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Yellow gleefully plays around with her newly captured Caterpie and decides to call it Freesk. She explains to Pika that she keeps Freesk out of its pokeball because it is still an infant, and tells the little electric rat to look after it for her while she's away to handle some business that day. Pika begins to talk with Freesk and Yellow quietly walks away, hoping that the two will make friends quickly.

A wind-blown leaf swirls in front of Freesk and the little Caterpie starts to follow it out of curiousity. Pika notices that it is about to fall through a rock crevice and quickly hops in to help it across, but then the leaf is blown towards a bunch of cactus and Freesk happily heads after it, oblivious of the sharp spines ahead. Pika jumps in once again to the rescue, only to injure itself on the cactus while Freesk turns around in the nick of time after the leaf gets carried off to another direction. The wind begins to spin the leaf round and round in the sky and Freesk soon gets dizzy gazing at it. Its stomach then starts to gurgle, and Pika quickly looks around for edible material. It finds a bunch of green leaves and feeds them to Freesk, but the little caterpillar spits them out after a while and its body colour slowly turns dark from starvation. Pika wanders around again to scavenge for food, but couldn't seem to find anything apart from rocks and bare ground. With a troubled look on its face, Pika is about to give up the hope of ever finding anything when it suddenly hears the high-pitched scream of Freesk from behind.

Pika turns around to find a Pidgeotto leading a flock of Pidgeys carrying off the baby caterpillar with its claws, and hurries up to a mountain cliff. The Pidgeotto has no idea what's going on and flies straight above the cliff, but Pika puts on a grin and delivers a thundershock on the surprised bird to loosen its grip on Freesk. Pika then catches the falling Caterpie, and turns to notice a tree bearing red flower buds behind. It knocks down a few flower buds to lay them in front of Freesk, and the little pokemon starts slowly nibbling. Freesk's body suddenly returns to its normal colour, and it soon regains its full strength. It bounces around cheerfully as Pika wipes off a sweat from its forehead with a satisfied smile.

As the sun begins to set, Yellow returns with a pile of red flower buds in her arms. She remarks how difficult it is to look for the buds, which are Caterpie's favourite food, in such deserted areas, and sees that Pika and Freesk have fallen asleep next to each other. Noticing the little red flower bud on Freesk's head, the young trainer smiles in content that her pokemons are getting along well...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

054: VS. Pidgeotto!

Volume 05

Pika takes care of Freesk