Altar of the Moone

Island: Poni
South Exit: Vast Poni Canyon
Access To: Ultra Megalopolis, Ultra Plant, Ultra Crater, Ultra Desert, Ultra Forest, Ultra Jungle

The Altar of the Moone is located beyond Vast Poni Canyon on Poni Island. This altar is where the Legendary Pokémon Lunala can be called when the Sun Flute and Moon Flute are played.

Alternate World
In Pokémon Moon, if you bring Solgaleo & Lunala to the altar, you will be able to activate an Ultra Wormhole to bring you to the other world, taking you to the Altar of the Sunne

Flyable to?: Yes
Altar of the Moone
Area Anchors
Main AreaAltar

Main Area


Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Moon
Level 55

Items - Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

Beast BallFrom Lusamine after stopping Necrozma
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