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At the abandoned power plant east of Cerulean City, Green and Bozz are navigating along the dark corridors of the liveless building. Green remarks how the machinery functions on their own although the place never really been used. A Magneton and three Magnemites suddenly loom up behind Bozz, and the young boy screams in shock as the magnet pokemons begin shooting electric sparks towards him. Green coldly states that one cannot become a skilled trainer if he isn't prepared to deal with elusive wild pokemons, and releases his Machamp to take care of the attackers. The four-armed pokemon delievers a low kick to the leading Magneton, but quickly stumbles back after a piece of screw falls off the metallic creature. Bozz starts to worry that Machamp's attacks are ineffective, but Green replies that an experienced trainer should think of suitable strategies to overcome the problem.

Green remarks that Magnetons and Magnemites often protect their bodies by constanting discharging sonic boom around themselves, and orders Machamp to use focus energy. Machamp starts to puff up its massive arms, and directs all its strength on a one finger to strike the part of the Magneton where the screw came off. The magnet pokemon crumbles to the floor, and Green explains to Bozz that locating the foe's weakest point first with a weak attack will help make the second stirke a critical hit. The three Magnemites quickly flee after the leader falls, and Green asks Bozz if he wishes to return. The young boy puts on a determined look and says he will not leave until he has found his Haunter.

As they continue to walk along the dark corridors, Green recalls Bozz's sightings of ghost pokemons and says it seems unnatural to find non-electric types at the power plant. Bozz swears that he isn't lying but agrees that something spooky must be up. A dark fog starts to surround the two boys and Green quickly pulls out his Pokedex, only to discover that the signals are interferred and nothing can be displayed on the screen. The voice of an old woman giggles that someone with a Pokedex must be a trainer from Pallet Town, and Bozz proudly declares that Green is the grandson of Professor Oak. Green quickly stops the young boy, and says it is not wise to reveal too much when the identity of the enemy is unknown. The voice chuckles again and says she has her own grudge towards the old man, but taking it out on his grandson is equally good.

A Gengar charges out from the dark fog with nightshade, and Green's Golduck immediately creates a water barrier with hydropump. Green tells a horrified Bozz to take shelter, unnaware of Gengar's hynopsis attack on him. By the time he realizes, his body is already starting to lose control. His Pokedex drops off from hand, and he soon enters a dreamy state. From high above, Green sees himself as a young kid again, wearing robes and holding a wooden sword, training with his teacher on a far away land from home.

Meanwhile, Gengar has lifted the unconscious boy up in the air with its psychic powers and encased him in a transparent coffin made of dark fog. The voice of the old woman laughs that Gengar's special attack, dreameater, helps it feed on the energy emanated by both humans and pokemons when they're dreaming. Bozz blames himself for distracting Green earlier, and watches helplessly as the other boy suffers from the ghost pokemon's deadly attack...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

051: VS. Magneton!

Volume 04

Green meets up with Agatha
Green is knocked unconcious and gets attacked by a Gengar