Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2
Game Name: Pokémon Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2 ポケモンパズルコレクションVol.2

Release Dates
Japan: April 26th 2002

Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1
Developer: Nintendo

Pokémon Puzzle Collection Vol. 2 was the second of the Pokémon Puzzle Collection games and came in the second wave of titles released in Japan in 2002. It contained four different puzzle styles, two of which return from the original while the other two are brand new. Completing a puzzle accesses a Pokémon and nce you have accessed the Pokémon, you can then look them up on the game's Mini Dex and view a small animation

There are four games to play in this puzzle game, each with 20 stages to complete. They are as follows:

Mini-Game Listings

Motion Puzzle
Unlocked by: From Beginning

The Motion Puzzles make their return from the first game. These puzzles have you create an image of a specific Pokémon by swapping tiles across the board in a 4x4 grid. The trick is that the Pokémon are in a constant state of motion. As the level increases, the images get more complex and more heavily animated, creating a tougher challenge than before

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Shellder
Level 1-2 Photo Xatu
Level 1-3 Photo Politoed
Level 1-4 Photo Mr. Mime
Level 2-1 Photo Gengar
Level 2-2 Photo Mankey
Level 2-3 Photo Weezing
Level 2-4 Photo Krabby
Level 3-1 Photo Kabuto
Level 3-2 Photo Omanyte
Level 3-3 Photo Pupitar
Level 3-4 Photo Misdreavus
Level 4-1 Photo Bellsprout
Level 4-2 Photo Swinub
Level 4-3 Photo Steelix
Level 4-4 Photo Graveler
Level 5-1 Photo Igglybuff
Level 5-2 Photo Chinchou
Level 5-3 Photo Crobat
Level 5-4 Photo Scizor
Pick Up Puzzle
Unlocked by: From Beginning

The Pick Up Puzzles are a new kind of puzzle to this game. In this one, several Poké Balls are placed on the screen and Pikachu starts on one of them. Moving left, right, up and down, you need to clear all of the PokéBalls without going back the path you came. If there is no PokéBall in the direction, you cannot move. You can undo moves using the B Button. Once all PokéBalls are opened, the Pokémon is released.

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Phanpy
Level 1-2 Photo Forretress
Level 1-3 Photo Smeargle
Level 1-4 Photo Hitmonlee
Level 2-1 Photo Cubone
Level 2-2 Photo Goldeen
Level 2-3 Photo Snorlax
Level 2-4 Photo Pidgeotto
Level 3-1 Photo Delibird
Level 3-2 Photo Magmar
Level 3-3 Photo Ivysaur
Level 3-4 Photo Growlithe
Level 4-1 Photo Wooper
Level 4-2 Photo Smoochum
Level 4-3 Photo Granbull
Level 4-4 Photo Remoraid
Level 5-1 Photo Heracross
Level 5-2 Photo Slowking
Level 5-3 Photo Houndoom
Level 5-4 Photo Feraligatr
Stetch Puzzle
Unlocked by: From Beginning

The Stretch Puzzles are a new kind of puzzle in this game. Based on Shuckle, you need to drag out the blocks in any direction in order to completely fill the grid. The amount of squares that can be filled by each block is listed on the block, but they cannot overlap. You can stretch the pieces by holding A and using the D-Pad and retract them by holding B and using the D-Pad. Once the grid is filled, the Pokémon is obtained.

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Farfetch'd
Level 1-2 Photo Horsea
Level 1-3 Photo Gloom
Level 1-4 Photo Abra
Level 2-1 Photo Slowpoke
Level 2-2 Photo Lanturn
Level 2-3 Photo Corsola
Level 2-4 Photo Flareon
Level 3-1 Photo Seel
Level 3-2 Photo ??
Level 3-3 Photo Psyduck
Level 3-4 Photo ??
Level 4-1 Photo ??
Level 4-2 Photo ??
Level 4-3 Photo ??
Level 4-4 Photo ??
Level 5-1 Photo ??
Level 5-2 Photo ??
Level 5-3 Photo ??
Level 5-4 Photo ??
Shadow Puzzle
Unlocked by: Complete 30 Puzzles

The Shadow Puzzles make a return once more, this time being the final puzzle type you unlock. Once more, this puzzle has you fill up a silhouette by using various pieces that are put to the side, much like a jigsaw puzzle. These pieces can be rotated in 90 degree increments by using the B Button in order to be placed into the puzzle. When the final piece is placed in the puzzle, the Pokémon is caught

Stage Number Picture Pokémon
Level 1-1 Photo Skarmory
Level 1-2 Photo Espeon
Level 1-3 Photo Aipom
Level 1-4 Photo Geodude
Level 2-1 Photo Sneasel
Level 2-2 Photo Umbreon
Level 2-3 Photo Nidorina
Level 2-4 Photo Golbat
Level 3-1 Photo Bayleef
Level 3-2 Photo Hypno
Level 3-3 Photo Hoothoot
Level 3-4 Photo Vaporeon
Level 4-1 Photo Elekid
Level 4-2 Photo Porygon
Level 4-3 Photo Furret
Level 4-4 Photo Hoppip
Level 5-1 Photo Onix
Level 5-2 Photo Vulpix
Level 5-3 Photo Articuno
Level 5-4 Photo Weepinbell