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It is another fine day in Kanto. Yellow is fishing along the coast of Seafoam Islands with Pika when a Farfetch'd suddenly faints and begins to drop into the sea in front of her. Yellow quickly orders Pika to create a surfboard with its substitute, and rushes out to catch the falling bird just in time. Bringing the wild duck pokemon back on the beach, she notices that its left wing is injured and quickly places her hand on top to heal it. The Farfetch'd then flaps its wings around as if it's trying to say something, and Yellow closes her eyes to read its mind. She learns that it has lost sight of its own nest in the forest and that its wing was wounded by some of the trees there. Though not completely understanding the logic of the pokemon's words, she decides to help find its nest anyway and heads into the woods.

A while later, Yellow discovers that they have lost their way, and the Farfetch'd tells her that the forest has changed it appearance since they got in. Yellow calls out Freesk and has it secure one end of its silk thread to a tree branch, then resumes walking again while using the thread to mark their path. Yet, she soon realizes that they are walking in circles and wonders why is it that they couldn't seem to return to the entrance. An eggbomb suddenly falls towards them and Pika quickly zaps it down with a thundershock. More eggbombs appear out of nowhere, and Freesk and Farfetch'd join in to drive off the attacks. The trees and bushes begin to lift off the ground and move, and Yellow decides to escape the forest with Dodosk's speed. She pulls everyone onto the two-headed bird, and dashes through the woods while trying hard to dodge to eggbombs. She spots a opening and soon finds herself standing at a cliff. Looking down at the valley below, she gasps in shock as the whole jungle begins to move, but then she realizes they are not ordinary plants and takes out Red's Pokedex to check. The moving forest turns out to be a whole tribe of Exeggcutors and Oddishes, and the girl wonders what they are doing.

She decides to contact Prof. Oak via the communication laptop Green gave her, but the professor yells at her immediately once the connection establishes. He accuses her of not keeping him informed regularly, and the girl explains that Green warned her not to use the device too frequently as the communication system might be hacked by the enemy. She then tells Oak about the abnormal migration of the grass pokemons, but the professor has no idea what is going on either. He reasons that it is not the breeding season of those pokemons, and says the only thing he worries about is that something catastrophic is about to happen. Yellow doesn't understand, and Oak explains that wild lives are very sensitive to the environment around them. Everytime something disastrous is going to strike, they would exhibit abnormal behaviours. Judging from the large scale migration of the Exeggcutors and Oddishes, he suspects that a very powerful force is on its way to be unleashed.

Meanwhile, on Cerise Island, Lance is also musing to himself about the sensitivity of wild pokemons towards the world around them. Lorelei and Agatha joke that the dragon trainer himself could be a force powerful enough to drive pokemons eccentric, and the caped young man remarks that he hopes Yellow would stay alive until they meet again.

Back on the Seafoam Islands, Yellow has helped Farfetch'd collected enough leeks to build another nest. Farfetch'd flaps its wings happily to thank Yellow, and the girl pets it and says she's glad that it has found a new place to live. The young trainer looks up into the sky, and remembers Oak's worries about an impending catastrophic event. She wonders what will happen of Kanto.

At the science lab in Pallet Town, Green's sister, Daisy, brings in a pile of relevant reading material and Oak thanks her for helping him. He remarks that he is glad to have her as his assistant, and Daisy says she is honoured to work for her grandfather. She notices the picture of Yellow on Oak's computer, and asks if the young trainer is the one who set out to search for the missing Red. The professor says yes, and remarks that while Yellow doesn't strike him as someone with extraordianry battling skills or tactics, she possesses the ability to heal pokemons and read their mind. He believes that if anyone could find Red, it will be Yellow...

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063: VS. Exeggutor!

Volume 05

Yellow helps a Farfetch'd find a new nest