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On the sinking liner S.S. Anne, Ken, Ryu and Harry laugh out loud when Yellow's weak team charges towards them. The three releases their pokemons and start attacking those of Yellow's. The President of the Pokemon Fan Club covers his eyes as Harry's Ekans and Weezing combine their poison attacks on Ratty and Freesk, while Ryu's Slowpoke and Hypno direct their psychic attacks on Golosk and Omask. Yellow attempts to dodge the swift of Ken's Voltorb and Electrode by the speed of Dodosk, but the two-headed bird simply isn't as quick as the two electric pokemons. The whole liner sinks again as it gets hit by another wave, and Yellow realizes that she doesn't have much time to deal with the evil men before all the passengers drown in the sea.

Voltorb and Electrode unleash a sonic boom, and Yellow quickly orders Dodosk to whirlwind the three men's pokemons away. She then has Ratty, Freesk, Omask and Golosk jump over board to help the other passengers. Slowpoke tilts the whole ship vertical with a confusion, and everyone begins to fall into the sea. Hypno then suspends the three men in mid-air with meditate, and Ryu laughs that there won't be enough lifeboats to save everyone. The President of the Pokemon Fan Club loses his grip on the fences and starts plunging down, but a swirl of silk thread quickly surrounds him and becomes a floater to support him on the sea. Ken, Ryu and Harry gasp in shock as Yellow's Caterpie creates more silk floaters to save the drowning passengers, and the young trainer immediately tells the people to swim towards the harbour. The three TR gang leaders grunt and are about to unleash another round of attack when their feet suddenly turn cold. They look down and holler in shock that Omask has frozen their lower bodies with icebeam. Ryu orders Hypno to use pound, but the effect of medidate disappears once Hypno moves and the three men drop into the sea.

Harry gets mad and tells his Ekans and Weezing to attack Yellow, who is still clinging onto the fences of the sinking liner. Ekans combines its acid with Weezing's sludge attack, and knocks Yellow off her anchorage. Golosk quickly grabs the falling girl and Pika zaps the two poison pokemons with its thundershock. Ken, Ryu and Harry suddenly notice a gritting sound and yell in a frenzy as they realize the top half of the sinking ship has been gnawed off by Yellow's Raticate and is about to fall on them. Just as the broken hull is about to hit them, Golosk halts its descend and Yellow asks with a grin if the three men would give up on their evil plans. Still recovering from shock and fear, Harry and Ryu nod with a blank look on their faces while Ken has already passed out from fright.

Later, at the Vermillion harbour, Ken, Ryu and Harry are being tied up by the passengers. The President of the Pokemon Fan Club flexes his knuckles and tells Yellow that he will give the men one more attack to help them learn their lesson. He once again orders a pay-day from his Rapidash and Fearow, which ends up spilling coins all over the ground. He happily picks up the money, then turns to ask Yellow about Red. The young trainer loses her smile for a moment and begins to tell her story.

After hearng all about the disappearance of the boy and Yellow's quests to find him with Pika, the president says he might have a tiny bit of information that could be relevant. Yellow fervently presses him for it, and the man slowly tells her about the legend of the Vermillion seaport...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

057: VS. Ekans!

Volume 05

Yellow defeats the three Rocket Elites and saves the passengers of the SS Anne