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It is night time in Kanto. Yellow and her pokemons are once again fishing by the seaside of the Vermillion harbour. With the circulating liner S.S. Anne sunken and the fact that Omask is too small in size to use surf, the young trainer needs to find and catch another water type pokemon to help her travel across the ocean. However, there doesn't seem to be anything but Tentacools in the region, so Yellow decides to call it a night and try fishing again the next day in another area. Noticing that she still isn't sleepy in that late hour, which is a very rare thing, she decides to take the time and give Pika some training. Flipping out Red's Pokedex, Yellow orders Pika to unleash its attacks on a dummy that they made out of wood earlier. The little electric rat starts off with a thunderbolt, and follows with a flash, then finally chars the dummy with its thunderwave. Yellow then prepares to test substitute, a skill that requires an acute sense of timing, and Pika quickly makes use of a quarter of its HP to create a clone of itself with no trouble at all.

Yellow is about to compliment Pika's great work when she hears a frantic scream and turns around to see a big wave splashing straight towards the shore. A swimmerboy on his Slowpoke gets thrown onto the beach and Pika's substitute begins to spin like a plate before disappearing once it hits water. Yellow hurries over to the injured boy and orders Freesk to secure his fractured leg with its silk threads. The swimmerboy thanks Yellow for her help, and the girl wonders why he is surfing at such a late hour. The swimmerboy explains that he is training for the SummerBeach Surfing Contest the next day and introduces himself as Oceano. He remarks that he is a fervent competitor in all sorts of contests and races in Kanto, but thinks that he wouldn't be able to take part in the surfing contest with his injured leg. Yellow takes a look at the contest leaflet that the boy handed her and learns that the winner will be rewarded a Dragonair. She begins to think how great it would be to surf on a Dragonair when Oceano suggests that she takes part for him instead, and offers to lend her his skilled Slowpoke in return for her help. Yellow gives Pika an excited look, and decides to try her luck.

Meanwhile, Blue and Bill are still chasing after the Hitmonlee that attacked the giant pokemon transfer machine earlier. The sky is beginning to brighten up, and Blue remarks that daylight will sure favour their pursuit. Bill says that he has never known anyone who flies on a Blastoise, and the Blue says that they aren't flying at Turtley's maximum speed yet after taking a look at the monitoring device around her wrist. She orders Turtley to speed up when the Hitmonlee suddenly turns around and extends its four limbs across two trees. Turtley slams right into the body of Hitmonlee, and the kicking pokemon flexes its arms to propel the giant Blastoise backwards like a bouncing net. Blue and Bill get thrown into the bushes while Turtley lands on a cliff, and Hitmonlee quickly hops next to it and prepares to battle. Bill tells Blue to order her pokemon to attack, but Blue notices that the Hitmonlee is looking around and remarks that it would stirke them with its flexible limbs immediately if they reveal their hiding location. She states that staying unseen is better for them, and takes out a small microphone with a small hole on its side. Bill wonders what it is, and the girl explains that it is a device to turn her commands into bubbles with various sizes according to the wavelength of the sound she makes. She begins to mumur something into the microphone, and the a bubble slowly forms from the little hole. It floats off towards where Turtley stands and Blue prays that it will work.

It is morning in the Vermillion harbour. The announcer happily welcomes all the competitors in the SummerBeach Surfing Contest, and says that the prize to the champion will be a Dragonair that is best for long distance surfing. Some of the staff begin to move a Dragonair out on a cart, and the bluish purple dragon merrily hops into the sea. The announcer states that Dragonair will kick off the opening ceremony by demonstrating its surfing skills, and the crowd cheers with excitement. Yellow clings onto the Slowpoke she borrowed from Oceano and hopes that she will win, while the swimmerboy watches on shore and wishes the young trainer good luck. Suddenly, the Dragonair shows a look of confusion on its face and starts creating turbulent currents in the sea. Its eyes slowly turn evil as a dark shadow appears on its head. The crowd screams in horror as gigantic waves created by the dragon pokemon start rushing towards the shoreline...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

060: VS. Dragonair (Part 1)!

Volume 05

Yellow borrows a Slowpoke for a Surf Contest
Blue & Bill hunt down Hitmonlee
The Dragonair used as a prize starts acting violently