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The sun has begun to rise from the horizon. In an outback area near the Rock Tunnel, Yellow slowly wakes up from her sleep and lets out a big yawn. She gives Pika a loving hug, and wonders where Green is. After departing from Celadon, the two have flown across Saffron and arrived in the far east of Cerulean, a mountainous region north of where Green once fought Agatha of the Elite 4.

Yellow starts to wander around the rocky place, and soon finds Green facing a giant stone pillar. A flaming boulder suddenly plunges down towards the older boy, and Yellow hollers in shock. Green, however, calmly orders a slash from his Scyther and the flying mantis dices the falling rock into pieces in no time. Green looks up to the pillar top and orders Charizard to create another fire boulder, and Yellow immediately realizes that Green is in the middle of a training session. She calls out to Green and asks him to let her join in, but the boy ignores her and carries on with his own practice.

Something begins to stir in the bush behind Yellow, and the girl turns around to find the little Caterpie she saved in Celadon slowly wiggling out. She happily bends down to pet on its head and wonders how it got there. Green takes a break from his training, and is fairly surprised by the fact that the little pokemon followed them all the way across the mountains and cities. Deciding to test the young trainer's ability in training pokemons, he tells Yellow to capture the Caterpie and level it up for the day. He then turns to leave while Yellow gladly calls out her Ratty and prepares a battle.

Later that night, Green is sitting alone beside a fire next to his pokemons. He recalls how quick the caterpillar line evolves, and assumes that Yellow should have at least levelled up the Caterpie into a Metapod by now. However, the next morning, as he returns to where he left Yellow the previous day, he is shocked to see that the young trainer is still having trouble capturing the Caterpie. Noticing how the pokemon's body appears intact without a wound, Green asks Yellow why she hasn't weakened it. Yellow embarrassedly explains that she doesn't really have any experience with pokemon captures, and that the only time she successfully caught a pokemon was when she's trying to help someone and unknowingly entered a trance state. Green is slightly stunned that a trainer fails to capture a Caterpie after one whole day, and impatiently asks Yellow what attacks her Rattata knows. Yellow looks at the purple rat with a troubled look, and Green fumes with rage that the young trainer doesn't even know the attacks of her own pokemon. Frustrated, he decides to help Yellow with the capture, but the young girl can't even aim a pokeball straight...

Evening has arrived again. Yellow lets out a big grin as she finally manages to capture the little Caterpie. Both Pika and Ratty are panting hard on the ground, and Green is still upset that Yellow is such an inept trainer. He asks how she got her other pokemons aside from Pika that she took from Oak, and the young girl explains that another trainer helped her with the capture of Ratty, and Dodosk was given to her by someone else. Green is about to comment that it is not safe to travel with three pokemons only, when Ratty suddenly begins to tremble and shake. Yellow exclaims in shock and asks Green what is going on, and the boy tells her to take out Red's Pokedex to check. He explains that after the recent intense battles, her Rattata has probably gained enough experience to evolve. Green looks up at Charizard and recalls how evolution increases a pokemon's capability to use a wider range of moves, while Yellow is still confused about what's happening and asks what an evolution is. Green is once again taken aback by the question, and a cloud of smoke begins to surround Ratty.

The little purple rat disappears in a glowing light, and a fully evolved Raticate stands before Yellow as the smoke clears. The young trainer is stunned momentarily by the unfamiliar pokemon in front of her, and suddenly breaks into a big bawl. Green turns back in horror as he yells that he has never met or heard of trainer that doesn't know what evolution is, let alone cry over a pokemon's evolution. Yellow stops her tears after a while, and Green is surprised again to see that the young trainer has fallen asleep.

Later, Yellow sheepishly walks up to Green and apologizes for her behaviour. She explains that she didn't know about the concept of evolution and was only shocked by Ratty's new appearance, but adds that she likes Ratty still, regardless of how it looks. Green remarks that she could cancel the evolutions if she's having trouble with them. He tells Yellow to take out Red's Pokedex again, and explains that holding the cancel button would emit a specific wave pattern from the dex to halt the evolution of a pokemon, which is a unique privilege to Pokedex holders. Yellow marvels over the special dex function, but Green coldly states that she should think of seriously bettering her skills if she's determined to find Red, because judging from what he sees, she wouldn't stand a chance against the Elite 4.

In the far south of Kanto, on an isolated island known as the Cerise Island, Agatha is showing the proof of her guess about the hidden secrets of the Gym Badge Energy Amplifier to Lance. Two years ago, the machine has generated immense power from the Boulder, Cascade, Thunder, Rainbow, Soul, Marsh and Crimson badges to merge the three legendary birds, but little did people know there exists a hidden hole in the middle of the plate to hold an eighth badge. Agatha snaps open a lid in the middle of amplifier, and a small depession with the shape of the Green badge appears. Lance asks Agatha about her search of the elusive eigth badge, and the old woman assures him that she is close to finding it. Lance then turns to leave, and hops on his Aerodactyl as he heads towards Vermillion...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

053: VS. Caterpie!

Volume 05

Green teaches Yellow about Pokémon
Yellow Catches a Caterpie
Ratty evolves into Raticate