Alola Region

Welcome to the Alola section of Pokéarth. This section will deal entirely upon the region of Alola. This section covers the area of Alola within the games Sun & Moon. Please note that the regions will eventually just have screenshots instead of maps due to the 3D nature of the game.

To navigate, please use the drop down menu

With wild Pokémon encounters, due to the nature of SOS Battles, it is interchangeable between condensed data and full data. To see what Pokémon a Pokémon may call on the SOS Battles, check the Full data and the Pokémon that can be called go down the column with the Pokémon you're encountering. This can be toggled at the top of each encounter page. If you're looking at the default or condensed view, then the SOS Battles may not match down the column. When rows are missing, it's because they were identical to the previous row.

Thanks to SciresM for help with the data compilation