Frontier Access
North Exit: Battle Frontier
South Exit: Route 40

The Frontier Access is a small town that leads up to the Battle Frontier. This town has a tropical feel to it and houses just a Pokémon Centre, PokéMart and a house.

Move Tutors
In the house on the south-west, there are three people who will each teach a Pokémon one of many moves. These moves are paid for using Battle Points earned at the Battle Frontier.

Bounce58585Bounces up, then down the next turn. May paralyze.32 B.P
Gastro Acid10--100Cancels effect of foe's ability32 B.P
Gunk Shot512070May poison foe32 B.P
Low Kick20--100A kick that inflicts more damage on heavier foes.32 B.P
Mud-slap1020100Hurls mud in the foe's face to reduce its accuracy.32 B.P
Rollout203090An attack lasting 5 turns with rising intensity.32 B.P
Ancientpower560100An attack that may raise all stats.40 B.P
Aqua Tail109090No Added Effect40 B.P
Earth Power1090100May lower foe's SP.DEF one stage40 B.P
Iron Defense15----Hardens the body's surface to sharply raise DEFENSE.40 B.P
Iron Head1580100May cause opponent to flinch40 B.P
Seed Bomb1580100No Added Effect40 B.P
Signal Beam1575100A strange beam attack that may confuse the foe.40 B.P
Super Fang10--90Attacks with sharp fangs and cuts half the foe's HP.40 B.P
Twister2040100Whips up a vicious twister to tear at the foe.40 B.P
Heat Wave1010090Exhales a hot breath on the foe. May inflict a burn.48 B.P
Outrage15120100A rampage of 2 to 3 turns that confuses the user.48 B.P
Superpower5120100Boosts strength sharply, but lowers abilities.48 B.P
Endeavor5--100Gains power if the user's HP is lower than the foe's HP.64 B.P
Pain Split20----Adds the user and foe's HP, then shares them equally.64 B.P
Sky Attack514090Searches out weak spots, then strikes the next turn.64 B.P
Bug Bite2060100Receives effect from foe's held berry32 B.P
Fury Cutter201095An attack that intensifies on each successive hit.32 B.P
Dive1080100Dives underwater the first turn and strikes next turn.40 B.P
Knock Off2020100Knocks down the foe's held item to prevent its use.40 B.P
Sucker Punch580100Always strikes first, but fails if foe is not using attacking move40 B.P
Air Cutter255595Hacks with razorlike wind. High critical-hit ratio.48 B.P
Icy Wind155595A chilling attack that lowers the foe's SPEED.48 B.P
Ominous Wind560100May raise all user's stats one stage48 B.P
Trick10--100Tricks the foe into trading held items.48 B.P
Vacuum Wave3040100Always strikes first48 B.P
Fire Punch1575100A fiery punch that may burn the foe.64 B.P
Ice Punch1575100An icy punch that may freeze the foe.64 B.P
Thunderpunch1575100An electrified punch that may paralyze the foe.64 B.P
Zen Headbutt158090May cause foe to flinch64 B.P
Block5----Blocks the foe's way to prevent escape.32 B.P
Gravity5----Disables moves that fly or levitate in 5 turns32 B.P
Magic Coat15----Reflects special effects back to the attacker.32 B.P
Snore1540100A loud attack that can be used only while asleep.32 B.P
String Shot40--95Binds the foe with string to reduce its SPEED.32 B.P
Worry Seed10--100Changes the ability of foe to insomnia32 B.P
Helping Hand20----Boosts the power of the recipient's moves.40 B.P
Magnet Rise10----Changes own ability to levitate40 B.P
Spite10--100Spitefully cuts the PP of the foe's last move.40 B.P
Swift2060--Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.40 B.P
Synthesis5----Restores HP. The amount varies with the weather.40 B.P
Heal Bell5----Chimes soothingly to heal all status abnormalities.48 B.P
Last Resort5130100Only usable when all other attacks have been used48 B.P
Role Play10----Mimics the target and copies its special ability.48 B.P
Tailwind30----User's team raises SPEED for 5 turns48 B.P
Uproar1050100Causes an uproar for 2 to 5 turns and prevents sleep.48 B.P

Cameron's Photos
On Tuesdays & Saturdays, Cameron the Cameraman will appear outside the entrance and will take photos of you and your Pokémon team.

Flyable to?: Yes


PokéMart - Bottom
Great Ball600
Ultra Ball1200
Super Potion700
Hyper Potion1200
Max Potion2500
Full Restore3000
Paralyz Heal200
Burn Heal250
Ice Heal250
Full Heal600
Escape Rope550
Super Repel500
Max Repel700
PokéMart - Top
Air Mail50
Net Ball1000
Dusk Ball1000