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Yellow and Pika are once again surfing on the surfboard created by the electric rat's substitute. The young trainer notices that their next destination, the Cinnabar Island, not too far ahead of them, and tells Pika to speed up. Once onshore, Yellow sees a volcano and wonders how often it erupts. A voice comes from behind to explain that it is a dead volcano, and Yellow turns around to see a boyscout with a Haunter next to him. The boy introduces himself as Bozz and welcomes her to the place, and Yellow suddenly remembers that Blaine lives on the island. She is wondering if she should pay him a visit when she notices that Bozz is gathering boulders from the ground. She asks what he is doing, and Bozz explains that he is finding the appropriate training materials for someone he works for. Hoping to improve her own skills, Yellow requests to tag along and watch.

Later, Yellow and Bozz arrive at a narrow wooden footbridge between two cliffs, and the boy says it is where they should wait. A man with white hair appears after a moment on the bridge, and motions for Bozz to start the training. Bozz immediately orders his Haunter to hurl a boulder forward, and Yellow watches in amazement as a shadowy figure materializes behind the man to swipe it off with a spoon-like device. An Arcanine then appears next to Bozz, and the boy tells it to assist him with its fire attacks. Haunter hurls another barrage of rocks towards the man, and Arcanine quickly flames them with its ember. Yellow hollers in shock as the burning boulders approach the man, but the shadowy figure once again spins its weapon and drives them off with ease. The man retrieves the shadowy figure into a masterball and walks over to thank Bozz. Yellow feels that she has met the man before but couldn't recall who he is. The man then asks Yellow to follow, and the young trainer decides to tag after him.

Yellow finds herself entering a room full of high-tech instruments, and the man explains that it is his secret laboratory inside the volcano. The man returns the masterball into a giant glass cylinder, and welcomes Yellow to the island. Yellow wonders how the man knew her name when the man starts to take off his white wig. He puts on a fake moustache and a pair of sunglasses, and the young trainer immediately realizes that it is Blaine. The bald scientist explains that he usually disguises himself while wandering on the island, and embarrassedly adds that his real moustache has been burnt off during one training session.

Blaine turns to his computer and says Yellow arrived at the right time as he just received a message from Brock. The Cinnabar gymleader begins to establish the connection, and Brock soon appears on the screen with an urgent look on his face. He exclaims that he found Red at Mt. Moon, and Blaine immediately asks if the boy's alright, but Brock corrects himself and says he didn't see the real Red. Yellow wonders what he is talking about, and Brock decides to show them what he found. Deep in a dark cave of Mt. Moon, Red stands frozen on the ground like an ice sculpture...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

064: VS. Arcanine!

Volume 05

Yellow meets Blaine again.
Brock finds Red...or is it Red?