the Gym Leaders From Gastly
Brock gives Yellow his Graveler
Misty gives Yellow her Omanyte
Green and Yellow head off to find Red
The Saved Caterpie starts following Yellow