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Flying high on the back on Charizard, Yellow is asking Green about his encounter with the Elite 4 earlier. After a moment of thought, the boy begins to tell his story...

Two years ago, while Red faced off Giovanni in Viridian, Green was also training hard along the eastern coast of Kanto for the upcoming Pokemon League. Working to complete his Pokedex at the same time, the grandson of Professor Oak did not expect to come across possibly his strongest opponent he's ever encountered in life.

On this one day, Green is surfing on his Golduck in the waters far east of Cerulean. A giant wave is about to hit him straight on, but the boy maneuvers his Golduck to steer out of the way and easily avoids the splash. Noticing a dark shadow looming below him, Green realizes a wild pokemon is after him. The creature emerges out of the water to reveal itself as a Lapras, and begins to fire blasts of water from its mouth. Green orders a tail whip from Golduck to lower the defence of the attacking Lapras, but the long-neck water pokemon quickly freezes the surrounding air and shrounds itself with a mist. Thinking that Green has lost sight of it, the Lapras attempts an ambush and unleashes a jet of water from behind, but the boy suddenly vanishes and the attack hits thin air. Green calls out to the baffled creature and reveals himself standing on top of a water column created by Golduck's hydropump. He remarks that Lapras's only means of attacking is from underwater in the mist, and orders Golduck to fire a hyperbeam. While supporting its trainer with the water column from its mouth, the blue duck releases a blinding beam of light from the red jewel on its forehead and strikes directly onto Lapras from underwater. Green quickly tosses out a pokeball, and captures the wild pokemon without further trouble.

Getting onshore, Green begins to check the Pokedex data of Lapras when a young boy called Bozz approaches him and angrily demands the pokemon back. Green doubts the Lapras belongs to the boy because trainer pokemons cannot be caught, and the boy embarrassedly says he has been trying to capture the Lapras for a long time. Green says it's none of his business in that case and begins to walk away, but Bozz runs up to beg and says he needs strong pokemons desperately. Green thinks for a moment and kneels down to tell the boy possessing a strong pokemon is not equivalent to being a strong trainer, and that he should work hard to improve his skills instead. Bozz sulks and says he is not catching the Lapras to show off his strength, but to help him win his own pokemon back before it's too late. He looks over at the abandoned power plant, and Green realizes something must be wrong.

Later, at a nearby PokemonCenter, Green and Bozz are reporting to Oak about the mysterious happenings at the abandoned power plant lately. Bozz explains that weird shadows and ghost pokemons often appear at the plant, and that his own Haunter got lured to there one night and haven't come back since. Oak remarks that it will be a good opportunity for Green to train before the League, and Green decides to check it out despite the fact that the legendary bird Zapdos is not longer at the plant.

Bozz happily trots after Green on their way to the abandoned power plant, and says he is fortunate to have the grandson of Professor Oak help him retrieve his Haunter, but Green shoots him a cold look and states that he will only be accompanying the boy to the place, and that the boy will have to retrieve his pokemon on his own. Bozz puts on a horrified look, and nervously runs after Green towards the haunted place.

Inside the abandoned power plant, Agatha sits quietly next to her Gastly, Haunter and two Gengars...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

050: VS. Lapras!

Volume 04

Green tells Yellow about his meeting of the Elite 4
Green catches a Lapras
Green & Bozz go to the Power Plant