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Yellow screams frantically as the image of a frozen Red appears on the screen of Blaine's computer. Blaine tries to steady her, and Brock explains that what remains is just the outline of Red. A big hole has been made from the back of the ice sculpture, and the real Red is no longer there. Yellow wonders if Red freed himself from the ice attack, and Blaine remarks that it is impossible to defrost oneself. He suspects that someone must have helped Red, but couldn't figure out who it could be. Suddenly, the urgent message signal lights up, and Blaine switches his visual phone system's channel to see Misty calling with an urgent look on her face. The Cerulean gymleader exclaims that Pewter, Cerulean and Celadon are currently under the attack of giant armies of pokemons, but her connection is cut off before she can finish. Brock hears the message from his communicator, and hurries back with his Geodudes to protect his hometown.

At Pewter, an army of Machops are destroying everything in sight. They shatter buildings and start throwing fallen rubbles around. At Cerulean, Haunters and Gengars are also blasting the city with their attacks. Misty orders a combined water attack from her Staryu and Starmie, but a Gengar deflects it easily and starts unleashing nightshades to shatter the facilities around. At Celadon, a woman runs up to Erika and hollers that over seventy percent of the city have been infested by the ice army. A pack of Shellders led by a Cloyster start popping out from the ground, and Erika immediately orders a petal dance from her Vileplume to take them down. Knowing that fighting, ghost and ice are three of the expert types of the Elite 4, the Celadon prays that Blaine will dissolve the Elite 4 while she protects Kanto with the other gymleaders of the Alliance of Justice.

Back on Cinnabar, Blaine tells Yellow that the Elite 4 have finally unleashed their full attack. He flips out a map of the Cerise Island, and says it is time for them to confront their enemies directly. He explains that Cerise is a solitary island to the far south of Kanto that few people know of, and remarks that it is where the Elite 4's headquarters are. Slightly unnerved by the fact that she and Blaine alone will face the Elite 4, Yellow begins to worry, but Pika gives her a confident tug on her clothes, and Yellow knows that she and Pika can always count on each other. A wrenching pain suddenly courses through the right arm of Blaine, and the man falls on his knees. Yellow quickly helps him up and asks if he's alright. Blane hands over the map to the young trainer and tells her to take the safer alternative route, and that he will meet up with her on the island after some preparation. With a determined look on her face, Yellow rolls up the map and heads off on Pika's surfboard. Blaine then turns towards to the giant glass cylinder, and tells Mewtwo not to worry as he surely will take it along. He presses a button on the cylinder, and the masterball drops out after sucking in Mewtwo. The Cinnabar gymleader picks up the ball, and swears to make their tough training count.

Night has fallen. On Cerise, Blaine lands on shore and looks around at the desolated island. A surfing dark shadow approaches near, and Blaine is about to wonder how Yellow got there that quick by the alternative route when he realizes that it is Green and his Golduck. Green is equally surprised to see Blaine, and the Cinnabar gymleader says he's glad that he and Yellow won't be the only ones facing the Elite 4. The two then begin to walk towards a stalactite cave on the west side of the island where Blaine and Yellow are supposed to meet. Just as they are about to approach, Green hears a noise and tells Blaine to be careful. Seeing shadows in the stalactite cave, Blaine thinks that the Elite 4 are waiting for them in there and prepares to attack, but a voice laughs and says they are there to defeat to Elite 4 as well.

The outlines of an Electrabuzz, Muk and Alakazam slowly come into view, and Blaine and Green gasp in shock as they see the three former TR executives, Lt. Surge, Koga and Sabrina waiting for them...

Thanks To Coronis For Writing this for us and doing the pictures

065: VS. Machop!

Volume 05

Celadon, Cerulan, Pewter come under attack by the Elite Four
Blaine, Mewtwo, Yellow & Green arrive on Cerise Island to find Surge, Sabrina & Koga