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Night has fallen in Kanto. Flying across the cities on her Jiggly, Blue soon lands in the northern border of Cerulean in front of the house where Bill lives. She thinks to herself how much Yellow has grown since the encounter with Lorelei in the Viridian Forest, and remarks that it is time for herself to start working on her part. She tells Jiggly to remain silent, and has her Ditto, Ditty, transform into a key to open the front door of Bill's house. Tiptoeing into the small little flat, Blue notices that Bill is asleep in his room and quietly approaches the inventor's giant pokemon transfer machine.

Knowing that the complex computer holds the complete record of different trainer's deposits and withdrawals, Blue begins to search for the data she has come for, but can't seem to figure out much as the program is too complicated for her to understand. Waken by the stirs, Bill secretly finds his pokeball in the dark while still in his pajamas, and prepares to attack the mysterious burglar. He releases his Vulpix and orders a flamethrower from it, but Blue is already prepared and calls out her Blastoise, Turtley to counter the attack. A while later, Blue has tied up both Bill and Vulpix on the floor, and the man yells at Blue for doing this to a friend. Blue apologizes with a grin but says it is to only way to get him to listen. Though her real intention is simply to get the data she needs, she brags to Bill that she is there to help him because she knows that the Elite 4 are on his tail. The young inventor doesn't believe it but Blue remarks that ever since he fought alongside Yellow against Lorelei, the Elite 4 has deemed him as enemy as well. Bill wonders how Blue knows of the battle, and the girl reveals that she has installed a small signal transmitter and microphone on Yellow's straw to help her keep track of the young trainer's location. She also admits that she was the one who sent Yellow on her quest, and that she helped them escape from Lorelei by using Horsea's smokescreen in the Viridian Forest.

Blue then explains that the Elite 4 are also her own enemies. After the Pokemon League ended two years ago, she has been away to search for the giant bird pokemon that kidnapped her to a faraway land when she was young. After gathering enough information, she suspects that the Elite 4 were the culprits behind that incident 8 years ago. Bill then asks what Blue wants from him, and the girl says she needs the withdrawal and deposit records of a trainer from his computer. The young inventor immediate refuses and says it wouldn't be right to invade another persons's privacy. Blue questions if it is still inappropriate if it is the record of Red that she's looking for, but Bill doesn't understand what she's saying. The girl explains that she wants to know if Red retrieved any pokemons to fill Pika's spot after it left to return to Pallet alone, and that by knowing the location where the boy made the withdrawal, they could perhaps figure out where he currently is. Bill begins to hesitate, and the girl fakes a sincere look on her face to beg for his help, which eventually gets the young inventor to agree.

Bill changes to his normal clothes, and Blue secretly giggles that she would also benefit if they learn of Red's location. The young man starts searching through his data base, and soon discovers that Red retrieved his Eevee to fill the spot of Pika. Relieved to know that the boy is alive, Blue tells Bill to quickly identify the location where Red made the withdrawal, but something suddenly strikes from outside the house and shatters the whole transfer machine. Blue looks out the opening of the wall and sees a Hitmonlee standing atop a tree branch flexing its stretchy legs. The kicking pokemon turns to leave, and Blue immediately snatches up Bill and orders Turtley to follow. The Blastoise withdraws its limbs into its hard shell, and begins to propel itself into the air by shooting water out of its cannons.

Bill asks why he is taken along and Blue explains that he has become one of their companions after all they've been through. Knowingly that the girl is fooling him again, the young inventor wants to know the current location of Yellow. Blue takes out her laptop to see that Yellow is still in Vermillion, and remarks that the young trainer hasn't been moving for a while. The Hitmonlee continues to sprint into the woods with an incredible speed, and Blue orders her Turtley to increase the intensity of its water blasts to catch up.

Meanwhile, Yellow and her pokemons are busy fishing by the seaside of the Vermillion harbour...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

059: VS. Hitmonlee!

Volume 05

Blue & Bill find out Red is still alive
Blue & Bill flee from the Elite Four