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Considering herself a student of Green's, Yellow has been training under the boy's guidance for a week now. In the middle of a training session again, Yellow orders Dodosk to kick up another boulder, and Ratty immediately shatters it with its sharp fangs. Green watches from behind and silently acknowledges the improvement Yellow has shown since they first met, but also knows that the young trainer's strength will be hindered by her reluctance to evolve her pokemons. Yellow calls out the Graveller and Omanyte she received from Brock and Misty earlier and decides to train them next, but the two pokemons disobey her and start rolling around when she checks on Red's Pokedex for their learnt attacks. Green remembers how high-level pokemons tend to disobey weak trainers, and thinks to himself that Yellow will be having an even harder time with the Graveller and Omanyte since they used to be gymleader pokemons. Omanyte waterguns Yellow while Graveller starts throwing rocks on her, and Green sighs that the young trainer needs to improve her general pokemon knowledge as well.

At the Cinnabar Gym, the supernerd William lays unconscious on a mechanical bed protected in a glass cylinder while Blaine analyzes the small piece of torn garment believed to originate from Red. He discovers that both the garment and the insulating stocking that the supernerd wears resemble a material that Team Rocket once invented to protect against electric attacks. Remembering how Red snagged a pair of insulating gloves from Lt. Surge in the past, he figures that the torn fabric must have come from Red's gloves. One thing he couldn't understand however, if Mt. Moon was really where Red fought against his challenger, why hadn't the supernerd found and brought back anything else apart from the torn garment? Blaine looks up towards the screen of his giant tracking machine, which displays the map of Mt. Moon, and wishes Brock good luck in his search. Meanwhile, on Mt. Moon, Brock is investigating the area with his five Geodudes. Wandering across the rocky hills and through the dark caves, the young gymleader wonders if he would actually find anything useful there.

Back in the mountainous area near Rock Tunnel, Yellow is studying the data of various pokemons on Red's Pokedex. She draws each pokemon on her sketchbook to help her remember their types and attacks, but soon finds herself overwhelmed with the excess information at hand. Green has told her to familiarize herself with the characteristics of different kinds of pokemons starting with the ones that Red caught, yet there simply is too much to digest for someone who has just learnt the basics of the pokemon world. The Pokedex next shows the data of Eevee, and Yellow notices that its detailed information is available, indicating Red possesses one of this rare specie. She wonders where and how Red captured so many rare pokemons on his journey.

Not too far away behind the young trainer, Green is examining the bare and lifeless ground around him. He recalls seeing scarce distributions of vegetation in the area two years ago, and is slightly surprised that nothing grows there anymore. Remembering the abandoned power plant and all the industrial waste that's left behind, the boy wonders if the ground is already too polluted to bear life again. Suddenly, an atmosphere of hostility fills the place and Green quickly puts on his guard. He hears Yellow hollering in shock, and turns around to find themselves surrounded by a tribe of Mankeys. Noticing their hungry eyes, Green warns that the Mankeys are probably attacking out of starvation since the deserted land no longer provides them with sufficient food. The wild pig monkeys start to attack, and Green calls out his pokemons while telling Yellow to put her recently learnt skills to use.

Green's Golduck and Pidgeot quickly knock down a few Mankeys with hydropump and wing attack, but Yellow's pokemons are handling the wild attackers not as swiftly. Green alerts Yellow to a Primeape sitting next to a giant boulder, and remarks that it must be the leader of the tribe. He orders her to distract it while he takes care of the Mankeys, and reminds her to hold out Red's Pokedex when the Primeape gets close enough. Yellow has no idea what Green has in mind, but decides to go with the plan as she climbs on her Dodosk and hops over the Mankeys towards the Primeape. She orders a peck from the two-headed bird, but the attack barely injures the Primeape and ends up getting it aggravated instead. It starts to chase after her, and the other Mankeys begin to get disoriented once they lost their leader's directions. Green quickly tells Yellow to hold out Red's Pokedex, and emits a blast of light from his own dex. The beam reaches Red's Pokedex, then remerges from the other end as a Porygon to knock out the Primeape with tri-attack.

Stunned by the rapid happenings, Yellow wonders what Green just did, and the boy explains that Porygon is a man-made pokemon that consists entirely of programming codes. It is capable of moving freely in cyberspace, including between Pokedexs. The tribe of Mankeys begin to flee and Green states that certain wild pokemons are very dependent on their leaders. He is about to comment on Yellow's battling skills when he notices the young trainer closing her eyes and gently placing her hands on the fainted Primeape. The pokemon glows with a warm light and soon regains consciousness. Yellow touches its face and says she understands its frustration about the lack of food, and the Primeape turns around with a smile to rejoin its tribe. Green realizes he must have just witnessed the healing powers that Oak has told him about, and muses to himself how unique and special the young trainer is.

Later that day, Green and Yellow are about to go their separate ways, and Yellow is thanking Green for his teachings over the past week. Green hops on his Golduck, and explains to Yellow that the sea route can take her to any destination she wishes to go next. He tells her to wait for the circulating S.S. Anne liner since her pokemons do not know surf, and wishes her good luck before turning to head off. Yellow happily waves from behind as she watches the older boy surf away. Green releases his Pidgeot and tucks a rolled up letter under its claws. He tells it to deliver it to Prof. Oak, and the big bird lifts off swiftly into the sky.

Meanwhile, on Cerise Island, Bruno is training with his Hitmonlee. He orders a high-jump kick, and the fighting pokemon stretches its left leg far towards the right and smashes the giant boulders there. From behind, Lorelei remarks that having extremely flexible limbs is one special ability that Bruno's Hitmonlee alone possesses...

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055: VS. Primeape!

Volume 05

Green continues to teach Yellow about Pokémon
Green & Yellow seperate