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The crowd screams in a frenzy as the Dragonair all of a sudden loses control and starts creating turbulent waves in the sea. All the contestants are being knocked around by the strong currents, and the announcer notices that someone is standing on the head of the dragon pokemon. The mysterious shadow reveals himself to be Lance, and orders a hyperbeam from the Dragonair. A blinding flash of light shoots across the sea and creates a blast in the city, while the contestants are thrown on shore by the giant waves generated. Yellow gasps in shock as she sees the destruction in the city, and Lance suddenly demands someone to appear. Yellow wonders who the caped attacker is calling out to, but the young man soon decides that whatever he's looking for has fled, and turns to leave with the Dragonair.

Not willing to sit back and do nothing, Yellow climbs on her Dodosk and begins to give chase along the shoreline. Oceano runs up to stop her, but the young trainer returns the swimmerboy's Slowpoke and says she senses that it was her that the mysterious young man has come for, and she feels the responsibilty to handle the situation after causing so much trouble to Vermillion. Oceano watches Yellow dash off on her Doduo and wishes her good luck, all the while not knowing that the young trainer is a girl in disguise.

Meanwhile, Blue is waiting for her command bubble to reach Turtley from behind. Bill notices that the water in the Blastoise's cannons have started to dry up, and remarks that they have probably exhausted all its water storage while flying. The bubble is just an inch away from Turtley when Hitmonlee notices it and bursts it with its extended finger. It then wraps its flexible arms around the turtle pokmon and lifts it off the ground. Bill grunts that Turtley still hasn't received the command but Blue tells him not to worry. More bubbles begin to appear around the two pokemons, and Bill realizes that Turtley has used a bubble attack to mask the real command bubble, and that the one which Hitmonlee broke was just an ordinary bubble.

The real command bubble reaches the Blastoise and delivers the command by bursting next to its ear, and the giant turtle immediately rams its cannons downwards on Hitmonlee's head, knocking it out instantly. Blue quickly climbs out from the bushes and worriedly remarks that Yellow must be in danger, but Bill doesn't understand how she came to that assumption. The girl explains that judging from the way the Hitmonlee juggled around with them, it's most certainly not a wild pokemon and that it clearly was trying to buy their time. Bill realizes that the enemy must have somehow figured out that Blue was secretly assisting Yellow, and therefore came to distract them while sending other forces to attack Yellow. Blue calls out her Jiggly and tells Bill that they have to get to the young trainer quick.

Along the shoreline of the Vermillion seaport, Yellow orders Freesk to secure a silk thread to the tail of Pika, and has Dodosk kick it off towards the surfing Dragonair. Pika lands on the slender body of the dragon pokemon, and Yellow quickly pushes herself offshore on her silk floater by pulling on the thread attached to electric rat's tail. Lance coldly picks up Pika and throws it back to the young trainer, and demands to know why she's following him. Yellow yells at Lance for hurting the citizens at Vermillion for no reason, but the young man laughs that the injury or even death of some oridinary trainers are not his concern. He then grins and says Yellow would have to die as well for interfering with him, and orders the Dragonair to wrap around the young trainer. Yellow accuses Lance of putting pokemons to evil use like Team Rocket, but Lance laughs again and says he is actually fighting for the sake of pokemons' well being. He claims that humans are equivalent to demons to pokemons in this world, and that aside from a few elite trainers, all mankind deserve to die.

The Dragonair tightens its body around the young girl, and Pika frantically tries to help its trainer as Lance lets out another maniacal laugh...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

061: VS. Dragonair (Part 2)!

Volume 05

Lance looks for Yellow
Blue defeats Hitmonlee
Yellow Chases after Lance & Dragonair and gets Captures