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Bozz watches helplessly as Gengar continues to drain away Green's energy with dreameater. Agatha slowly appears in the fog, and curses that the abandoned power plant is the result of humans' materialistic desires. She remarks that it is difficult for humans and pokemons to live in harmony, because humans always endanger the lives of pokemons. The power plant was in fact remnants of a large scale industrial scheme that was abandoned after the manufacturers found a better location, but no one ever bothered to clean up the industrial waste left behind, and slowly the many habitats of wild pokemons in the region were destroyed. Alas, the whole area became inhabitable by pokemons except mechanical ones like Magnemite and those that feed on photochemical smog such as Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Agatha grins that it is now the ideal place for her ghost pokemons to powerup themselves.

Bozz suddenly understands why his Haunter was drawn to the area, and Agatha laughs that hundreds of ghost pokemons have already gathered in the plant. She formally introduces herself as a member of the Elite 4, and orders Gengar to continue its draining, adding that it will be impossible for anyone to escape the dreameater induced coffin.

Still lost inside his sleep and memory, young Green stumbles on his back as he once again got knocked down by his quick and almost formless opponent. He begs his teacher to let him use a pokemon, but the man strictly refuses, and says the personal strength of a trainer plays a more important role than that of a pokemon in a battle. He tells Green to drop his wooden sword, and observes his formless foe with his heart. The words strike a chord in Green's mind and the boy wakes to reality with a start. He quickly notices his immobility from the casket Gengar created around him, and thinks hard on a plan to get out.

Down below, Agatha smirks that Green won't be able to last much longer, and tells her ghost pokemon to direct a blast on Bozz. The young boy falls on his chest next to Green's dropped Pokedex, and suddenly notices words appearing on its screen. Picking up the dex, Bozz realizes that Golduck is secretly channeling Green's thoughts to him with its psychic powers. Green alerts him to the pile of pokeballs behind Agatha, and says his Haunter must be among those many ghost pokemons that the old woman recruited. He tells the boy to find his Haunter to distract the Gengar, and that even a split second will be enough for him to break free of his constraints. Bozz boggles at the plan and says he can't, but Green reminds him that a trainer must overcome his fear to become stronger.

Agatha suddenly appears behind the young boy and asks who he's talking to, and proceeds to order Gengar to unleash a confuse ray on Green. Seeing the older boy's bitter suffer, Bozz remembers that it was his fault in the first place, and brazenly charges towards Agatha. The old woman laughs and has her Golbat and Arbok swipe the boy down. Landing on the pile of pokeballs, Bozz quickly fumbles for his own Haunter, and immediately releases it to attack Gengar. Agatha laughs again at the young boy's futile attempt and tells Gengar to finish it off. Just then, the dreameater coffin disintegrates and the old woman turns around in shock to find Green breaking off his constraints with Scyther's slash. She orders her Gastly and Gengar to create a haze, and smirks that Scyther's physical attacks cannot harm formless pokemons.

Green recalls his teacher's words again. "Once a trainer locates the foe with his heart, his pokemon will naturally pick up the understanding and strike the foe without missing". Directing his thoughts straight through the dark fog, Green orders a slash from his Scyther, and the green mantis slices the two ghost pokemons into half in no time. Agatha grunts and remarks that Green certainly shares the traits of Oak, then starts to create a shroud of fog around herself. Green tries to stop her and ask about her relation to his grandfather, but the old woman has already disappeared.

Bozz rejoices over the reunion with his Haunter, and Green reveals to the young boy that it is the second time he fought against formless pokemons. Two years ago he was possessed by a Gastly once in the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, and he finds it ironic how he didn't remember what his teacher taught him at that time. Green turns around and prepares to leave. He holds out a pokeball and releases the Lapras he caught earlier next to Bozz. He says it is a thankyou gift for helping him out, and that it is up to the boy's choice to keep or release it. Green then proceeds to leave the abandoned power plant, telling Bozz that they might meet again one day...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

052: VS. Gengar!

Volume 04

Green defeats Agatha
Bozz gets his Haunter back from Agatha
Green gives Lapras to Bozz